newly diagnosed - muscle stiffness and pain?

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Hi, I am newly diagnosed and I am wondering if the muscle stiffness and muscle pain I get in my legs and arms/hands etc is common with osteoarthritis? I am unable to take non steroidal anti inflammatories so would like to know what other treatments/pain relief people find useful please. many thanks


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    Good morning @grom Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community🙂

    I see you are newly diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and have a few questions to ask.

    This article is a Q and A session with Dr Natasha Usher is specifically for those who are newly diagnosed and might be worth a read while you are waiting for some of our members to come along:

    This is specifically about managing pain:

    Best wishes


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  • rosie159
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    Hi I am totally with you...diagnosed just over a yr ago and the muscle pain was agony. you have to do everything in little excercise...good healthy diet etc. i cant take anti inflams as i have acid reflux. i use the pain killing gel which helps a lot and paracetamol. plenty of rest and sleep makes a big difference and i do a night job so not always easy.

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    I'm recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis It's been difficult and overwhelming The pain in my hands shoulders and arms at night wakes me up and really gets me down I seem to always feel cold as well Not had any treatment yet just pain relief Is anyone else always cold as its not like me I'm also tired weepy and feel at a loss

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    Apologies @grom for hijacking your post I just wanted to welcome @Isabelle to the Online Community.

    Hi Isabelle a warm welcome to Community from me.

    Being newly diagnosed is very overwhelming I hope though that you will not feel alone now that you have found a group of people who al understand and have been where you are now.

    While you wait for someone to come along and say hello I would like to add a couple of pieces of information which might help you a little:


    I also wonder whether a chat to one of our helpline team might be useful they will be open from 9am?

    Very best wishes


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    I also have this. But I have RA as well.

    I did take Naproxen from doctor, and paracetamol in between. It’s not perfect but it does take the edge off. Heat is helpful. I bought a wheat bag which I find helps, you just microwave them, then apply to the achy bits.

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    heat pack and cold packs are great.

    hot bath with epsom salts can help muscle pain. I tried naproxen great for the pain but got every side affect so had to stop them. I am still trying to find decent pain relief.not easy with side affects for anti imflammatorys and acid reflux...very difficult and GP not very helpful. I am probably resorting to steroid injections which I am not looking forward to!

    the weather has changed too cooler and wet...not helping. also feeling very weary...trying to get motivated but very hard!

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    I have osteo in right knee and hip. Have had steroid injections but now back to pain and pains in legs. I am not sure it is to do with arthritis. All blood tests come back normal. Don't want to go down op route. Exercises on here help a lot.

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    My OA arrived from "nowhere", ie I had not idea I had arthritis until my pain levels went from very mild to stratospheric after a fall and an xray showed I already needed a new hip. Then came lockdown..... I had hip replacement in March 2021, but in the interim I experienced horrendous "referred pains" in most parts of my leg, which often fired up while I was sitting perfectly still or just lying in bed. This is just the nervous system sending alarm signals all over the place, so is best dismissed - I used to find relaxing and breathing through the sudden surges helped. Managing the referred pains was almost as bad as the pain in the hip itself.

    I found the tips in the "Managing your Pain" link really helpful, but to all of you on this thread, do also review pain management with your GP. It's not a one size fits all - everyone's experience of pain is slightly different, and our tolerance to the various drugs available will depend on other medications/medical conditions etc.

    But as far as you are able, even gentle exercise does help. Letting your body cramp up will only make it worse, so gentle movement, toning and stretching helps your body keep mobile and has mental health benefits too. If you focus on your pain, it will magnify it, so distraction (ie losing yourself in something you enjoy) and gentle exercise are really good to fight this.

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    Hi Isabelle, I'm currently under investigation for RA but coldness and tiredness are big symptoms for me although I am unsure if these are linked to RA i'm still trying to understand what's going on. If I get cold I find it hard to warm up, my hands and feet are normally cold, Reynard's has been suggested as a possible diagnosis for this. I have felt quiet at a loss too just trying to accept the best I can that my body is doing what it can to survive that its not working against me on purpose.

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    Hello @Moselr welcome to our online community.

    I understand that you are under investigation for RA and have attached links for your information:

    Raynaud's phenomenon | Causes, symptoms, treatments (


    I hope this helps your understanding of arthritis.

    All the best.


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    I am so grateful to discover this site and all the helpful comments and guidance

  • rosie159
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    I totally know about referred joke.

    I have needle like pains that take me by surprise every time...hands, legs and everywhere really.

    I also find my shoulder and arm muscles are sore at the moment...K was not aware I have arthritis in my arms or shoulders?? Does anyone have this?? My diagnosis is 2 hips, lower back and hands and feet.

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    I too had all these pains, and had a hip replacement recently , i saw a rheumatologist who put me on celecoxib one tablet at night and it does seem to have take all the muscle pains and aches away,. I have no idea if this is a good drug to take long term or not, but it has helped immensely.