Leflunomide and copd

Hi.My name is Dawn,I’m 66,and I have rheumatoid arthritis and Copd

im a newbie so excuse me if I put anything I shouldn’t 😊

I am on leflunomide,but I also have Copd,is there anyone else on this forum that takes these meds with copd please?

thank you


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    Hi @Dawney54 - Welcome to the online community!

    I see you have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been prescribed leflunomide and you also have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) .

    Don't worry about putting things you shouldn't - our guidelines are simple and boil down to being polite. If you're worried have a look at them here: Community Guidelines — Versus Arthritis

    We have some information on Leflunomide, and I can't see that there is any indication it would react badly with COPD. Have a read for yourself:

    I've done some googling on your behalf, and found that Leflunomide can actually be considered:

    "Leflunomide is a viable alternative agent for pulmonary and extrapulmonary sarcoidosis. Leflunomide appears to facilitate reduction of steroid dose and can be considered as monotherapy or as add-on therapy in cases of progressive disease."

    Have a look at the scientific journal about this (linked below) if you want all the details. But it looks like it may actually help pulmonary issues, so I wouldn't worry if I were you.

    Do have a look around the community and join in anywhere you find interesting - everyone is friendly and happy to talk to new people.

    Lovely to meet you!


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