I cancelled my hip replacement

I want to shout it from the rooftops. After only one week of calm, gentle, yet very powerful, somatic exercises I'm walking pain free and have increased my hip flexibility by 45 degrees! I've climbed into my 4x4 by stepping into it, rather than pulling myself in backwards for the first time in over a year. I'm sitting comfortably in a dining chair and am not stiff as a board when I get up to walk. I can use both legs to climb stairs, instead of hobbling up one foot at a time. I danced around the living room, giggling my hips! Do I have chronic, advanced arthritis, in multiple joints? Yes, that's my diagnosis but I want to encourage others that the symptoms, even if severe can possibly be very significantly improved without surgery. I have started an online physiotherapy program that is a whole body approach, rather than focusing on particular joints it looks at all of the soft tissue and muscles involved in movement from the head to the toes. It gets everything working, turning off things that may be over compensating and encouraging other muscles that have become dormant to wake up. It gets the brain involved to retrain movement patterns. It's incredibly easy, pain free and gentle but the results are amazingly quick. Every session has delivered huge results, in terms of flexibility and pain relief. Now that I have much greater flexibility, I'll move on to the pain eliminating exercises and then move to strengthening to build resilience and stamina. I'm so glad I found this alternative to the go to physiotherapy approach.


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    Hello @Deni good to hear that you have found something that works for you and hopefully will inspire others to go and take a look. We are all different but this certainly sounds encouraging

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    Morning @Deni

    I am so very very pleased for you that you are feeling so much better. Long may it last.👍️

    I myself do the exercises here and find them really helpful. If I fail to walk for 3 days in a row I am usually in real trouble with my back so am in favour of exercise. Inactivity in my opinion only worsens things as muscles and other soft tissues get more useless with lack of use.

    The only thing I gently want to say is to urge a tiny bit of caution. Did you ever get a diagnosis? I think I remember you once saying they suspected lupus? It's just that sometimes inflammatory type conditions like Lupus, Ra etc can just back off for periods of time and I wouldn't have cancelled my surgery just yet in your shoes.

    On a more positive note I really hope you keep on doing so very, very well and hope you'll keep posting and letting us know how you are doing.

    Take care

    Toni xx

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    Thanks for remembering and the encouragement and caution. Yes I did get a diagnosis and RA and Lupus were ruled out. The fluctuations in my flexibility can match an inflammation pattern but also fit in with Chronic soft tissue tension and weakness as the result of movement patterns. My specialist diagnosis Chronic Advanced Arthritis with a leg length discrepancy and a slight curve to the spine. My surgeon suggested physiotherapy did help even severe cases. At the time I'd tried conventional PT and it hadn't helped. This is a full system approach, it's a little different to the standard. As for the cancellation of my first hip replacement, the way I personally feel is that freedom from pain and full flexibility are the key target, so if it works I'm a winner. If in time any symptoms return, I could think again but I'll never get my biological hip back if I get the replacement done now, it's last chance. I'm only 54 and that means it's likely I'd be looking at a revision in my 70s, they don't last forever. Additionally, I was looking at multiple replacement joints, so a big decision to make worthy of a little more time and effort. Another personal note, although new hips are fabulously successful and the right choice at the right time for many people, they are never better than a fully functioning good hip joint. It's worth some time and effort to attempt rehabilitation. I'm very optimistic.

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    Well I am thrilled for you and hope you will keep posting and letting us know whether you are keeping the pains under control😊🤞

    Take care

    Toni x

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    Morning @Deni that sounds very encouraging. It great to hear when people regain their mobility and gives hope to those of us that can’t envisage that at the moment. Please can I ask what programme you are following? My right knee is virtually locked and I can only walk with the aid of crutches. I’m doing all the exercises given to me by my physio and very slowly I am gaining more movement in my knee but I’m concerned about how this affecting the rest of my body as I’m developing hip and back pain. I think a whole body approach would help but I’m not sure where to start.

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    Hi Sal259

    I'm sorry to hear you are struggling with your knee, I understand how difficult life gets when you are hobbling around on crutches. I came across the programme when a physio therapist, described as a Master Practitioner was featured in a podcast and later videos by Bob and Brad, a couple of well respected and qualified physiotherapist in the US who have an extremely popular youtube channel dedicated to offering freely available physio tips and even completely free programs.

    Here is a link with them discussing their professional recommendation of both their program and Rick Olderman and his alternative program. By the way, Bob, the tall guy was recently diagnosed with a condition that is causing difficulty with his speech, he's bravely continuing to present with his partner of many years Brad.


    I'd experienced some great relief from back stiffness after adopting some Bob and Brad stretches and exercises but unfortunately their tips for hip pain didn't help me because I couldn't get my knee into the required position to complete the hip stretch. Rick's programme is called, Fixing You and developed by him, Rick Olderman. He's a well qualified and respected and licensed physiotherapist in Denver, USA. I purchased one of his books first as I'm not the kind of person who just dives in to spend money, the programme costs £50. I was a little disappointed when I got to the first exercise in the book as I couldn't achieve the position because of my knee and it stated that you shouldn't push it if anything hurt. I contacted Rick and was blown away to receive a personal response a day later. He explained that, in cases of chronic stiffness, weakness or frailty there were some Somatic exercises in his programme. He recommended the back program as it also covered hips and knees. The Somatics are incredibly gentle but powerful and designed to get you moving to the point you can continue to the full pain reduction phase. For some they are just a bonus but to people like myself who are very stiff, they are a vital start. I was impressed by his prompt response and the book gave me a discount so, I purchased the programme and started the Somatic exercises, there are about 8 of them, they take about 20 minutes each. I did them once a day alongside focusing on habits such as, how I stand, walk or sit. I was so amazed by the results, that I contacted him to express my heartfelt thanks. I'd written off my right knee, I thought the arthritis was too advanced, it was my hip I wanted to explore because I felt it had some potential still, despite my diagnosis. I was utterly amazed when my knee pain and stability resolved as of my magic. His book does explain the biomechanics and anatomical reasons it's possible but feeling it is something else. He's very gracious and invited me to have a video call with him to talk about my positive experience and I was chatting for over an hour, very generous considering he can command a price for a face to face! I wish you well and hope you too can find relief! Seriously, I have no vested interest in recommending other than to share my personal amazing results.

    This is a long video that if you have time, is really informative on the approach Rick Olderman takes and the theory underpinning them.


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    Thank you again! I will continue to pass on my progress, positive or negative. I'm optimistic, enthusiastic and yet realistic. I'm living with arthritis but I think I've found a personal way to make that a lot easier, certainly delay multiple replacement and maybe avoid them 🤞😊

    Another 2 mile walk, without a walking stick and no pain today!

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    Hi Deni,

    Thank you very much for such a comprehensive answer and the links. I shall look into it this evening! Hopefully I will have as much success as you!

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    There's no doubt that exercise(s) and keeping joints and muscles in good nick is key to success. I'm very pleased for you.

    When was your hip replacement scheduled for? Was it NHS?

    Carry on with the physio and please do give us updates.

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    Hi Deni

    Please can you give me a link to the program you're following. You said Olderman recommended the back pain exercises as it also covered knees and hips, but I can't seem to find it. Hope you're still progressing well.

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    @Fif I think @Deni can send you the link via personal message.

    Pretty sure posting publicly is against the rules here it might be like advertising.

    How are you doing anyway @Deni ?

    Toni x

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    Thanks frogmorton. I wasn't sure about the rules.

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    That sounds amazing well done you keep dancing x

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    Hi @Deni

    I'm really pleased that you got some pain relief and improved mobility from Rick's programme. It would be great to hear an update of how it's all going.

    Thanks, Jo 🙂

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    Hello @Tenbydog and welcome.

    I understand that you have OA in your feet, you might find the following of use.


    Now you are here I hope that you keep on posting.

    With very best wishes


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