5th Covid Vaccination due/advice is now to stop MTX for 2 weeks

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Just had my latest appointment with my Rheumatologist and the recent findings when having a Covid Vaccination and taking Methotrexate is to stop taking the medication one week before the Vaccination and one week when you have the Vaccination. Out of my four Vaccinations, I have suffered two bad reactions, one after the AstraZeneca Vaccination and the other, after the Spikevax one, so this latest advice maybe to stop any reactions or flare-ups.


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    I think, from reading posts on here, that methotrexate advice on the covid vaccine differs from one person to another. I've always been told to stop the meth as you suggest and I have done. I had no reaction to my first two AZ vaccines but the three Pfizer all sent my BP soaring a week or so later. I've also read posts from relative newbies on here who have had bad flares of their inflammatory arthritis after their jabs. I'd go be the advice your rheumatologist has given you.

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    As time goes by rheumatology teams are developing their understanding of what seems to work best.

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) — Versus Arthritis

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