My journey to (hopefully) being diagnosed


I am starting physio after several months of being unable to go due to it not fitting with my day off and not being able to get shift swaps/change of day off. My GP ended up putting an urgent referral through to get me to see the physio via my local hospital (I was originally going to see the one at my GP practice). I have a set of exercises that I was emailed today and I need to do these 2-3 times daily until I see the physio in person next Tuesday the 14th Dec. My GP thinks osteoarthritis and possibly hypermobility due to injuries I have had recently and in the past, and the physio also thinks there is hypermobility after having a phonecall assessment with him last week. I work full time in a Nursery with children up to the age of 2yrs, I'm 32 and I've always wanted to work with children and I've been in this role for 2 years but feel I may have to find a new career as this is no longer suitable with my joint problems, etc. I have had adjustments made for me and have a risk assesment, but if I having a "good" day, then what I can do will change. I struggle to do the food shop, which we usually do on a monday after work, so my partner did it himself yesterday. Sometimes after work and I'm doing the cooking, I bring a chair through to sit on so I am not stood when chopping or at the hob. This is affecting more areas of my life but I am trying to stay hopeful. I am on Naproxen and omeprazole, the Naproxen was upped about a month ago , but I am still having to take extra painkillers during my shifts at work because I am too sore.