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Chiropractic treatment for arthritis

I often see a lot of videos on Instagram of people having their neck or back cracked by a chiropractor and having immediate relief. Although sometimes I feel like I really need to have this done I'm not sure it would be a good idea with having arthritis of the neck and lower back. Does anyone here have any experience of this treatment? And if so did it provide any pain relief?


  • pisica
    pisica Member Posts: 19

    I have had chiropractic manipulation of my lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, from a (very old-school) physiotherapist. I can understand the temptation, but I absolutely would not recommend it.

    I should never have been treated with direct manipulation, even though I didn't have my PsA diagnosis at the time, as I have JHS. What really helped me in the end was Pilates-based physio that helped my body realign itself.

  • My late husband had chiropractor for his back as he had discs out of alignment and curvature at top of bask bone. It kept him upright for years.

    my back pain comes from semi prolapse. With arthritis as well it’s too painful to have chiropractor. But I have found help from osteopath but you need to find a good one. I’ve found that it helps with relaxation, and also moves the Chrystal build up around your joints thus helping the inflammation and thus helps you move more.

    id certainly go back if I didn’t have a conglomerate amount of other issues affecting my really painful knees.

    ah well back to GP

  • Poppyjane
    Poppyjane Moderator Posts: 328

    Hello again @Faballball

    Thank you for your second post joining in with the discussion about chiropractors and osteopaths. I think I would agree with your last statement and that is to go back to your GP. They will be more able to assist you if you have multiple health issues. I attach a link about pain management which I hope will be useful

    The online community is a great place to come to give and receive support and to learn of other peoples experiences, so I do hope you are able to browse the discussions and activities and join in again soon.

    Take care


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