Hello, I'm new here.

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Hi my name is Sooze and I'm living with arthritis. Four years ago I had my right hip replaced, the improvement was amazing. Now though, the arthritis is in my left shoulder. I can no longer move my arm properly and it's impacting so much on the simple things like brushing my hair. My mental health is taking a battering. Sorry I didn't mean to be so negative. 😕


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    Morning @Sooze

    Lovely to say Hi to you and welcome you to our community.

    I hope you are getting some help with that shoulder? I know how excruciating they can be, mine sometimes give me gyp, but only when having a flare and generally settles down again.

    My own daughter had hers replaced at 19 though after damage from childhood cancer treatment, mostly oral steroids. I do hope yours will be treatable in time.

    Sending some ((()))

    Toni x

  • Sooze
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    Hi Toni, or should I call you frogmorton?I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Thank you for the welcome it's nice to meet you. I'm going to try and book an appointment with my GP this week, I need to tell him about my shoulder. I tried to see him last week but was told the triage team had closed early. I haven't seen a doctor since covid started.🥺

    Thank you for the ((()))

    Sue x ((()))