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Hi so I first posted back in April when I was not long diagnosed since then I have struggled immensely I did have my first appointment with the RA doctor and was put on sulfasalazine, in the mean time I was given a steroid injection on Tuesday 25th and I was really excited as the doctor explained that it would give me some sort of relief from the pain and inflammation and it would only be a one off sort of thing which I was perfectly fine with, so the day I got my injection I was so happy FINALLY some relief is coming my way, it’s now Sunday and I don’t feel any effect of the steroid injection, I’m still in complete agony

has anyone here ever had a steroid injection and not felt the benefits from it, it would be great to know so I don’t feel like the anomaly cause the way the doctor was talking this should be working?


  • Lilymary
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    I can only speak from my experience - I have (had, now post THR) OA in my left hip, and had a steroid injection in August 2020. I don't know why my surgeon bothered, as it was clear from the xrays I was already bone on bone. I didn’t have any benefit front it at all, not even fleetingly, however much I desperately wanted it to work. However, it may work differently with RA, so others may have different experiences. I also know many people with OA have also found it helpful to varying degrees of success.

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    I'm afraid this isn't unusual. Steroid jabs work sometimes for some people. I think it's reasonable that your doc was optimistic because the general ones, as opposed to those delivered directly to a joint, do seem to work for more people most of the time but there are no guarantees.

    I expect you were told that the sulf would take up to 12 weeks work properly. That's the trouble with DMARDS. They do take a while to get going. I hope you can hang on in there until yours does.

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    Thank you guys, I honestly felt like I was just the odd one out, yeah doc made me aware sucks that it’s that long as even though I know there is light at the end of the tunnel it’s just an extremely long frustrating tunnel lol x

  • Couldbeworse

    I have to agree with previous 2 comments, i’ve also recently had scan’s and injections in both my feet in the space or 4 months, i have had great success in the most problematic area but i find the arthritis moves just as quickly as one area is fixed it attacks another joint.

    you are certainly not alone, i know that doesn’t help too much with the pain.