Hip pain what is your go to for pain relief?

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Hello all

A couple of months ago I developed a new pain in my hip that runs down my leg into my shin and ankle. I have an appointment for a scan in a couple of weeks so hoping to have a better diagnosis then as not sure if it is RA, OA (I have both) or something else.

Have been advised by phone to use the usual pain killers Cocodomol, ibuprofen, naproxen and paracetamol. Have been trying various combinations but they are not really helping that much.

What are your over the counter or home remedies for pain relief, willing to try pretty much anything at this point.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi @Manders27 and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum.

    I see that you’ve recently developed a pain that runs from your hip to your ankle. You have a scan scheduled to help diagnose and would appreciate input from forum members as regards pain relief.

    I’m sure there will be plenty of members who will be able to offer advice based upon their own experiences.

    In addition, these links to our website, if you haven’t already visited, may be useful to you:

    I hope that you receive some beneficial input and that this helps with managing your pain.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    It’s probably not too helpful at your stage of dealing with arther to say that, painkillers ar3 not that useful! They were only ever developed for short term use and the longer you use them the less affective they become as the body becomes used to their effect. Their side effects aren’t particularly useful either? Chasing that dream of having the perfect ‘painkiller’ is a false idea, there is no such thing, look at all the drug addicts using illegal drugs, does it do them any good?

    Back to reality, there are many ways to deal with pain without relying on painkillers, this is where you start to learn. Ask your GP for a referral to the Pain Clinic, they’ll explain the rest to you.

    its a grin, honest!

  • Manders27
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    I have had RA and OA for several years now. I am lucky in that I caught it early and have not had to rely on pain meds on a regular basis only during flare ups. This pain is constant though and I was just hoping for some ideas from people who have hip pain in particular what they have found useful to ease it on a temporary basis until my appointment.

    But thank you for your response.

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    A hot wheat bag for me, 2.5 mins in the microwave with half inch of water in an old cup. The wheat will soak up the steam and placed over the hip gives 45 mins of relief and hopefully sleep. I must admit I wake up with pain sometimes but usually turning over helps. After all that it’s a fight between going downstairs to heat up a wheat bag (and a cuppa tea) an£ staying in a warm comfortable bed snuggling up to er indoors.😀.

    its a grin, honest!

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    Thank you for your response will try that. Yes the struggle is real when in bed and waking up in pain. Move or stay and hope to get back to sleep. 😥

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    Have you thought about getting a small microwave for upstairs? That was my solution before moving to a bungalow.

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    Hi. I've also 'done the double' with RA and OA. Before my joints were replaced I always found doing the exercises helped to keep things as easy as possible. My husband has, in the last 2 1/2 years, had both hips replaced and, once he couldn't play golf or go for long walks, bought an exercise bike. He hates it and hasn't used it since but it really helped before the ops. He started doing about 3 minutes a time and got up to 2-3 20 minute sessions a day.

    I hope your scan will be helpful. It sounds to me a little like the sciatica I once had. The physio gave me exercises and said, if caught early, they would get rid of it completely and they did.

    For pain relief, especially at night, I've always ensured I had some left to talk just before bed but, if it's really bad, your GP could prescribe more than NSAIDS or paracetamol/co-codamol.

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    Thank you for your response. I am hoping it is not going to need a new hip and is something else that can be sorted out soon. I have a long few days of travel ahead of me with a family funeral among other things which I am now dreading. Will try some gentle exercise/stretches along with usual meds and heat packs for now.

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    I’m waiting for a hip replacement I just bough a eletric heat pad it has helped me the microwave one I had to heat it all the time which when ur in agony u don’t want to do .

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    I have osteoarthritis in in my lower back (L5 S1) , but most of my pain is at night and in my hips. I have 60/1000 co-codomol and 20mg of nortriptyline at night and this gives me a reasonable nights sleep. I also have a 4 inch memory foam topper. I use heat pads if the pain is still bad after medication. My physio advised that the more I move during the day , the better I will sleep at night and although some days I really don’t want to move much at all it is definitely worth it to help improve my sleep.I try not to take painkillers during the day and manage with some pain, but there are days when I need to take them in the day as well as at night. It’s all a bit trial and error. I was afraid to exercise when I first had the pain. My physio helped to give me confidence to start exercising again and it has reduced my pain and improved my sleep. It takes time to find the best way to reduce your pain. It took me 18 months before I felt that I was managing my pain most of the time.

    I hope you find something that works for you.


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    Thanks for your response Debbie. I have my scan today so we will see what they find. It is certainly worse if I sit for any length of time so I am trying to move frequently. I am hoping for a treatment plan that will include physio advice. I do have co-codomol and Naproxen hadn't heard of Nortriptyline though so one for my question list. Thanks again


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    Well good news on my hip it is not Arthritis. Turns out it is the sciatic nerve. You were right about that @stickywicket So off to the physio I will go. At least I know now and can work on it. They do want to x-ray my back though as he thinks I might have a disc issue which is not helping.

    Thanks to everyone who responded will take up some of the suggestions for sure.