Game: Does the person below me . . .



  • stacey1977
    stacey1977 Member Posts: 36

    I definetly prefer tea I drink builders tea the stronger the better


    have a favourite flower or plant?

  • stacey1977
    stacey1977 Member Posts: 36

    My favourite season would have to be Autumn I love walking through the fallen leaves


    Have a favourite place they like to visit?

  • Fran54
    Fran54 Member Posts: 171

    My favourite place is Hunstanton in North Norfolk.

    There are many places to go bird watching, ( my favourite hobby) but the smaller beaches in the area are clean and fairly empty. Also the area is reasonably flat for walking.


    Have a favourite flower?

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,242

    Oh gosh a favourite flower?!

    I love so many🤔

    probably wisteria


    have a favourite tipple??🍷

  • crinkly
    crinkly Member Posts: 144

    At this time of year it has to be last month's home-made elderflower cordial diluted with sparkling water.

    I'm T-total but am told prosecco works well with it if you prefer something alcoholic.

    DTPBM have a favourite soup?

  • Kayla
    Kayla Member Posts: 12
    edited 18. Jul 2023, 20:02

    Tomatoes and basil

    DTPBM have a favourite subject they did at school

  • crinkly
    crinkly Member Posts: 144

    No contest - PE which I later taught. 😃 I played hockey for county from age 13 then for region and at national U23 trials also swam for county and region in my teens. All many moons ago and no chance these days but it left me with fabulous memories and a lasting sense of achievement that I hope I have passed on to others. These days I encourage opur grandchildren's sporting efforts and enjoy watching many televised sports events. I almost applied a 'do not disturb' sign during Wimbledon - although I'm not a total fan of modern professionalism in sport and have never been a football supporter.

    DidTPBM have a most dreaded school subject? 😥 (I had more than one so don't hold back if that was you as well!)

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,242

    Maths for me totally. We had a scary maths teacher I used to get hiccups every Wednesday as it was double maths😐️

    In our school you were graded according to ability I was in the top group but really needed to be in the bottom for maths😳

    DTPBM have any pets?

  • JenHB
    JenHB Member Posts: 130

    I have a rescue cat called Tilly - very affectionate!

    DTPBM have any plans for the summer?

  • Dasha_Karu
    Dasha_Karu Member Posts: 17


    DTPBM watch a lot of films/ movies

  • Gemski
    Gemski Member Posts: 4


    A Black-throated diver, also known as a Loon.

    DTPBM have a favourite chocolate?