Advice on Flu Jabs and Methotrexate


Hello All.

Just a quick one. I have been advised to have a flu shot as I am currently on Methatrexate. I don't mind having the shot but just wanted some reassurance that it was the right thing to do.. Will the shot make me ill at all? I think that is what's worrying me the most. I'm newly diagnosed and have only been on MTX for 6 months so it's all new to me... Thank you 😊


  • jamieA
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    Hi @Dennison72

    I've had my annual flu vaccination this last two years whilst on MTX. In fact I've been told to take flu and covid vaccinations to help mitigate any issues from catching flu or covid. Actually I think it might be prudent for you to ask about a covid booster if you've been on MTX for 6 months. I think the JCVI recommendation for people taking MTX is to have the autumn booster and then not take your MTX for two weeks afterwards. This gives the vaccine a better chance of working.

  • frogmorton
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    I just get a sore arm for a couple of days @Dennison72

    I have it every year.

    good luck 🤞


  • Fif
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    You're advised to have covid and flu jabs if on methotrexate. I've had both with no ill effects so I'd definitely go for it.

  • Lindaa
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    Ive been on mtx for years and had flu jabs. Only side effect infrequently has been stiff top arm for couple of days. Also had all covid jabs woth no side effects

  • Idrus
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    I’ve been on methotrexate since 2005 ,I’ve had flu covid and booster jabs since it started and I’ve had no I’ll effects apart from a sore arm for a couple of days, I also have heart disease and my doctor told me that the methotrexate actually helps my condition and the flu and covid jabs are a must in my case,hope this answers your question.