Finally going for a hip replacement!



  • Edgey_75
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    Hi @Sheelee,

    How are you getting on? Thinking of you.

    Terri x

  • Sheelee
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    Hi Edgey75,

    Doing OK thanks Edgey. The pain level has decreased enormously, I'm sleeping OK with my bed frame, and I'm getting about more each day, and able to do more things.

    I've now go carers twice a day from Social Services. They come 10am and 7.30pm.

    Actually managed to do a bit of cleaning using my perching stool, and they are getting me another one for the kitchen. So all in all, I'm surprised at how well I appear to be recovering.

    How are you Terri? I hope you are continuing to recover well. I know your pain level was decreasing. Hope that's still the case.

    Are you feeling really tired all the time? I can sleep for hours, and still want more. Andrea, who gives me the massage, warned me I may feel tired. Apparently growing bone is one of the most exhausting things you can ask your body to do.

    Be good to hear how you are,

    Sheelee xx 😘 ❤️ 💕

  • Edgey_75
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    Hi @Sheelee

    Glad to hear your recovery is going well and you have help from carers twice a day. Can’t believe you’ve been cleaning too! I’ve left that for my husband and children to do. Yes I could sleep forever during the first few weeks, I’d go back to bed in the afternoon for an extra sleep, I put it down to the painkillers, but maybe you’re right about growing bones.

    I’m doing well thanks, I’m sleeping well and I’m moving around a lot quicker. I’m trying to use no crutches around the house, which is sometimes harder then I think.

    I can feel my leg getting stronger all the time and know another couple of weeks and I’ll be driving again! Can’t wait!

    Terri x