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Hi all. I’m reaching out for help. Any personal stories of advice or help would be so appreciated.

I had a total knee replacement Friday 5th May. I came out of hospital on Tuesday and I’m very focused on the exercises and icing. My knee has immense swelling though and I’m unable to do the exercises properly. I know how important getting a bend of 90 degrees is by day 7 and I am nowhere near this.

I suffer from anxiety and have been getting really panicky about everything so please anything you can share would be helpful I’m sure.


  • Hi@wattwrbey

    Thank you for your posting on the forum. I am sorry to hear how you are feeling following your knee replacement and that you feel you are unable to do the exercises properly and you are feeling really panicky.


    I have put a link in to our information on knee replacements and exercise. Speaking to your doctor or a physiotherapist for advice may be something that can be helpful so they can advice you further about the exercises. It sounds like you are trying very hard to keep up the exercises. Gradually you’ll be able to build up the exercises to strengthen your muscles so that you can move more easily. However, it’s important to find a balance between rest and exercise so you don’t overwork your knee.


    In the link there is also a section on looking after your knee replacement that may be of help to you.

    Knee Replacement Surgery


    Knee Surgery - Total Knee Replacements - Royal College of Surgeons

     You can also post on our ‘Living with Arthritis’ forum for others experiences. The link for this is

    Living with arthritis — Versus Arthritis I hope that this is helpful.



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  • wattwrbev
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    Thank you for this. I am so very emotional and just feel so scared all of the time. But not really sure what of.

    I have been given an exercise sheet by physio and am doing these to the best of my ability. But I don’t know if that is any good. I definitely can’t do all of them.

    I have posted in the Living with Arthritis to see if anyone else can help

    thanks for listening

  • Lindaa
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    I am 6 weeks post knee replacement. Lots of swelling. Could not do most of exercises until this last week. Managed to reach the magic 90 degrees by end week 4. Before that no chance. Still on regular prescription painkillets. Physio appts regular and was told by them to take things slowly, ice knee regularly and time will help. I still struggle with leg raises and everything is a big effort but then lots muscle damage etc to be repaired and the time scale is different for different people. I can now walk 10 mins with crutches which is fine for me given left hip done last august and left knee is next on the list as its nearly as bad as the one just done.

    I was told not to read all the stuff online about where you should be at end of certain weeks.

    Dont panic . It is early days yet.

  • wattwrbev
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    Thank you so much @Lindaa - this is really reassuring. I hope you continue to recover well.