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I have osteoarthritis on both ankles. I hve been feeling sick for a couple of weeks now. I feel like its flu but then it disappears. Have a headache as well and my whole body feels painful. I went to see a few doctors and they think i have anxiety or i am depressed. They acknowledged that my ankles relly look bad and i also feel with the increased pain. Does osteoarthritis make you feel these symptoms?


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    Just out of interest have you checked your temperature?

    Maybe you have a slight fever? That can make me feel quite nauseous and headachy.

    Things that help me feel better include getting plenty of rest keeping drinking and eating things like toast, plain biscuits and savoury things help me a bit too. My daughter (when on chemo) swore by slightly fizzy drinks. Others like ginger.

    Don't let it lie especially if you do find you have a fever at the same time as these headaches you should tell your Dr.

    Take care

    Toni xx

  • Hi Macdee73,

    Thank you for joining and posting on our on-line forum, we are sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling very well, the symptoms that you have described isn’t typical of Osteoarthritis (OA) symptoms.

    The symptoms of Osteoarthrosis are pain, stiffness and swelling a grating and grinding sensation and people often say that it can cause tiredness and fatigue.

    I agree with Toni as you say you have had these symptoms for more than a week we would suggest that you speak to you healthcare practitioner.

    I hope that you feel better soon.


    Best wishes


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  • i have osteoarthritis in both my knees It causes pain in my hips lower back and swollen ankles because of the amount of pain I'm in constantly it causes me to feel nauseous and effects my appetite aswell so i can from my experience empathise with you i am in process of getting my pain management medication adjusted as not strong enough maybe thats something you could look into its worth a try like i said this is my own personal experience. Hope you find a solution that helps you feel better 😉