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Hello I'm Lisa and I'm new to the group and arthritis, having received a confirmation of diagnosis following an x-ray on my right knee. I have pain in both knees but the right is worse. I am still slightly in shock as I thought I was having joint pain as part of the menopause journey. I am also in shock at how quickly the deterioration in mobility and the increase in pain and stiffness has happened, I'm really having to make big changes to my life. Is that normal? We got a dog in June and although I had pain after dog walks I am now practically unable to walk him at all. And don't talk to me about stairs or bath time ( I don't have a shower)... ouch!! It will be lovely to hear from anyone who wants to chat and share experiences, advice and support!😀


  • Ellen
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    Hello Lisa (@Lisajj4 ) welcome to the online community. I see you have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in your right knee and are in slight shock at the moment. This is not at all unusual do please look at these pages they we written for people in just your position:

    This new member @Abbott also joined the community today with Osteoarthritis of the knees:

    I look forward to reading your posts in future.

    Best wishes


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    I am so sorry about your knee @Lisajj4

    Poor doggie too😕

    Some of us on here have knee supports/braces which we use just for walking to help us. I don't think they are good all the time or our muscles weaken, but might be an idea to try?

    Have you been referred for physio or anything?

    I use walking poles but not sure they will help when you have a doggie and need to hold his/her lead.

    Sorry not much use was it?

    Take care and lovely to have you here

    Toni x

  • Lisajj4
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    Thank you @frogmorton, luckily I have daughters who help out with the walking and we take it in turns when I can.

    I am taking part in an online 'Escape Pain' exercise programme twice weekly for six weeks through my local musculoskeletal service following referral to them which is helpful in coping with the pain at times and will obviously give me some good techniques to continue to use afterwards.

    Thanks for replying, lovely to hear from you, knee braces and walking poles are a great idea in general!

    best wishes, Lisa

  • frogmorton
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    Hi Lisa (@Lisajj4

    Well that's fabulous! I did one of the old Arthritis Care's managing your long term condition' courses and it helped no end. I hope the escape pain uses some of the tips I learned there.

    You must do a post about it when you've finished the course it might encourage other people to try it.

    I also have daughters - they have their uses don't they😉


    Toni x

  • Fran54
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    Hi Lisa,

    I too have osteoarthritis in my right knee and used to love walking in my local park and spent hours out in my garden. Now I have to pace myself at what I do and will do say about half an hour gardening ( do time myself ) and house work gets spread over several days.

    Regarding bathing, I now sadly find it too painful to sit, but luckily I do have a shower. Also recently I bought myself a step for the bath. You can buy one or several as they stack on top of each other and I find it such a godsend for getting in to and out of the bath ( my shower is fixed over the bath.

    Sadly, I have yet to find something to help getting up and down stairs, apart from a stairlift (that maybe something to think about for the future )

    I find with this condition that every day is different and try and be kind to yourself, also take comfort that you are not alone with this

    Take care.

  • stickywicket
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    Try the above for tons of useful ideas, aids and adaptations for the home.

    Re the bath - a bath board can be a very useful basic. Just Google it.

  • Hi there, I'm also new. Have OS of the hip, shocked that I probably have to have hip replacement. 55yrs old and worried about what to do for the best. Feel weak for feeling this way and ashemed of myself. Want to be active but struggling walking. Anyone with some kind words?

  • Ellen
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    Hi @CliveClive I must welcome you too and am more than happy to offer some kind words as will everyone you meet here.

    I see at 55 you might need to have a hip replacement and this is all really new to you. Please do read the attachment I gave to @Lisajj4 for people who are newly diagnosed trust me it will help.

    This information about what helps hip pain should give you some tips regarding your hip:

    It is not weak to feel everything you are feeling at the moment please don't feel that it is. Everyone here will have felt the same when they first found out what was going on too.

    I do hope you will decide to stay on he forum and join in we have had several 'hippies' recently there are a few threads you might be interested in. One by @Lilymary

    is of particular relevance to you.

    Best wishes


  • Lilymary
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    Hi @CliveClive , it is a bit of a shocker when you first get the diagnosis. I didn't know I even had osteoarthritis till a fall resulted in awful pain, and the xray revealed I already needed a new hip. But there's certainly no need to feel ashamed or weak. This isn't your fault, it's just something that's happened to you. To be honest I think most people with arthritis are positively heroic the way we battle on despite the pain and exhaustion. Your surgeon will give you the best advice based on how bad the damage is, your pain levels, and how this is affecting your life. 55 is on the young side for replacement, but certainly not that unusual. Our bones can only cope with two replacements (ie the original "new hip" plus one more when it wears out), and they usually say they last around 15 years or so, depending on all sorts of personal variables.

    While the surgery is a big op, it's very routine now and usually lasts around an hour. I asked to be fully sedated, as I didn't want to know what was happening, and I came round as they were wheeling me out of theatre. To be free of that grinding pain is a huge relief. Everyone's rate of recovery varies, mine was epically slow with some gremlin pains thrown in, but that's just me and my surgeon says this is very unusual. Many report being back to full, pain free functionality within 3-4 months. I was out with my crutches hobbling round the village 5 days after surgery, and 6 months later could manage around 5-6 miles ont he flat. At the other end of the scale, a friend (about your age) was back on the climbing wall and salsa dancing within 6 months, and another was back skiing within 9 months. I've even heard of people back horse riding in 7 weeks, but I suspect their new hip won't last long at that rate!

    Take heart, it is a bit scary, that's normal to feel that way, but the surgery will make a new man of you. I hope you don't have to wait too long, but keep coming on here for tips or a moan if it all gets a bit much meanwhile.

  • Peppercorn
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    @CliveClive I had a hip replacement last year at 38, I know it’s a shock but you will do wonderfully when the time comes. Please get a decent physio on board, it’ll help so much with your symptoms and strengthen you up for surgery when you feel ready to go ahead with it. You can do this!

  • Hi there, I'm also new. Have OS of the hip, shocked that I probably have to have hip replacement. 55yrs old and worried about what to do for the best. Feel weak for feeling this way and ashemed of myself. Want to be active but struggling walking. Anyone with some kind words?

  • @Lilymary Thank you for your kind message. Just finished reading your many heartfelt posts, for which I must say a big THANK YOU. I hope that things have improved for you since the last I read in Oct 21.

    A daft question - my right leg is shorter. Will the hip operation make them the same? And was this an issue you had?

    Good luck with everything and I hope you can now enjoy your garden more.

  • @Peppercorn Hi there and thanks for your comments. Guess I am scared and not very brave is the bottom line. Been ignoring the pains for at least 2yrs now and it keeps nagging at me - head in the sand hoping it will go away. It's laughable really. Sleeping is a battle nowadays, can't find a comfortable position - spend most of the time imitating a washing machine on spin cycle! Knee is aching at times. I know that people say that you know the time when to have an operation but days are good and bad. I seem to argue both sides in my head. Thank you all though, it helps to talk.

  • Lilymary
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    Hi @CliveClive , i’m glad you’ve found some of my posts helpful. As I say, my slow recovery and some complications are unusual, so don’t let that worry you. For me it’s all still work in progress, frustratingly. I may have to get my head round this being as good as it will get, but I’m not ready for that just yet, we still have a bit more in the armoury to try later this year.

    re your varying leg lengths, this wasn’t one of my problems that I’m aware of, but discuss this with your surgeon. I wonder if some of that variation is due to your worn joint? Friends tell me I’d been limping for years, without me realising, and it’s quite possible I had slightly different leg lengths too for that reason without knowing it. ( I was very lucky in that I suffered very little pain through most of the time my joint was wearing away, until the last 12 months which were utter agony.) Anyway, see what your surgeon says as to whether the hip replacement surgery can correct this.

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