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Have an inflammatory arthritis, been on methotrexate for 15weeks (injections), arthritis still active, because of an inflammatory bowel gastric dept asked me to stop taken Meloxicam as this can cause this. It was a disaster , immediately my symptoms returned big time, I seem to go back 3 months, , I did not expect that so am back taking it and all has returned to how I was before. I had been thinking I seemed to have plateaued, I thought the methotrexate would be working better that that. I have my 3month phone call in a couple of weeks, and I would like to be able to suggest something else. How the nurse can comment on my disabled hand or swollen ankle on the phone beets me!.


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    Hi @Locarno

    Since being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis during the covid pandemic I've had telephone consultations with a variety of medics - consultants/nurses/physio/occupational therapist/podiatrist. Each time I've raised issues I've then had a follow up face to face appointment.

    Regarding MTX, it didn't reduce my symptoms. I was told that I would be on it for 3 months before the medics made any decision as to whether it was working - though my consultant at the time didn't put me onto biologics until 5 months (and 3 hospitalisations) after starting MTX.

  • Hi Locarno,

    Thank you for joining and posting on our on-line forum, we are sorry to hear that you have been having issues with your medication it must have been difficult for you as getting the right medication is so important.

    If a Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) Methotrexate, is not working for a person, the next treatment that may be suggested would be the biological treatments, biological therapies are a relatively new class of medicines. They stop or block cells in the immune system from triggering inflammation, and so target the underlying cause of diseases. They tend to work more quickly than conventional DMARDs.

    Some biological therapies are called anti-TNF drugs. They target a protein called tumour necrosis factor, which increases inflammation when excess amounts are present in the blood or joints. Other biological therapies target different proteins.

    Biological therapies are only given to people who have already tried other treatments appropriate to their condition and not responded well to them. Biological therapies are often given in combination with a conventional DMARD such as methotrexate.

    I have attached information below of one of the biological treatments that are used for an inflammatory condition, it may be worth speaking to your consultant for more information.

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