Hi, can I go sick because pain is so bad that I cannot sleep fo


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  • Kerin
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    Hi, can I go sick if I cannot sleep due to pain

  • Ellen
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    Hi @Kerin

    I see you are not sleeping due to pain and are wondering whether you can take time off work because of this.

    This is not an easy question to answer at all as l am sure you know and the answer will be very much an individual one. You don't say which type of Arthritis you have and whether lack of sleep is a constant issue for you. What work you do will probably also be relevant.

    Have you discussed the issue with your GP? He/she might be able to help.

    I am attaching some information about work for you to look at: Work | Support, commuting and self-help | Versus Arthritis

    There is quite a lot of detail about your rights etc.

    Best wishes


  • wazz42
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    Hi @Kerin

    It is really bad when you can't get to sleep because of pain. In my experience I find I wake up really stiff because I've kept really still when I was asleep - to keep the pain away you know.

    It has helped me to use an electric blanket so the bed is warm when I get in, that helps my joints to relax. I do some gentle stretches, tensing and relaxing muscles - that tends to help me relax those tensed up muscles that have been protecting some joints through the day. I hope they will help you to think of some way to help get better sleep when you can.

    I would go to my GP if my pain has got so bad I couldn't sleep, I really think it could help you. Sorry I can't help with work


  • Kerin
    Kerin Member Posts: 4

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will certainly try the electric blanket and see how it goes. All trial and error I suppouse .

  • Jona
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    Hi Kerin

    Have you tried any of the herbal teas they sell at the supermarket? If not try them or speak to a pharmacist at the chemist if they can suggest anything it’s horrible when you can’t sleep due to pain I also use a foot massager which helps too but the electric blanket is a great idea

    take care

    Jona 😊