Hi I’ve had severe rheumatoid arthritis for 32 years many many years ago I was awarded lifetime award for the higher mobility component of DLA so far I haven’t been re-assessed for PIP over the last 15 years new treatment has certainly helped me And I now work full time but due to osteoarthritis as well I’m requiring more and more personal care my worry about applying for a help with this is that I lose my mobility component, I’m in constant pain but I do walk more than the 50 yards, because I push through the pain and get on with my life, Will this go against me?



  • MoWW
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    Hello Beverley,

    DLA for people of working age will be ending soon, it has taken longer than initially planned, however you will at some point receive a letter advising you of this along with information on how to claim PIP.

    If you apply for a review of your DLA before this, you will automatically be offered the opportunity to apply for PIP as DLA is changing.

    Before you consider this I would suggest you find a local disability rights advice service who can assist you with the application form. Turn2Us have some useful information.

    Our website also provide information on PIP and other benefits https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/living-with-arthritis/financial-support/

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi @Bev

    Tricky one this isn't it? Quite scary thinking you might lose your money.

    Take a look at this fact sheet read the bit about the mobility component in detail before you fill anything in. Take your time and take advice maybe from Citizen's Advice? There is space to explain you own unique situation.

    PIP is different from DLA and you never know you might just qualify for some of the care component now not just the mobility component too.

    Best of luck and do let us know how you get on.

  • Bev
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    Thank you so much
    I definitely need personal care now, a flare can have me bed bound for days, but the Osteoarthritis is taking my independence more each day
    I tried getting the girls at work to answer the mock question to see how healthy people see me, and it’s very different one said I could walk as far as I needed too, it’s seams that people don’t understand that we have constant pain and at different levels and my independence and drive for a useful worthwhile life, hide the fact I go straight to bed half a hour after work
    They think I can’t be in pain or I wouldn’t do it
    I will take your advice and see where I go

    Thanks again

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    Put PIP into the search space at the top left hand corner of this page and it will bring up a plethora of information that you may or may not find useful. As well as the CAB contact the Adult Care Department at your Council, they may be able to help complete the application form and some can accompany you to the assessment however this does vary from Council to Council.

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    Hi @Bev

    there is a useful booklet produced by NRAS which will help you understand how PIP is assessed and how to make a valid claim, Personal Independence Payment | NRAS

    When considering your ability to walk you will be assessed on whether you can do it safely, to an acceptable standard, repeatedly and within a reasonable time period. If you are experiencing pain after a short period this sounds as if it is unlikely. Getting help with the application is advisable.

    good luck