Lifting of restrictions especially mask

How do you all feel regarding the lifting of all restrictions even mask?

I feel that as an immunocompromised individual, I am not taken into consideration, I am not protected and I am being left vulnerable.

The new rules make me v.stressed! 😐


  • Mike1
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    I am stunned. Increasing rates of infection, cases doubling every 9 days, increasing cases of long-Covid, acknowledgement that the vaccine is not totally effective especially against the Delta variant, the virus continuing to develop new variants which may or may not be resistant to the vaccine, so the Government announce the ending of all restrictions!! Perhaps it is just as well that I live alone and am virtually housebound!

  • Ellen
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    Good morning @RAwarrior Firstly can I welcome you to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    You are certainly not alone in feeling vulnerable see this thread:

    This one too:

    It helps to talk and here is an excellent forum to discuss with others who understand you fears and what others are planning to do. Personally I will continue much as I have over the last 16 months and my mask will be staying firmly ON!

    Best wishes


  • Licklelilly
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    I am profoundly deaf in both ears (from birth) and rely on lipreading to communicate. Masks have made it extremely difficult for me, leaving me feeling isolated and stressed. I don't even want to go out, because very few people will either write down what they are saying or lower the mask for a few minutes so I can understand what is being said. I realise its a hidden disability, and people don't know I'm deaf till I tell them, but because I can pronounce my words well, most people either don't believe me or just sigh and ignore me. I can cope with the odd time I struggle with this, but every day for over a year since everyone has been masked, it becomes relentless trying to understand what is being said, this is aside from hobbling on crutches and constant pain. So, the way I feel is this, if you need extra protection, put on a mask, at least there's a choice. When everyone is masked by law, I had no choice but to feel I might as well stay home and be mute.

  • frogmorton
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    I am sorry about that @Licklelilly

    I think that says a lot about those who won't try to communicate with you doesn't it? Not impressed at all.

    Unfortunately I am pretty sure masks have probably saved a lot of lives. Not because they protect the wearer but the other way around protecting the person encountering people who have COVID and don't know, but who have been forced to wear a mask.

    I have COPD amongst other things and have worn mine throughout this pandemic although intend to continue, I would absolutely pull mine down for someone who asked me to due to a hearing difficulty. It would be them taking the risk not me and it's disgusting of anyone to refuse.

    Take care

  • Licklelilly
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    @frogmorton ...You are correct, and I apologise if I expressed myself a tad too forcefully, I had been awake since 2.30am this morning, and found myself a bit irate! My partner has COPD too, and we were both very careful to wear masks and 2 meters distance at all times. I'm not too keen on shopping without masks and being too close to people myself! Hence you are correct, you can make it a law to keep people masked up in indoor public places, a shame you can't change people's ignorance when it comes to communication with the deaf. More research should be applied to clear, steam-free masks!

  • sunnyside2
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    I am very worried by the masks being dropped for shops/public transport. masks protect mostly other people rather then the wearer, They are more effective at stopping virus escaping from an infected person then from protecting the wearer,

    This now means I am effectively banned off public transport /shops so trapped at home as I have a vulnerable husband who is showing no antibodies after vaccination.

  • frogmorton
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    No problem I didn't take you wrong at all. I am just so sorry that people are so rude and ignorant rendering you excluded from society. Steam free masks I woudl buy I would like people to see that i am smiling at them😊


    No trains for me although i love them. Luckily I do have my car ( though I don't go far) and a husband who is happy to drive otherwise i would be trapped too. I am fuming I was just looking forward to doing my own shopping too 😕

  • Loggiemod
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    Just looking at the crowds for the Euros match - social distancing???? Makes you wonder

    Hardly a mask in sight

  • Lilymary
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    @Loggiemod , I think they had to be tested to get into the stadium

  • Lilymary
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    I’m going to carry on wearing masks in shops etc out of courtesy to the staff as well as other shoppers. We don't do pubs, theatres, cinemas etc much anyway, and don't feel inclined to the way things are at the moment, but if I was using public transport I would def be masking up there too. I don’t want even a mild dose of covid (I’m fully vaccinated) and I certainly don’t want to be the one who gives it to someone else

  • Licklelilly
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    Yes...ill be wearing a mask in enclosed spaces... especially on the bus, I have my trusty fan for when I get hot! Im okay in supermarkets, except when loading and unloading at checkout when sweats start up again. Though lately Ive been getting stuff delivered from sainsbury, may carry on with that and spend more time walking outdoors.