Can anyone recommend vitamins?

Hi, I take methotrexate and roactemra injections. On a Friday, folic acid. My diet is not always the best so I think I could do with topping up my system with supplements or vitamins. Any recommendations? Thanks 😄x


  • Kmit
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    Thanks Mike, I know the feeling well x
  • MoWW
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    Hi Kmit,

    you may wish to check out our website section on complementary medicine


  • Kmit
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    Thank DD. Getting the impression that VitD is really the main thing take. Enjoy dinner, sounds delicious wish I had a retired husband 😂 x

  • frogmorton
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    I take a vegan vitamin supplement @Kmit . Plenty of vitamin D in it and even better it's orange flavoured and chewable :) You can get them from the vegan society.

    I see you were not after something to help with your arthritis rather to make sure you aren't deficient in any vitamin due to diet.


    Toni xxx
  • Kmit
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    Hi, thanks for the info. I only asked about Vitamins because I’m vegetarian and sometimes my diet can be poor due to mobility. Going to check out other sections of VA about pain relief. Stuck in a catch 22 just now and don’t know what’s to do for the best. Thanks again Frogmorton x
  • JaneM
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    I have been on a diet created by a complementary health expert (and former GP) and have stopped being vegan as I need more protein and legumes are not recommended for RA. I take a lot of supplements now including B vits, D, magnesium and boron. Since starting my new regime seven months ago I have slowly seen my CRP and ESR levels return to near-normal without further increase in my methotrexate. It's great to see some progress within my control.