i am 6 days post op after right hip replacement and I thought it would be advantageous to join a community to share experiences. I hope you are all well as you can be.


  • Ellen
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    Hello @MandyJB welcome to the versus Arthritis online Community.

    I understand from your post that you have recently had your right hip replaced. Absolutely you have come to the right place for support and to share other people's experiences.

    This is a really good thread to read:

    Now I know you have already had your op, but this information might be worth a read too it has information about post surgery too.

    While you're here do take a look around the rest of the forum Living with Arthritis tends to be the most popular.

    Best wishes


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    Hello @MandyJB I hope your recovery from your op goes well

  • frogmorton
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    Hello @MandyJB

    Nice to meet you and welcome you to our forum. I hope you'll decide to stick around.

    This is a fabulous place to come and gosh this year has been a very busy year for 'hippies'

    I'll try to remember a few: @RogerBill @Chunkygardener @Lilymary to name but a few That thread above is a good one but there other 'hip' threads. It can be so reassuring reading how others get on can't it?

    Take care

    Toni xx

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    Hi @MandyJB , welcome to the "spare parts club" (as my 2-new-knees sister put it!). I'm about 18 months post op now, but here's a link to my thread from Day 1 post op.

    I had what turned out to be complications with worn out tendons, which were the source of most of my pain after surgery and beyond - now being slowly sorted out, but I hope my thread may give you another perspective and hopefully a bit of a giggle. I hope all's going well for you, but this is the tough bit, it gets easier.

  • CliveClive
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    Hi #MandyJB, it's good to hear the experiences of others and know I'm not alone. I'm on day 20 post op for right hip. We are all having similar events: having to slide horizontal into the car, hate sleeping on back (when I can grab an hour or two) and don't get me started about the compression socks! One day rolls into the next though, while life goes on around me.

    Trying to lengthen me daily walk, stretching is showing improvement. Scar feels tight but hopefully it improves. I hang on to all your stories, pre and post op, with the future goal of pain free movement and someway back to normal life.

    Good luck everyone.