Recommended knee brace/support for osteoarthritis

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This is my first posting, although I've contributed to Versus Arthritis for some time.

I've suffered, like many of us, with arthritis of both hips and a knee for several years. I've fortunately had one hip replacement, 8 weeks ago after going through GP, X- Ray, referral, consultant wait list process (7/8 months) and am now on the consultant wait list for the second hip job.

My situation is manageable, unlike many, with liberal use of Ibruprofen, pain killers and a stick, however I feel I could benefit from by using a knee brace/protector on my right knee. Looking on line there are a vast choice at significantly varying prices. I would welcome any recommendations from those with a positive experience?

Looking forward to any response and best wishes to all.



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    Hi @ray44

    Welcome to the online community,

    You have said that you are currently waiting for a 2nd hip replacement and that you are looking for recommendations for a suitable knee brace. Unfortunately we are not able to recommend a particular brand but there are lots of different options on the market, the main functions you need to look out for are:

    • additional stability
    • compression support
    • comfort.

    You may find the following link useful on our VA website.

    Alternatively please do check out the recent posts on our discussions pages as some of our members may be able to advise you. Please keep in touch


    Helen, Admin

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    Hi @ray44

    There was a post last week from another member - @Face_ache where he mentioned he had been prescribed knee braces by his NHS hospital called Unloaders made by a company called Össur.

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    Hello and sorry for the late reply.

    I have been given a pair of ossur unloader 1 knee braces by my local NHS trust (Ashford St Peters). Having now worn them for some time, and having gone through their "breaking in" period, I have to say that I am impressed. I am wearing them all day for work and if I have to go out to shop. I recently looked into buying a spare set (as I could see these getting very mucky at work) but was horrified to learn that they would be £599 each ("But that includes fitting Sir!", " Don't worry about that, my man, I've been dressing myself for years!").

    I would recommend them, certainly, if the OA was only in your knee/s, but at the privately obtained price, it would be worth seeing if they are available from your own NHS trust at the more acceptable price of FREE.

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    @Face_ache - just wondering whether you had suggested the brace or whether your GP/Trust had already heard of it and prescribed it? Thanks!

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    Hi @ray44,

    As you've noted, braces come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

    I found it helpful to go to an independent pharmacist as they usually stock a wide range and have a consultation room where you can try a few on for fit and comfort.

  • Face_ache
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    These braces were supplied by my NHS trust as an alternative to going onto a waiting list for an operation.

    They are still holding up and doing a great job for day to day working. It's certainly a pleasure to get home after work and take them off though!

    I'd certainly recommend them for the type of arthritis I have, but I'm aware that they are a stop-gap and sooner or later I'm going to have to have a couple of new knees.