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New to here

I have osteoarthritis in both feet and hands

I find it painful to walk yet I caint use stick ect as my hands hurt and my fingers lock

I'm really frightened incase I fall and due to this I frightened to go out

I did try supermarket shopping but got half way down one isle then my feet kicked in pain I struggle to get out

Without my shopping

Really don't know what to do

Thank you in advance



  • Shell_H
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    Hi @Diane - welcome to the online community!

    You need help with being able to go out - like shopping - but you're osteoarthritis in your feet and hands means that moving is difficult and often makes it scary and unsafe to go out on your own - you can get stuck.

    A lot of shopping centres or supermarkets may have publically available motorised wheelchairs which you may be able to use. When the weather is better some attractions, may also have these. You should be able to contact the place you are going in advance - supermarket included - to check what is available and arrange for it to be ready for you. This is the simplest short term solution.

    You should also probably get in touch with your doctors. They should be able to help you with your pain, and offer advice on what you can do. If they think you need it then you may be able to get financial support to get a mobility scooter or similar of your own. You can also get referrals to a pain clinic (for more specialist help with your pain) and a physiotherapist - who should be able to offer you better and more personalised advice on mobility and access to possible treatments and exercises which may help with your mobility.

    There are some exercises (targeted) which you could try out to see if they help. They should help you manage the pain and strengthen your muscles around your feet and hands, which in turn takes the strain off the joint, making it easier for you. however, make sure you don't exercise more than you can, and if it hurts stop and look after yourself. The exercises should help you - not make it worse.

    Definitely go back to your doctors and get more help, I think that's the best advice I have.

    Take a look around the forum and website, see if you can find other discussions which might help you, and please do join in. The community members are friendly and helpful.

    It's lovely to meet you,


  • Diane
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    Thank you

    I have a physiology and do home excersie at moment

    My doctor has changed my medication and I've been on this four weeks now

    I'm just frightened to go out

    Feeling embarrassed

    People looking at me ect

    I just don't know what way to turn for help

    I've had steroid injection but they didn't work for me

    I'm very greatful for your advice and caint thank you enough to promp me in the right direction

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    I cannot grip crutch handles either so I have a pair of Cooper crutches which grip around my forearms, they have the ergonomic grips but as they are gripped around my forearms I only have to rest my palms on the soft rubber grips. So far as I know they are not available from the NHS but are well worth purchasing.

  • Diane
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    They sound amazing

    Thank you

    I really need to find out next who to get equipment from and how

  • Mike1
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    I have sent you a message petal.

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    Your GP can refer you to physio for walking aids @Diane I don't like the sound of you feeling like you could fall.

    Not only are there the type of crutches Mike mentions,

    but 'gutter' crutches might be suitable if your hands are really sore.

    One you can lean into your elbow to take the pressure off your hands the other type your forearms take a lot of your weight.

    Not sensible just to buy these you need to ask your GP to refer you so you get the right kind. It may be the physio has better ideas for you than our own experience.

    As Shell says you can also hire/borrow scooters in supermarkets and larger shopping centres so shouldn't let this stop you going out.

    Now do come along and join in the forum and chat to us all. Is that a puss I see on your avatar? We have a 'pets corner' you might be interested?

    Take care

  • Diane
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    Bless you

    Thank you so much for responding

    I'm just feeling so down with life

    I've got a physio who does telephone calls for excersie but that's it

    Feel as if I'm stuck at home alone

    I know many people are worse off

    But I do appreciate any help and advice

  • Airwave!
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    I use the upright sticks people use for walking fast, they’re held at a different angle. Some shaped and supportive insoles would help you ask for an appointment with the pediatrist.

    People look at everyone, beware paranoia😀. I doubt if most could tell you what they looked at 30 seconds later.

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • Diane
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    Thank you for your feedback

    I'm looking into few things now

    So fingers crossed and I be up and running

    Wish was up and running thoe lol