RA, just starting biologics -anyone on them?

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Hi, I'm new to this group.I was diagnosed with RA 2 years ago.

I take sulfasalazine ,methotrexate injection 25mg and I'm prescribed naproxen to help with the pain.

My hands,fingers, wrists and elbows are very painful.

I was in clinic for blood tests last week and the doctor has suggested I start biologic treatment.


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    Hi @Lynnk - Welcome to the online community!

    I see you've had a Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis for a couple of years - you most feel pain in your hands, fingers wrists and elbows. You're on medication ofr the pain, and your doctor has recently suggested you start a biologic treatment.

    I imagine you already know some about Rheumatoid Arhthtitis, but I've linked to the information we have on it in case you want to double check your information. Biologic treatments are a type of disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) which can work really well. Like most arthritis drugs there are multiple ones to try, so I've linked the information below so you can have a look at whichever ones your doctor has suggested.

    I'd also have a look at the informatrion on your elbows and hand and wrist pain, in case there's something there which can help you with your pain.

    Do have a look around community and join in some of the other discussions - we're a very friendly bunch 😊

    Lovely top meet you!


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    I have had RA for 20 years .about 7 years ago I was put on biologics and it's been the best thing for my health and managing my disease.

    I've gone from hardly being able to dress ,wash ,cook and do any basic tasks. to working part time taking care of my gransons living a normal everyday life without surport .exercising 5 days aweek enjoying walks and days out .losing 5 st in weight .

    I would highly recommend to try them

    Good luck

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    Hi have any of you been put on

    Filigotnib. Also known jAKsreiac

    Im ment to be starting them soon