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Good afternoon everyone, just looking for some advice regarding the heading above,

I have had psoriatic arthritis for the past three years and have struggled to work as a chef which I did for the past twenty years due to mobility issues, and pain, stiffness and swelling in various places but especially the hands and wrists.

This has a detrimental effect on not just my well being but also financially, the past two jobs I had prior to being on universal credit I had to leave due to this, I have explained this to the universal credit department but have no positive replys or no retraining advice.

Due to the current situation I was also put into the shielding category, I have recently being sent a Capability for work form and would be very grateful for any advice on how to fill in this when you have a condition like arthritis, I have recently contacted citizens advice, and await their response but would be good to know from other people who have arthritis and have filled in this form.

Many thanks for reading my post and I wish you all well



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    Hi James,

    I'm afraid I only have simple advice - fill it out honestly but be brutally honest with how bad things are, assume it's your worse days rather than your better days, as it's your worse days which affect your capability to work most.

    I've asked someone who has much more experience than I do to come and give you better advice. I hope that's OK! I hope it goes well for you.


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    Hi , Shell

    Thanks for your reply, yeah I think your right that would be the best option I will see how it goes.

    Cheers much


  • Demilouise

    Hi going through the process of filling in the form I would love some tips Thanks

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    Be honest! The form will be used as the basis for a one to one assessment. If you need help filling out the form ask at your local CAB or contact Adult Services at your local Council who are also able to help depending on where you live.

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    Have a look at Turn2Us (think that's the right one), or even Age Concern as they had some advice on filling the PIP forms in (know it's not the same thing, but may help). I was surprised at how helpful and informative they were...hope it helps