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I have RA and am having a bit of a flare up at the moment, I contacted my local doctor and they prescribed 30 days worth of Naproxen. I am currently taking Methotrexate (20mg once a week) + Leflunomide (20mg Daily) and of course folic acid daily. I was collecting all the prescriptions at the same time and the pharmacist was a concerned that I was taking Naproxen while also taking Methotrexate as he seemed to think that the Naproxen stopped the Methotrexate from working properly and could also cause other heath issues. Apart from the RA I am 50 year old male who is quite healthy. Does anyone else take both drugs together, Should I go back to my doctor and double check that I can take both together?

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  • Ellen
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    Hi @Meeee

    I just spotted that your post appears to have been missed.

    I looked at this NHS information @Meeee :Naproxen: medicine to relieve pain and swelling - NHS (

    If you look particularly at section 9 it does say to tell your Dr if you are taking methotrexate, but in your case the Dr prescribed you a course. If in doubt a quick call to the surgery should put your mind at rest.

    In answer to your question I have seen discussions around this subject before, but this was the only one l could find easily: Can methotrexate be taken with naproxen? — Versus Arthritis It's an old one.

    I hope you have been able to put your mind at rest since you posted.

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    Hi Ellen,

    thank you very much for the reply, I rang the Doc in the end and to be honest he was not sure either so he went back through my records and found an email from my old Doctor to my consultant checking if it was OK to take both and the consultant did confirm taking both is fine.

    It was just when the pharmacist flagged it I was a little concerned so held off taking the Meds for a couple of days.

    Thanks gain for your reply.


    Tis Meeee
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    Quite a few on here take both @Meeee not me as Naproxen give me belly ache, but I have friends who do.

    So long as your Dr is happy and yes the pharmacist was quite right to mention it.

    I hope it's helping?