news update on the third dose of the vaccine

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In September 2021, the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) announced that people who have severely suppressed immune systems at the time of their first and second doses of the vaccine would be able to get a third dose.

This is not a booster dose, but an additional ‘top-up’ dose to increase protection from COVID-19 for people who may not have not had a good response from the first two doses. It is expected that the JCVI will publish more guidance on a COVID-19 booster vaccination programme this autumn.

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  • Does anyone know how this is being done ? My GP has not heard from our Clinical commissioning group. I am obviously keen to get my 3rd dose as soon as possible. What is other people's experience so far ?

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    Good Morning @Sunflower46

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    I see you have already contacted your GP surgery and as yet they haven't heard from commissioning. I understand just how frustrating it feels waiting to find out when you will get your third vaccination.

    I personally am desperate to have mine and am sorting out my flu jab while I am waiting for further information on the 3rd COVID-19 vaccination. At least I feel I am doing something to help myself.

    For now I would suggest you keep checking back in on this thread as people will start to add comments as they hear from their own Doctors.

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  • Why do the 1% of the population who have little to no covid 19 antibodies have to wait 6 months to get a booster vaccine?

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    Has anyone actually had their third jab? I haven't heard anything from my GP/rheumatologist. I know of people who aren't immunosuppressed who are already being called for their booster jabs. As I understood it those of us in the third jab group would get that first and then maybe a booster as well later on, but the way things are going I'll be called for the booster before the third jab!

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    The third jab/booster was supposed to be given at the same time as the flu jab as this would save the time and energy of the surgerys in setting up different dates etc. I have my flu jab on the 2nd October so am keeping my fingers crossed.