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Hi everyone I was recently diagnosed after a long time of doctors not taking me seriously, but now I'm diagnosed there is no help they have just left me to get on with it.i feel let down and pain every day and night and no light at the end of the tunnel



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    Welcome to the online community great to see you posting.

    Recently being diagnosed with fibromyalgia can be very daunting and make you feel scared.We are here to try and help and understand your situation and work with you to get a better understanding of your diagnosis.Has you GP given you any medication for pain relief? you didnt say.

    Here are a few links to help you.

    Fibromyalgia | Causes, symptoms, treatment | Versus Arthritis

    Managing your pain | Treatments and self-help (

    Arthritis and depression: what you can do about it (

    Hope these links help you in some way.Meanwhile please got to our forums and talk to people on there all friendly and understanding as we all suffer from various forms of arthritis and pain.

    All the best Christine

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    Yes I have codeine for pain ,but it doesn't work.

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    I have all the symptoms of firbo on top of my OA and everything else, my GP said that as there was no definitive test for it and as he would only prescribe morphine, which I am on already, he would not investigate it further; he even said "after all it is just another label for you".

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    I to have Fibromalgia in tears this morning as pain is so bad I have come off my medication Duloxatine as makes me so 4gettfull and like im in a daze all the time Im waiting for spinal surgery been waiting now 24 weeks they say its a 15 month wait The burning in my joints is so painful on flare ups but I just cant be on medication that makes me feel so awful just doesnt agree with me

    Im wondering weather 2 give up my aqua aerobics class I do 2 a week 4 time being till after my surgery abd just walk the pool instead as not sure if its 2 much on my spine

    Trouble is no one seems to give u a plan at hospital 2 follow while your waiting 4 surgery on whats not good 2 do and whats right 2 do

    Im struggling with my stairs as crawling uo them im trying to find somewhere 2 live on ground level

    I can honestly I have never felt so low in my life I cant even keep a relationship like I am I hate myself 4 ending up like this falling out of a moving car has ruined my life like this having both knees replaced and hip abd spinal stenosis prolapsed disc I just feel like I want my life over im fed up waiting 4 my ops I feel 4 u all having pain as its awful 🤗 enjoy ur day 🥰

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    I think these doctors need to be kinder,more understanding wouldn't go amiss,makes me so angry .

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    Hi Mandy,

    Some doctors recognise fybro some don’t like Mike said it’s a label. They don’t know what’s wrong and don’t have the finances within the nhs govt guidelines to find out I’ve been appalled by my treatment 9 years ago they said fybro and I’ve fought bitterly since then and X-rays have shown osteoarthritis in nearly every bone in my body plus a skin condition I’m also autoimmune and have iron deficiency with high inflammation markers felt dreadful for years but all I got was oh it’s not that bad well I said it is that bad and until you suffer it then don’t comment needless to say I’m non compliant or a serial attender I’ve even been called hysterical a bone spur in my spine pushes on a nerve I couldn’t raise my right arm seen by a dr who was 6 months away from qualifying and insulted so I was calm told him straight what I thought and left (non compliant) I’m angry, hurt and humiliated but now I won’t go near one, one even yawned when I was explaining my pain guess he read front page of my notes fibromyalgia

    I hope you find an understanding doctor and get the help you deserve take care

    love Jona 💐💐

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    Thankyou for understanding,your very kind.

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    Just look after yourself and be kind to you 😊💐

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    I saw a consultant last year he tested different places pressure points on my body all were painful . He explained if they were tender n the way I have been feeling with exhaustion it was fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia goes hand in hand with oestoatheritis. He was very nice gave me a leaflet to explain. And recommended physio keep taking drugs from dr. I think def be kind to yourself n if you are tired rest dont feel bad cause morrow you can do a little exercise. Def helps take care tracie x