New here. PsA and taking methotrexate


I was diagnosed with PsA 18 months ago. Symptoms became obvious about a year before that, sore hip, swollen fingers, flare of psoriasis, nail changes, pain in my knee and heels plus lower back pain. GP went through many NSAIDS but they didn't touch it. Sulfasalazine gave me nausea and awful headaches and didn't really help.

I used to walk 2-3 miles every day with ease and now can not even walk around the supermarket without being in agony. I've had to get a mobility scooter to get any distance. I used to work full time as a carer and now haven't worked in over a year. It's brutal to my self esteem and general mental health. My husband is a bit of a horder and messy. It's causing so much friction between us as he doesn't see the issues I have with getting about in the house. We are in the process of moving to a smaller house so he has to clear out all the stuff we have no need for. Although I've had to turn down bungalows because of lack of parking due to him refusing to sell his car, I have a car and he has a pick up truck for work, we don't need it.

I'm starting to feel a little better and more mobile. Methotrexate seems to be doing its thing and I'm starting a higher dose of injections this week. I was taking 15mg weekly tablets, but diarrhea has been a bad side effect. Rheum thinks the injection will mean my tummy will calm down due to bypassing my gi system, and 22.5mg injection will mean the dose will last the whole week instead of 4 days.

I went to a bite sized session by versus arthritis a couple of weeks ago, met two other women with PsA, we've swapped numbers and have been messaging each other, it's been a great support and a relief to find others who understand.

I still feel defeated because I can't work or walk like I used to but I'm getting there. My health care team have been very good, and are on the end of the phone if I need them. Having grown up children is a relief, our youngest at 18yo is the only one living at home and is very helpful to me. But being only 42yo myself and not able to work breaks my soul


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    Hi @KPez09 welcome to the online community.

    I see that you are already there supporting other people on other thread that's lovely and what it's all about here. Peer support.

    Loss of our former lives can be a huge thing to 'grieve for' I totally understand and having been a carer this might be even tougher. It's one of the reasons I myself volunteer as a moderator here. I lost part of my identity when I stopped working and this gives me something back. @stickywicket often says that she looks for something new do learn if she has to give something up.

    I am so glad you met two other people with PsA at a VA event that's great and hope you'll keep in touch.

    Sounds as though you have some frustrations at home with your husband, but hopefully the move to more suitable accommodation will eliminate some of those issues. Your 18 year old sounds a real support though.

    Please do keep posting and chatting everyone here is so supportive to one another and it's also a good distraction when you are less mobile.

    Best wishes


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    The new house is not entirely suitable, I would have preferred a bungalow but husband and cars won't allow this. It's a step in the right direction and I've recently found out that it's possible to rent stair lifts so if it comes to it, that's possible. I do mourn my previous life and I'm feeling quite stuck at the moment, but in typical fashion I grin and bear it