Morning I am a newbie :)

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In a nutshell I have R/A and refuse to give in - a master at hiding my pain fear.

I am lucky to have been given the chance to use Enbrel weekly injections it has changed my life, feeling very grateful for that :)

Hello to you all and I hope that I can become a part of your community.

Thanks Aasira


  • Ellen
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    Good Morning @Aasira

    You are absolutely welcome to become part of the Online community 🙂

    It sounds as though you will have plenty of experience to share with us all. I am so pleased to hear that Enbrel has changed your life for you (some may know it as Etanercept). That is excellent news and will really encourage people who may be considering it for their own Arthritis.

    Good to know you refuse to give in too that is a positive attitude.

    Do please have a look around the community and join in wherever you feel comfortable you are assured a warm welcome.

    Best wishes