For those who’ve been vaccinated, any ill effects pls?

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Hi I’m new here

as a nutritionist I’ve been medication free for years but recently gone back on MTX because of r hand.

scared about lack of research for covid vaccine on (a) auto immunity and (b) for those on immune suppressants

will our immune system even recognise it the DNA or will it add to immune loss



  • Hi @samsilvester1 welcome to the online community!

    I can see that you have recently gone back onto medication and hopefully this will start to help you, and that you are also unsure of the impact of covid vaccines on your immune system.

    Versus Arthritis have information that may be useful for you, relating to the Covid vaccines, which can be found using the link below. Just for your peace of mind all of the vaccines in the UK are safe to take for people who are immune suppressed.

    You may also find this Covid forum post helpful where other members have added experiences, advice or news updates linking to Covid vaccines. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help in any way they can so please do feel free to join in with any conversations around the community.

    It's great to hear from you!


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    I had my first dose a couple of weeks ago and didn't have any side effects at all. Mine was the Astra-Zenica version.

  • samsilvester1

    Thank you

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    Same here as Loggiemod same Vac and 2 weeks ago and no side effects. Same with my parents and some other friends in their 70s so should be fine

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    I had Astra-Zenica yesterday. Feeling just a bit more tired and achy than usual and a bit of a headache, but otherwise I feel fine and I was back working on the PC this afternoon. My husband, who is fighting fit and goes running or cycling most days, had full on man flu and a very tender arm (it's not like him to complain, so he must have been feeling rough) for about 3 days. One of his running mates was similar. My 91 year old mum had no side effects at all!

  • samsilvester1

    Thank you for feedback

  • samsilvester1

    Apparently having a response is good is shows your immune system is working, I would expect anyone with a supressed immune system to have a much lower response

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    @samsilvester1 , we heard that too, but I don’t know how true that is. This should get interesting when they start vaccinating the younger healthier part of the population!

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    Hello @samsilvester1 I had my first vaccination yesterday @ 4.30pm (Astra Zenica) I woke up this morning with pretty bad joint aches all over which is getting worse as the day goes on. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have got pain and stiffness EVERYWHERE !!!

    Neck, shoulders, elbows, chest, wrists, thumbs and fingers, back, hips, knees, ankles and toes 😩

    I have OA and have recently been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis but still waiting to find out what type. I’m making an assumption that these symptoms are side effects of the vaccine, but, I’m also aware that this could be an escalation of the inflammatory arthritis pain, although X-ray’s of my hands and feet have only confirmed OA changes, no confirmation of the inflammation which showed in my blood tests.

    Any thoughts, comments or advice ? I would really appreciate 🥴

  • samsilvester1

    Oh gosh I'm sorry to hear that Sharon.

    It sounds like it's the vaccine which has triggered an immune response.

    I'm assuming that people with OA or RA on medication won't mount much of an immune response because they can't. But if you aren't on meds and have an over-active immune system it's probably reacting highly.

    This is all guess work.

    Keep in touch and let me know how you get on if that's OK

    Wishing you well

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    I had Astra Zeneca jab, last month no side effects what so ever. I have RA & am on biologic therapy (immunosuppressive) I am relieved to have lessened the odds of getting severe illness from Covid 19.

  • samsilvester1

    Thank you

  • Hi @SharonH61

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a rough time with so much pain! I haven't yet had my vaccine, and of course everyone reacts differently, but Versus Arthritis have some information about the Covid vaccine which might be helpful to you. This can be found here:

    As more is known about the vaccine and it's affects, Versus Arthritis are attempting to update this information so it is worth checking back when you can for any further information.

    In the meantime, do keep talking to us. There are so many people here with experiences that they are willing to share and offer advice where they can!

    Take care,


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    Hi. I’m on methotrexate injections and sulfasalazine orally. I’ve had two Pfizer jabs and was absolutely fine both times. Some of my colleagues who have no health conditions have felt flu like for a couple of days following their vaccines. I work with older adults with a variety of health conditions, the majority of whom have had either one or both jabs and again have been fine. On the whole side effects appear to be minimal for most people. I’m not sure what the evidence is that suggests a reaction means your immune system is working ?

  • Hi @Toaf

    Glad to hear that you are feeling OK after both vaccines. Please see my above comment for a link which will take you to and area of the Versus Arthritis site for information regarding the Covid vaccines. It may not give you exactly what you're looking for with regards to the functioning of your immune system, but if you have any other queries relating to the vaccines this could be a good place to start.

    Take care,


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    Hi @Toaf

    Well done. Not sure i have read anything about a reaction meaning it's a good response to be fair, but it's great you've had both of yours.

    Definitely hearing more side effects with Oxford than pfizer. I also had Pfizer.

    take care

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    There have been Doctors on both ITV and BBC over the past couple of weeks who have stated that relatively mild reactions (headaches, tiredness, aches etc) to the vaccines are positive as it means that your body is making antibodies. They also stated that if you had a reaction to the first jab you probably won't when you have the second jab. I had the Oxford AstraZenica and was delighted to have it as it is the first step onto feeling less anxious about the pandemic, I had a headache and felt washed out for 24 hours and that was it; a small price to pay for having a life protecting vaccine!

  • 5yearsandcounting

    I had my first dose of AZ and I felt a little bit off for a few hours but not too bad. My wife had her second dose and she felt worse, over tired, headache, a bit like a mild hangover I guess.

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    had mine in early feb & had no side effects

    few people I know had a bit of soreness where they done the injection

    So much better than getting the virus like I did 12 months ago

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    I had the AstraZeneca jab 5 weeks ago. I was ill for 2 days with flu like symptoms. Since then I have been very tired and my arthritis has been much worse. My niece has also had the same reaction.

  • familytree52


    I received my AstraZeneca Vaccination on the 7th February '21 and on the second day after suffered many side effects plus my first Rheumatoid Arthritis flare-up in two years - have never felt so ill in all my life, still suffering now.

    My Rheumatology Team are unable to increase my Methotrexate until things settle and now I have been diagnosed with Anemia, so Iron Tablets and Paracetamol for the Arthritic pain.

    Interestingly, the Rheumatology Department have told me that several of their Patients have suffered with side effects after having their Covid Vaccinations.

    I have mentioned the possibility of a problem with maybe people with Autoimmune Symptoms and the Vaccination to my Doctor and the website plus completed the 'Yellow Card' which we are advised to do if we suffer any adverse effects from the Vaccines.

    I have also been advised not to have my second Vaccination until I am well enough.

    It will be interesting to see if any more data and results appear once everyone is Vaccinated.

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    Hi @familytree52 and to the Versus Arthritis forum.

    I see that you’ve had an adverse reaction to the vaccine and are now having to delay your second jab until things have settled down. This must be very frustrating for you as well as feeling very ill.

    It sounds like you’re in the situation where you’ve just got to wait until your side effects have diminished however there may be some useful information on our website such as:

    I hope that input from other forum members who have experienced similar adverse reactions is useful.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

    Need more help - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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    I started a new discussion. So you will see this post elsewhere. I'm new on here.

    My partner has RA. He is taking Humira.

    He had the AZ vaccine 2 weeks ago. Since then, he has had a severe flare up of the RA.

    Considerable pain and swelling in all joints.... hips, shoulder, neck, hands and fingers and knees, feet and ankles. It is 'moving round' his body He has been and still is, in a bad state.This morning his feet and ankles are swollen.

    Have reported it to the Yellow Card scheme.

    Medic has prescribed co-codamol and Naproxen.... yet to be delivered.

    He has tried to contact hematology at the hospital but they are not answering the phone. No reply to his email. He is desperate for a steroid injection.

    Any advice welcome.

    Monday 29 March 2021

  • samsilvester1

    Gosh Nic - sounds awful

    I hope he recovers OK, please keep us posted

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    Hello - I had the Pfizer jab on 12 February (age 77) - the centre was welcoming and calm and I was asked to wait 15 mins afterwards. No side effects then nor on Day1 but on days 2, 3 and 4 I was ridiculously cold and tired but it didnt worry me as I'd had my jab! I now feel safer and not living in fear all the time. Wonderful and I cannot thank the scientists enough! Helen.