Back to Work

Just finished my first week back after a long Christmas break and last week's OA diagnosis. Yes, I've been aware of soreness in my hands for some time but this week felt worse and I'm very sore this morning.

I'm trying to decide if it suddenly flared over the holidays or if now knowing what it is has made me more aware of it and so it feels worse.

I've bought a number of wrist, thumb and finger supports to wear and am still learning which ones work for different parts of the day. Fortunately everyone at work has been very supportive so far which is reassuring.

I hope you're all managing well and able to treat yourselves this weekend. ❤️


  • Welsh1
    Welsh1 Member Posts: 48

    Hi hope you find something I have Rheumatoid Arthritis I find gloves help a bit not sure if you can wear them with the job you do or wrist support. Have you asked for advice OT maybe

  • I have bought fingerless compression gloves which work well for typing but it's mostly finger sleeves and wrist/thumb supports that are more useful for playing instruments. I just received a parcel with a stronger thumb support for clarinet/saxophone playing and some full compression gloves with touch screen finger/thumb pad (although I ordered the wrong size so will need to swap them)

    It is a work in progress and I have been referred to Occupational Health at work so I should hopefully get more support there.

    Thanks for replying.