Arthroscopic symptoms intensify with seasonal allergies. How to cope?


I have a replaced left hip and severe arthritis in both knees and back. I was referred to U of T MUO but their follow up for test precept is not adequate. I fell four times in February. I fear spinal stenosis is teaming up with osteo arthritis and seasonal allergies to decrease my mobility. I could use suggestions on doctors accepting new Medicare patients and at home treatments.


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    Hi @Graffman3030 ,

    I'm guessing you're in USA as I've no idea what U of T MUO means but I do recognise Medicare. We are a UK based site. You are, of course, most welcome but, in some areas, we won't be much help.

    Your header intrigued me as seasonal allergies are usually autoimmune based. Indeed there are several papers about seasonal allergies making inflammatory forms of arthritis worse but I can't find any relating it to OA. Have you ever seen a rheumatologist to check if you have an inflammatory form of arthritis? It's perfectly possible to have both. I managed it😆 On the other hand I guess it's also possible to have OA and allergies. Do you have inhalers? That should help the allergies though I don't see why they'd help OA.

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