RA in Ankle


Hi I am having real trouble with my right foot and ankle. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis earlier this year and I have been taking methotrexate which seems to be working as the rest of my joints are fine now but the only joint that is playing up is the ankle. Has any of the community have similar problems or could I have another problem 


  • stickywicket
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    The good / bad news is I doubt you have another problem. This sounds like bogstandard RA to me. Mine started in hands and soon progressed to ankles.

    You could check out Versus Arthritis's foot exercises https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/exercising-with-arthritis/exercises-for-healthy-joints/exercises-for-the-toes-feet-and-ankles/ and, for short periods when walking a lot, wear an ankle support. It might be worth checking out your blood results too to see how well the meth is working. Oh, and always wear good, supporting shoes. Trainers are usually OK.

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  • frogmorton
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    I am sorry about your pain in that ankle @Peterstannard

    It could be your RA - although I am normally symmetrical and the other plays up too. I hope your MTX continues to keep things under control for you.

    It could also be 'something else' like some osteoarthritis sneaking in that is often one side at a time I think🤔

    No harm checking in with 'someone' medical next time you are in touch or of it's really bad sooner?

    Stickywicket's advice for looking after the ankle is great.

    Take care


  • Baloo
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    I'm running quite comfortably at the moment, within all my movement limits, with the nursing plans I have for each joint. An achievement to be envied I suspect.

    If your ankle is your only pain, why not nurse it to death. just to get on top of It if you can.

    Ultimately for mine I decided to try some footwear with air gap heels. My first pair happened to be a drop dead good fit, and they were total bliss as soon as I put them on. I can walk twice as far without pain, and can go back to other footwear when I don't need them.

  • Airwave!
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    Can I suggest using podiatrist designed insoles (from hospital) using the most supportive shoes that are comfortable and not doing too much? The usual pain relief, hot wheat bag, pain relief creams etc etc. don’t change your footwear once you’ve got used to them. Change one thing in the support of your foot and you change everything.

    pits a grin, honest!

  • mnash
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    I have the same issue but in both ankles, I've been on 15mg mtx for 4 months doctor has suggested increasing dose to 20 so I'm going to try that. Doctor seems confident it can be sorted once I'm on correct meds but takes a while to sort out via trial and error