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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

  • bosh
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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you?

    happy Christmas Eve 😀

    sorry about your close encounter with the cyclist

    glad you’re okay

    its a kind of Merry Vesuvius Eve situation round here

    Christmas preparations are complicated and stressful, mums doing some things sis doing others I’ve been banned from helping 😱

    I’ll leave it there for now usual bathroom conflicts coming up soon

    bye tc toady xx

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    Hi Toni

    how are you?

    happy / merry Christmas Eve 😀

    bit of MV going on atm she’s ok just stressed

    we’re going to EV tomorrow

    i just found coffee image didn’t make it but thanks

    better grab a shower soon before the cheese - monsters devour the bathroom lol

    ill post again later

    bye Toni Tc xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today?

    hope you’re enjoying Christmas Eve 😀

    mum’s stomach ache has gone thanks

    she’s just a bit stressed

    bye for now tc xx

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    Hi to the regulars at Val's Cafe. A few of you will remember me. There are lots of new folk gaining and sharing support on the forum too. I still care for S, my metal hips are doing just fine; but at some point my knees will need replacing too. Have OA in my shoulder and some finger joints too. I often recommend members of the Carers UK forum this website if they or the person they care for has arthritis.

    Well I hope you have as comfortable Christmas as possible and don't over do it!



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    Hi again toady 🐸

    hows your evening going?

    today is a bit blah as some people say lol

    but I had a good nap after hot shower though which has done my back a lot of good 👍

    I agree about “coupledom” or whatever you want to call it lol

    def suits some better than others

    I’ll go for now bye tc xx

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    nice To see you here @clonsea

    festive greetings to you

    tc xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    im ok thanks

    mums ok now less stressed also no stomachache 👍

    mind you her stress levels will prob go up again with joint meal for us and EF tomorrow in MH

    Glad you loved the cat coffee thing 😀

    I think it was a coffee made in Japan or something like that v clever isn’t it?

    im no good at any kind of sculpting and styling that’s why my hair has a kind of birds - nest - tendency lol

    i see about the father- resembling thing that’s interesting, I think you’re right about bill and my sis too but I also feel that my sis is more controlling than bill still whatever makes them happy really

    glad you liked the poem thanks 🙏

    oh yes good bribery method indeed 👍

    BB is probably in the witch - house, sorry doghouse lol 😂

    but I feel I cannot mention the word that rhymes with dommage right now 😀

    for mxt hangover related reasons 🤫

    I see more responsibility same pay 💰

    I can’t remember the last time I got paid by MH - oh yes BR tried some chicken nugget remuneration bless him lol

    To tell the truth I’m a bit worried about tomorrow Food - wise, anyway it’s only one day of hardship I guess 👍

    In other news as toady says , lol, BR is getting increasingly obsessed with (auntie goddess) mima , he’s got a new magnet - toy that he calls mima and he takes it to bed instead of teddy bear and says “hi mima” to it aww bless him lol

    when queue- jumper’s whole family came here her elder son was amongst the “gate crashers”, I mentioned him once a long time ago, his wife is extremely controlling but with v good intentions, the doc fellow has a tendency to overeat and put on weight but say 5 years ago he really lost a lot of weight because his wife was completely controlling his diet lol, not due to his own willpower and at my sis’ wedding he ate ice cream in front of the gents, as he was hiding from his wife lol, not sure if this rings a bell with you? Anyway it doesn’t really matter it was a long time ago, just trying to give the context, well I didn’t see the guests as I was hiding upstairs, but my mum said he’s put on all the weight he lost, oh dear, and he also asked bill lots of nosy questions about sis and bill’s house in MH exact postal address this that and my mum thinks he was trying to find out all this info so that he try can try to find out cost of their property😱

    he’s become like his mother unnecessarily jealous he’s a consultant doc - it’s not like he can’t afford a house 😂

    Ok I’ll leave it there Toni I’m sure you’ve got lots of food prep to do

    bye for now

    have a nice Christmas Eve evening, Tc xx

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    Thanks @speedalong

    festive wishes to you too xx

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    Helloo all my dear sorry for the absence just can't read gas all the words break up..

    Just want to w7sh you all a verhealthy peaceful and hapoy Christmas

    I miss you all but will try and get on when I can ie speech to swear words 😂

    Love to all 💕💕💕💕🧚‍♂️🧚xxxxxx

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    Hi Barbara

    thanks so much

    festive wishes to you too

    you take care of yourself xx

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    Hello everyone 😊 how lovely to come in and see so many jolly things 😀 such cheery trees and needless to say I do like the Nightmare Before Xmas themed one, bosh, I always meant to get myself some gothic type baubles I can never quite decide if it's sacreligious 🤔😄.

    I have done very little today, all fairly quiet, apart from the Hermes man turned up who I wasn't expecting (door was open this time thankfully), and next door, the empty side, popped in at one point - not for long but just enough to give me the frighteners. Apart from that all I have really done is wash my hair/bird's nest, ghastly tangly experience it was too, frog, but there was a bit of bright weather and I couldn't really turn it down. All still going to plan with you I hope 👍️ have a very nice day tomorrow 😊 and I hope Charley & Annie feel better soon. Thank you yes do please pass on my best to DD who I'm very pleased to hear well of 😀 . Will be in and out over the next couple of days and if not in yourself assume I am waving approx in the direction of you all :) Merry Christmas xx

    Hello joan and hope you and Sue have a good evening and best for tomorrow too 😊. Children answering the door or picking up the phone for you can definitely backfire can't it, your poor friend I hope she lived it down 😳😂. I have done v little today and won't tomorrow either, I am always glad when things are back to 'normal' and life goes on. I was listening to a programme earlier with the writer Marian Keyes talking about how she doesn't do typical Christmases any more and that if people that don't really like it much they should feel they can just not fuss. I will probably have a sandwich 😂. Love to both and the dear dogs xx

    Hi to bosh, thanks for all the cheery things 😀 & the hellos. I have been following the developments for EF & MH as they happen, hope that slightly excess food is the worst of it and that there is enough suitable you can have, it's only one day as you say (assuming you'll be home by evening). I'm not a big fan of formal mealtimes and tbh I'm so used to 'little & often' that by the time I'd had some sort of starter and maybe a small pudding I would have had enough. I was always more of a fish person too in 'the old days' I do miss it rather though I say so myself 😬. Ah I didn't realize the visiting auntie & uncle were the omelette-aunt & husband, I expect your Dad was sorry too to miss them unless they went on to visit him. Anyway how rude not to accept a cup of tea graciously 🙄 and how rude of Q-jumper's son too to ask personal financial-ish related questions, people just don't know how to behave. Well as I said to Toni, as the person with no commitments I will probably come in tomorrow and tidy the tea cupboard 😂 so I will wave if I see anyone but will mostly expect people to post next day &c. Have not been for a walk today it is definitely a bit blah more than a bit imo, I may go out tomorrow if it's any nicer. See you when I see you and Merry Xmas :) xx

    Hello @speedalong and Season's Greetings to you too 👍️ nice to hear your news and that the 'metalwork' is in good order 😊 have a good day. x

    Lovely angel @clonsea 😊🎄 - no fuss being made here either, I have a 19p bag of sprouts and very little else of a christmassy nature 😂 will be glad to be on the other side of it and to (one day) have normal things like postal deliveries. All the best to you and family, especially the on call members. x

    Love to dear Barbara 😘 lovely to see you and an xmas hug to you all xx

    Hello Kitty too, sorry I wished you a slightly redundant good xmas eve but I'm sure you took it in the spirit intended, will just say have a good day tomorrow 😊 xx

    and very best wishes to Carol, mig and anyone who calls in, the kettle will be on there will be no disruption to services over the festive period 😀☕️ xx

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    Morning Everyone from our motorhome.


    Seems able to get into motorhomes so we have pur pressies!

    Joan Paul is doing OK seems to need peace and quiet though. Tia's Grandad is doing OK bless him thanks. Hope you both have a good day ((())) XXX

    Morning Ciel lovely to see you I adore the angel so very pretty and almost actually holy being woolly.

    Ours are here and there too so we are in our motorhome. A dear friend was laid to rest on Tuesday but we will see thr youngest at her flat where she will cook our dinner. With my help!

    I hope your dat is far better than you expected ((())) xx

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    Morning Reshmi

    I can imagine your Mum is a bit MV atm it is stressful this time of year. Visiting is up there with super stresses.

    I am OK but did fall yesterday and landed on my coccyx on some leafy steps. Very painful but am OK. How about yourself? Did the early MTX pay off? I hope so.

    How adorable is BR a magnet!!!! Of all things. He loves it though and named it after you. That is just lovely 😍

    Naughty nosey neighbours husband! How rude I bet he wanted to look on Google maps and see the house as well as on zoopla for the exact value! Cheeky thing. What a shame too yo put all that weight on.

    Good luck with the food today I hope it's better than you feared ((()))

    Take care xx

    Speedy!!! Really lovely to see you in here. I hope S is doing OK.

    Those hips are doing well. Fingers crossed your knees will be as successful.

    Guess who messaged me last night? Skezier! Fabulous we all still remember each other.

    The forum is still a wonderful place to come so well done signposting people here.

    Hope to hear from you again

    Barbara too!!! Please don't worry about reading back we all understand.

    Just let us know you're OK when you can.

    Speech to text is fine.

    Love and ((())) xxx

    Toady your hair had a Christmas wash?! Mine might when we get home tomorrow. That was brave.

    All well here except I fell yesterday and really hurt my coccyx. Sitting standing g walking steps all hurt🙄

    Enjoy a restful couple of days. Hope all neighbours behave and you do t have tooooo many telephone ☎️ calls to maje or receive!

    Take care.

    Love to everyone

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    Hi Toni

    merry Christmas

    how are you?

    v sorry about your fall 😔

    glad you’re not feeling too bad now though

    im ok thanks getting ready for MH now packing passport lol 😂

    I’m not sure if I’ll post again today depends how much time there is

    you take care and hope you have a great day with your family.

    bye xx

    👋 toady and Joan xx

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    Happy Christmas to everyone

    I know Kitty (()) does not celebrate Christmas I don’t know the day J witness celebrate.

    and Clonsea and Speedalong and Chris Skezier and everyone else.

    Kitty (()) have a good day it’s lovely seeing you on here. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) Have a good day. Well you have seen your neighbours did they seem happy.

    Barbara (()) Have a good day (()) thank you for coming on here (()) love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I’m sorry you fell over did it hurt your back (()) love to your friend (()) i hope she has a good day I know she will be upset. And love to Tia’s granddad (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day love to your mum (())

  • bosh
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    Thanks Joan hope you and Sue had a good day too xx

    good night toady hope you’re ok?

    is the tea cupboard fully stocked?

    i ate some cheese panettone oh dear cheese monsters are everywhere

    I am fully shattered

    chat to you tomorrow bye j and t Tc xx

    ps corpse bride or receptionist? You decide lol xx

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    Hello all, hope we are all well 😊 just rattling the late tea things and toasting up some nice fruit loaf.

    The story so far; one xmas 'present' from someone's cat on the back lawn this morning, one round robin email full of everyone who has died this year, another email from someone asking if a mystery present they received in the post is from me (it isn't 😬 😳), one phone notification that my banking app is out of date please update now, and one ebay message to say someone hasn't received their item. 😂

    Apart from that it has been quiet, no callers no phone calls (probably something to do with the phone being unplugged 😉), delivered my last card to a set of neighbours that are still friendly haha, locked all the doors and chilled out 😀.

    Thinking of everyone and hope frog's coccyx is not playing up or you will not want to play musical chairs 😔 ouch sorry that happened, such a nasty jolt it gives you. Do hope all went well at dinner etc 🍲🥗🥘 😊 and have a lovely evening xx

    Hello joan hope you and Sue have had a nice day 😊 I have not seen those neighbours, only the other side's relatives, the ones who pop in to check on the house. The difficult side ones have had family up I think so I have no idea if they are happy or not 😂. Have a good Boxing Day, I have not seen the King's Speech yet I will watch it back. xx

    Hi to bosh and hope all's well or as can be, thinking of you & hope everyone well not too many overexcited littleys or Bills - have a good night and a good day tomorrow 👋 :) xx ps I ah see you popped in briefly before me 😀 yes plenty of tea to wash the panettone down with, all fine here thanks, hope you get a good night 😴 xx

    Love to Kitty, Barbara and anyone else passing 😘 xx

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    Morning Everyone Happy Boxing day from Sleek!

    Well that's that then! All over super fast as it is every year!

    Hi Joan. Did you both have a good day? What did you get each other wS it the same as you often do? Annie is pretty rough temp 39 something. Charley isn't great but coping. I did hurt my back luckily l have my special back cushion which has a gap for your coccyx. Enjoy your boxing day👍😊

    Morning Reshmi I hope you are well and survived your trip to that far distant land. Did you get away without a visa this time?

    Cheese is everywhere this te of the year although it is wonderful I think not so for our insides 😖

    How did you cope? OK I hope and maybe no DV in the car?

    I am sure seeing those two happy (noisy) little boys made it all worthwhile. Honestly they are at such a lovely age. So entertaining 😆

    That was definitely our GPs receptionist!!

    Annie is very ill with covid Charley is ringing 111 for advice.

    I hope today is more restful for you ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady you had quite a busy day!

    Kari had the same with a few customers. She told them about the strikes- thry said no problem they can wait. 2 days later "my item hasn't arrived "🙄

    That sounded a very cheerful round Robin. Lovely bet that cheered the day no end!

    Lucy did a great job with the dinner but our vegan Wellington from Mazda was blown (dare 29th )so we had quorn steak bakes instead.

    My reusable crackers contained lottery scratch cards which none of us ever do Paul won a fiver!?

    Coccyx is rather sore but my wedge cushion has a groove in it so coping OK.

    Take care now

    Love to everyone. Kitty Barbara Clonsea Crinkly Mig Carol Speedy and most of all to Aidan and Mike1

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty ()) i hope everything is alright there. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) you were kept busy (()) have a good day. The paper shop by us was open yesterday morning we only went past.

    Barbara (()) How are you take care. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that’s a lovely photo of sleeke. Sorry you hurt your back. Sorry Charley (()) and Annie (()) have COVID I hope they feel better soon (()) how is Tia’s granddad (()) love to your friend (()) I wanted a plate from an high cupboard course the small one’s were on top I put them down on the microwave then they all fell and broke some were old. We have not bought a present yet. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day today and your mum (())

  • dachshund
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    Yes I miss Aidan and Mike

  • speedalong
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    Hi to everyone in the cafe.

    Toni, sorry to hear you slipped on slippery leaves. They are so lethal. You are second person I know now who has done that recently.

    Now there is a blast from the past - dear Skezier!!! How is she doing? Amazing lady. Please pass on my love.

    Barbara - hope you get speech to text sorted ASAP. I can't see how to make the font any bigger in the hope it might help you read it.

    Sunny here today, though colder. Taking S for a walk and a breath of fresh air.


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    Hi everyone

    happy Boxing Day xx

    wppl xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni

    happy Boxing Day 😀

    how is your back now? Poor you Falling on the leafy steps, it is so easy to do though I almost had a few dangerous encounters with wet leaves myself, but wet leaves and steps must be a terrible combination I would avoid them if at all possible, next time you have that kind of situation hold onto someone well you’re going up the steps no shame in it 😀

    I’m still feeling a bit tired time of the month you see almost didn’t go on a walk today but I’ve got these new snow boots in the sale they’re very comfy quite deliciously so and have good grip I got them online they’re Tetchers - you know what I mean lol - not from the Tetchers’ shop though- yesterday was very nice thank you even though my earphones have died ordered some new ones now so that’s okay, roads going back was relatively clear so didn’t take long at all which was good and I didn’t feel carsick either probably because it was nice and cold inside the car for once, the kids said so many funny things where to start… I think I’ll start with BR, bill told me that his new game is pretending to phone Mima he says, “Hi Mima, heartbeeps, bye” bless him heart beeps is some kind of sensory play activity that the babies do in the nursery I think basically singing along to some very basic tunes or music learning new sounds or something like that ❤️.

    I ended up having the salmon so no possibly yucky turkey consuming for me which is good 👍

    Sister made a lovely cake as it was of course Bill‘s birthday as well chocolate but really light so was able to have some

    avoided pastry and fizzies as I generally do

    Think the LA tales will have to wait right now unfortunately because ive got a few things to do I am still not really feeling 100% so possibly no more instalments today I’ll definitely send proper message tomorrow

    Sis has lost a little bit of weight unfortunately but not too drastic a situation yet👍

    all is okay thanks bills got his cough still but he’s been coughing ever since I’ve known him really he is however convinced he’s got pneumonia because dad had it 🤷‍♀️

    I think mum is definitely pleased that the festive cooking stress is over

    Sorry to hear about and A’s health

    oh I just wanted to say LA was starting using my legs as a climbing frame 😱

    I then reminded him that sometimes my leg(s) get stuck in the mud which means that the legs hurt and I’m potentially sick and that’s how he understands arthritis bless him - through The medium of Peppa Pig 😂

    dad’s just being dad I won’t elaborate otherwise I’ll definitely put myself in a bad mood

    how was you’re Christmas Day?

    bye-bye for now Toni take care of yourself xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    do you how are you today?

    I’m not too bad thanks time of the month so a bit tired but other that than that okay thanks 😀

    just got a funny joke I wanted to share with you

    i often write things down in my diary little plans for the next day nothing major e.g. “buy a cheese sandwich” or whatever lol I somehow find writing these things helps even though I don’t buy cheese choc and so on every single day of my life 😂

    Yesterday I wrote down something like buy some cheese maybe but play it by ear except I didn’t actually write play it by ear I wrote play it by Garden shear oh no toady has got completely into my brain! Vulcan reptilian mind control😱😂

    I wasn’t too bad in the end thanks I avoided pastries and fizzy drinks and I was okay stomach wise in the end but it was just the tension you know? not knowing what will happen with my stomach next - anyway that’s over now and it was lovely to see the kids not writing much right now due to the tiredness but I will of course fill you in at some later point possibly tomorrow

    How was your Christmas day? solitude can be a lovely thing cant it?

    I can find however that when I’m alone I don’t want to be and what I’m not alone I want the opposite but I suppose that’s part of the human condition or something like that at least for me 😂

    hope you have a good night toady and then it’s not too cold for you take care xx