Hugely swollen feet & ankles

Hi, I've having a 'is this RA or is this normal' moment 🙈

My feet and ankles are currently 3 times their usual size, it's quite difficult to walk as the swelling from the top of my feet squishes my toes with every step. It was like this last week, went down a bit but back with a vengeance these past 3 days.

It's been hot up here for weeks, about 30° these past few days, so I would expect my feet to be bigger because of that but not this size. Elevation, chilling etc is having no effect.

I'm on 20mg MTX and twice daily Sulfasalazine. This will be my first summer on both. My RA is in my feet.

Does anyone else experience this? Is it the medication making it worse? Should I be worried or is it just normal?



  • frogmorton
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    I would probably ask you this: Are your feet and ankle joints hurting or is it just swelling?

    If it's only swelling then maybe you should see (in person if possible) your GP as it could be totally something unrelated to the RA.

    Best of luck and do let us know how you get on🤞

    Toni x

  • HG80
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    Thanks @frogmorton I hadn't considered anything other than heat or RA! There's no additional pain to my usual RA symptoms so I'll see if I can get it checked out.

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,018

    Safety first eh @HG80 it probably is just the heat, but who knows?

    Let us know what happens will you? I'll be worried!


  • Trish9556
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    Hi @HG80

    I treated myself to a foot spa a few years back as I always suffer with swollen feet in the summer. It wasn't cheap but one if the best things I've bought.

    It has a massage option as well which really relaxed me after being at work all day.

    Love n hugs


  • Baloo
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    @HG80 swollen feet and hands both happened during my first arthritis attack, and came back later as swollen feet with a rash. I wasn't on anything the first time it was part of the attack, the second time I wasn't on anything either so I was put on steriod cream and anti histamine as a suspected allergy. By the time I saw a skin specialist the rash was gone but fortunately took photos, and was diagnosed with venous excema. It's totally under control from elevation at night and from compression stockings in the day, but I sometimes put on some moisturiser.

    Thats only half of it. I think the point is you probably have a thing in itself, and ultimately only the doc will be able to sort it.