Is there any way I can stop receiving an email every time someone posts in my groups please?

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Our group is very active, and although I love friends on here. I don't want to receive an email every time a new post has been made. Can I switch this option off please?


  • frogmorton
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    Go to your profile

    (I click on my avataar) then click on Edit profile

    On the right hand side scroll to Notification preferences

    Then uncheck all the notifications you don't want - in your case email.

    Hope that works

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    Hi @kathleenT

    Yes, update your Notifications in the way that Toni @frogmorton has suggested.

    If you are still getting additional emails that you would rather not receive, do let us know and I will dive in to try to fix things 😃

    I also get additional emails at times as I "favourite" ⭐️ some conversations and have left the email notifications on for those. It can lead to a full Inbox until I unfavourite them again...

    Looking at our "How to..." section, I see we could probably do with adding a bit more to our Account Profile guide.

    Best wishes


  • frogmorton
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    Thank you Kath for my flowers 💐 😘

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