So after bombshell that all my knee issues are due to arthritis not an injury I had an appointment today with knee clinic. It didnt go well as all she said was I need physio. I had physio for 4 months last year and never at any point did I get where I wasnt limping or close to it being ok.Then it would give way again and I would be back to square one. I asked how physio would be different this time and she said we need to get it under control. Er that didn’t answer my question. I have an appointment with muscular skeletal clinic to talk about managing the pain. I have lost faith really now. Yes I will do the physio but feel like I am basically screwed as in 9 months its worse than ever.


  • airwave
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    Sometimes we have to go through the set piece treatments to get what we need. Being treated is a formulaic experience designed to wheedle out what’s not wrong with us and sometimes it may come up with a answer to prove the system works. Confused yet?

    its a grin, honest!

  • Lilymary
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    There are established protocols for how most medical conditions are investigated, diagnosed and treated, so however pointless we may feel them to be, they have to be tried before they bring out the Big Guns, for me this included steroid injections into a joint with no cartilage. Utter waste of time, but they had to be able to say they’d tried it, and the fact that it didn’t work meant that I got escalated to the next level of treatment (ie surgery).

    My physio, also a good friend, says that the main problem is that patients tend not to do the exercises enough as they’re so boring, and they take so long to have any real effect they give up. With one of my past conditions she said I would need to do the exercises every day for 2-3 months before I saw any effect. Needless to say I didn’t so I didn’t get any improvement. My fault. My sister and her husband have three new knees between them and were brutal with themselves about doing the physio, the result being a fantastic level of movement in the new joint, and a much better outcome.

    Sometimes the physio has to be tried, so throw yourself into it. It might help. But if there’s no improvement, it will give you a stronger case for escalating the treatment. Meanwhile I hope your appointment with the MSK clinic will be constructive for you. I certainly found that to be the case with my condition.

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    Exactly as Lilymary says..

    "...But if there’s no improvement, it will give you a stronger case for escalating the treatment"

    Play the game.

    In addition though she is so right about doing the exercises my husband tore a ligament slightly in his knee and did NOT do hi exercises and still moans. He really is a bit lazy though🙄

    @Brooky368 I really hope they help at least with you pain management and do let us know how you get on.

  • Brooky368
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    Thank you. I know I have to play the game as it were. It is just frustrating as I really threw myself into the exercises last year to no good outcome. But if I do it again then they will have to move onto next step I guess.