Problem getting Etoricoxib


Hi, has anyone had difficulty getting Etoricoxib tablets recently. For the last couple of months I’ve not been able to get it from the pharmacy. Just wondered if anyone knows what the supply problem is? I was prescribed Celecoxib as a substitute but its not as affective. Any suggestions for another substitute?


  • Brynmor
    Brynmor Member Posts: 1,755

    Bumping this up to see if anyone has Etoricoxib tablets prescribed or has recently changed their medication to something else.

  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,628

    I take Arcoxia @jonv6068 and so far haven't had a problem. I wonder where you are roughly located it might be a local issue?

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,423

    I also take Arcoxia and have had no problems so far getting it. Being PRN I don't order it every time. I am in Staffordshire if that helps @jonv6068 ?

    Maybe you've (well I hope you have managed to get some by now?)

  • Kazziwaz
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    Hi, I am usually prescribed Etoricoxib but have also been given celecoxib as a replacement, pharmacist not sure how long this will be for