Bad Osteoarthritis at 34

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    Afternoon @Crazymonkey. It seems as if it is a long time since your first post and that things don't appear to be getting better. You are having difficulties with your right knee and with getting help, your age apparently not helping.

    Here is a link to some information on OA:

    You shouldn't loose faith with the doctors. They see a great many people with the same problems as you. I have been surprised at how much help I have got from an apparently very cursory consultation. Persevere and I am sure that you will find help.


  • Hello! I am new to the forum and have uncomfortable hand osteoarthritis at 44. I can understand it is a difficulty accessing help from the doctors, after a hand x-ray to confirm the condition I had no further information and can see my joints are becoming increasingly crooked and stiff. I still work and exercise but am alone among my friends with this condition and the progression as I get older worries me. I hope that you have been able to access further help.

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    I am finding it difficult to get any treatment plan . I can’t take non steroidal anti inflammatory tablets and after X-ray to confirm condition in hands the advice I had is to just take painkillers and learn to accept you have it. It is a worrying time when you see your joints twisting and bone growths and loose mobility so I totally get what you say. I am not sure what the answer is other than to keep trying different drs and researching things as much as you can. Mine has been triggered by my covid vaccinations and research says to treat a if it’s Rheumatoid arthritis but drs won’t they say just to take painkillers.

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    I was like you, but asked to be refered to a pain specialist - not the local pain clinic coz there's a difference! They can not only advise on pain relief but on aids, adaptations, and other stuff too. One tip for hands is to wash the dishes. The warm water does them good, along with the movement. But try to keep the hands active, even just for an hour a day. I make birthday cards and sell them to folks round the estate, I donate the profit to charity. The Cinnamon Trust provided volunteer dog walkers for me during lock down so at the moment I'm raising a few pounds for them as a thank you. Even if you spend all year just making cards for yourself for Christmas, it at least keeps the fingers going. Use it or lose it they say and with a lot of arthritis that is so true!

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