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    Hi toady 🐸

    im glad there’s some positive news about the roof situation even though things are far from fully sorted out of course

    a sauna would be Hades for me unfortunately plus my skin would probably fall off

    but I won’t go into a massive gossiping session right now

    ok tea and toast in the corner how many corners do we need though? one for Toni some more for @clonsea joan Kitty ok my very non - geometrical brain is malfunctioning now lol

    Bye for now, have a good night bye tc xx

  • bosh
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    Good night everyone xx

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    Super quick post - but will be back later still -7! (feels like -20!)

    Waking Paul up in a minute so he's ready for his phone consultation Joan. We'll see eh? I am home and enjoying being here it's giving me a chance too to grieve myself. I expect you two are staying in? Very sensible in this super brrrr weather. ((())) xxx

    How are you today Reshmi?

    This will be quick for now as we have Paul's phone consultation then I have the hairdressers 🙄 Got to be done I suppose.

    I think we'd miss our cuppas too much if we hid our teapot(s)!! and we are very well behaved keeping properly hydrated aren't we? Waterproof trousers would be very warm probably a good idea (only) if you have no heating at all!

    I'm home and very happy to be here. Journey back was a careful one once I'd chipped several layers of ice from my car🙄 I kept my patience yes, but it's lovely just lovely to be here in my own bed, own telly etc etc I know you understand.

    I can't believe your dad is being extra nasty when your Mum is struggling as she is. This is when he should be being nicer! Is it her shoulder or her actual arm? Bless her and you for being more helpful to her ((()))

    Gosh you have LA for an extended break this time. He will feel even more proprietal about your home! Definitely you should get to group if you can because otherwise you might become exhausted with your small (funny but rather full-on) guest🤭

    Sounds like BR eats really well at such a young age that's great. Maybe he'll be the next Jamie Oliver? Baby Oliver?? No perhaps not that would be BO for short!!

    You take care of yourself and keep warm that snowman looks proper chilly with only his mask on😁

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    Morning everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) what else could go wrong for you I would not fancy getting on the roof this time of year. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you and Mr B (()) i hope everything is alright. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that must be a lovely feeling being back home in your own bed. All the best to Paul (()) love to your friend (()) she is doing so well with your help (()) love to Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how are you sorry about your mum’s arm (()) has she pulled a muscle. Yes it’s nice to go out to get away from all the problems at home have a good day.

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    hi toady 🐸

    im definitely sweating not “glowing” in this southeast tropical sauna today even more than usual

    so bear with me if it becomes an instalment situation and I don’t cover all points please

    i didn’t know about Bernies I looked it up v interesting thanks 👍

    sleep position and mattress seem to be causing poor mum diff aches each day more or less including arm 😔

    she said today pain level in general is slightly less so that’s good at least

    thanks about poem 👍

    Ever so slightly less cold today I think how about where you are?

    I’ll save some toast for you is strawberry jam ok?

    I’ll leave it there for now toady bye and Tc xx

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    Hi toady 🌺

    how are you?

    im sweating in this Reading - based sauna today

    so I’ll try to keep it fairly short

    hope P’s phone appointment goes well

    thanks about mum etc

    shes having diff pains daily more or less due to mattress and sleep position but overall p level bit less today thanks 👍

    my stomach really felt nasty yesterday how’s yours?

    yes well nastiness is dad’s speciality these days unfortunately

    BO yes maybe not best acronym 😂

    im in one of the hottest parts of house atm unfortunately and trying not to fall asleep so I’ll go for now T bye and Tc xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    im not too bad today thanks feeling slightly warmer than yesterday 👍

    thanks about the group

    I don’t she has pulled a muscle I think the mattress needs replacing really - I’ll suggest it to her again

    i hope you both have a good morning

    bye tc xx

    👋 Barbara xx

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    Good news the Dr was ringing to say Paul has an appointment with a cardiologist for 31st Jan :)

    Toady i am so sorry I didn't have time to finish posting this morning I had to go to the hairdresser when the Dr had phoned.

    Oh dear me the roofer man has lost his happy helper😕 not good for you or him to be fair I do feel for him a bit, but for you more. As long as it doesn't rain which is unlikely hopefully you'll be ok.

    A skip Noooooooooooo😣 oh dear dear me Which room to sleep in? Not at all sure which I fancy to be honest


    Things are ok in Stoke yes thank goodness and calm ATM. I do need the rest so it's lovely to be home. the Dr needed to be scared of assertive Frog who was ready to go. Luckily she was lovely and was already in agreement with us she even said he probably needs a pacemaker too so I am feeling very relieved today all in all☺️

    Only we both forgot to find out about our holiday in January is he allowed to fly????

    Well done getting your parcels done. I have done some internet shopping too....not exciting stuff and need to do my Ocado order this weekend.

    Hope birdies and Mousie are all ok and not frozended🤨

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    Well, I made it. My op was a complete success and my distance vision is near perfect. I just need some new reading glasses. I hopexI shall be able to pop in more eoften. Joan, my bungalow isn't sheltered, but I have carers twice a day. I really feeĺ safe and comfortable here. I have a cleaning la dy (Mary) a gardener (Micky) and a window cleaner (Patrick). And I now have a brand new Samsung Tab. Hope all are as well as you can be.Love to all.

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you this afternoon / evening?

    It’s been a decidedly ooky day here in the year - long sauna

    mums not well - same sort of pain issues unfortunately

    dad’s being a bully

    cleaners came so we all had to stay in the same room for quite a while that was fun🤢

    house is full of choc cheese and all known toxins I can’t say I’ve fully resisted them

    icing on the diabolical cake is that nosey nhs queue- jumper and her husband and basically almost their whole family are visiting tomorrow including some kids I’ll have just had mxt by then so I’m going to try not to show my face if at all possible and I really hope my mum doesn’t get covid just because this nosey queue jumper woman won’t leave her alone her whole family well the adults anyway really irritate me apart from her husband whose a bit obsessive etc but basically decent person, for example the son who’ll be visiting pretends to be friendly at some hideous wedding occasions or whatever but in reality hadn’t kept in touch since I was of a suitable age to be LA’s elder sis or something like that.

    ok so that rant’s done lol ✔️

    iron tabs I was given pack of 3 months’ worth so I know it could be worse but still unpleasant really , my mum often says you can eat out whenever there’s a family occurrence that requires it, just have bread and water, but people can’t just live on bread and water 💦

    also the experience of watching practically everyone else’s stuff their faces - well it just isn’t fun

    are you quite busy on eB*y now with the Christmas shoppers?

    i got a refund from nosegay - my rhyming slang again though web did admittedly help me with that one 😀

    for some chai syrup that didn’t turn up and may have also somehow wandered into the underworld, “fallen syrup” perhaps lol, just under £12 so Ive decided to buy a house with it, hopefully not made of gingerbread

    as I said before maths including geometry not a strong point for me so forget about corners, it will be a perfect round

    igloo - too cold

    p*rta - loo rather unseemly

    Maybe it can be called Angelou after the writer? What do you think?

    everyones welcome as long as they respect boundaries and don’t bring any extra cats into the (very basic) garden equation that’s fine with me

    im really hoping to get out of the house for a bit tomorrow before the skin peels off my face

    I hope your late night constitutionally isn’t too freezing and ooky for you

    bye for now toady Tc xx

    ps a Georgian nosegay just like JA herself may have worn when around some stinky relatives/ dads xx

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    Hi all 👋 it will be sl brief, bit grim today cold-wise &c so will be glad to get off to bed. Have extracted from roof chap, and it is indeed like pulling teeth 🙄, that he will at least come & cover up roof with something to be going on with - we do have rain forecast here frog for Sunday, heavyish for a time and early hours Mon as well and maybe some Tues, which is why I've been wetting myself somewhat (with or without the aid of waterproof trousers or portaloos even) 😂 and even though 'dried out' is not exactly what things will have been doing this weather at least they will be better than for another soaking. Really could not sit here and listen to rain now I know what it's doing.

    So have to be up early for that and then, let's hope, I'll be in for a post-tradesman post as it were. Please have tea on standby ☕️. Failed to get any cards written which I am cross about as they would have been picked up tomorrow morning, last chance this week. Oh well no more strike til 23rd everything will have to take its chances now ✉️. Glad to hear you met no resistance from the doc frog and I hope Paul is ok with the outcome I imagine he is marginally less thrilled than you about it 😬 yes holidays, what about them 🤔 something to find out about, always something, isn't there. No skip chucking-in today thankfully, I imagine the weekend though - at least it's only a little one so they won't be chucking half the house in it. Yet. All birdies &c fine that I know of, Mrs B keeps coming to the back fence and looking at me meaningfully as if she isn't allowed round the back to her usual haunts 🤔 I do wonder if she's adopted a front garden territory so will try putting food there instead. Have a good weekend will see you soon hopefully :) xx btw hope the hair went well/ok/no worse than expected and obviously I totally got that you were out of time this morning 👍️ xx

    Hello joan, hopefully things will be inching forwards tomorrow at least I will have some protection over the roof which is better than nothing. No idea what can go wrong next but life will think of something I'm sure 😂 yes not nice weather at all for roofing difficult trade to be in all this sort of thing, so dependent on the weather - rain no good either etc. Have a good weekend both of you & the dear dogs :) xx

    Hi bosh, looking forward to relaxing in the Angelou one day soon 😀 better than the hot Japanese springs, yes not the best place for you I realize sorry, we'll get the thermostat just so in the new place 👍️. Hope you can get out tomorrow I did not go out this evening, just too cold and didn't have anything to post anyway. I'm just a tinier bit busy on nosegay but it's v. small scale anyway, I never have much up at once but at xmas I try and add a few extra things in & it's those that have sold. Other things that get watchers on &c like I tend to say just sit there interminably haha. Glad you got your refund, that's one thing they are good at, I find anyway. So sorry nhs queue-jumpers family are descending upon the neighbourhood 😕 I hope you can keep away/operate your hermit crab shell mode and your mum can steer clear of them too as much as possible. Good luck for mxt day & with ticking off the iron pills, I do agree that eating out with people and just picking at something v plain yourself is no fun and people tend to press food upon you too & be a bit annoying rather than just leave you be. I don't envy your mum if she does try & choose a new mattress it sounds like it would help but I'm still looking for one and keep getting put off by reviews. Sorry this is short hope to be a bit more 'with it' tomorrow 🤞 some tea & toast & strawberry jam and a bit of peace and quiet would be very nice 😊. Bye for now have a good night :) xx

    Lovely to see you Kitty but even more, lovely that you can see us 😊🎉 really glad you are getting on so well with everything. xx

    Love to Barbara and to anyone else passing 😘 xx

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    Morning Joan how are you? The GP had arranged for Paul to see a cardiologist 31st january and has taken it seriously so that's good I am much much happier about that. How are you and Sue though? and the carers is everyone well? ((())) xxx

    How WONDERFUL to see our Kitty back posting😊 complete with new tablet and much better eyesight. The risk was so worth it wasn't it Kitty? I don't think your place needs to be sheltered you have so much support there! We have missed you very much and look forward to seeing much more of you😻

    Morning Reshmi. Hmmmmm.... I am not at all happy about your poor Mum her aches have been going on for a fair few days now. Is she getting enough rest/sleep? I am sure you're doing your best to support her, but tension in the house (DV) won't be helping. I know he agreed to see the Dr but i bet he hasn't yet made an appointment.

    Did you see the good news? The Dr has referred Paul to cardiology which is what we were after for him so very pleased. Just forgot to ask whether it is ok for us to go on holiday in January.

    As for today's annoying visitors post MTX I would help your Mum get ready, but try to time your lie-down for their arrival maybe?

    Is it tomorrow that LA arrives? I hope so he will lift the spirits of your Mum and your Dad should morph into Big Baba the genial Grandad hopefully. It will also give BR some time with his Mummy and Daddy on his own.

    I hope the day is better than you fear.

    Morning Toady. Rain?! Oh dear some due here too maybe tomorrow starting as snow then sleet then rain ☔

    I'm so glad the chap will at least do his best to cover your roof prior to the imminent downfall. I can imagine the stress knowing the rain is damaging your roof would be huge. Much better for our wildlife than the solid ground though I should think.

    There's a cat missing in the village i am so worried about him he's naughty I believe, but very young so it's very very worrying.

    I haven't managed to get any cards written either sadly. Neither is our tree up I feel this Christmas is a bit of a write off for me😕 next year must be better. I can't see how I can prioritise cards when I have so little time here😕Oh it's all too much isn;'t it? With the strikes and whatnot. - STOP it Toni! Calm down life is ok really!! I'm glad you can at least combine your roofer man's visit with any deliveries.

    I have been making memorial wreaths for the village.

    Ah yes Paul is marginally less enthusiastic than me regarding his cardiology apt, but he is scared enough to want to see someone.

    Aww Mrs B has maybe moved house? Yes i'd pop some food at the front and watch her for a bit bless her.

    Well do your best to have a good day and long may the skip remains empty😉

    A quick hello to Carol and Barbara hope all is well with both of you and your families ((())) xxx

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    Hi Toni and toady and everyone

    How are you all?

    It’s already Hades here and it’s not even 9 am 😡

    will post properly later

    bye tc xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) It’s so lovely seeing youfaxkend

    Toady (()) that’s good someone is coming to cover your roof let’s hope he does not forget to come. Have a good weekend.

    Barbara (()) I hope all is well there(()) have a good weekend. Love to Mr B (()) your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that’s good now you have some idea what is wrong with Paul (()) you said a pacemaker from the beginning. I hope you can still have your holiday (()) love to your lovely friend (()) have a good weekend. We have had no heating since Wednesday they say they are working slow because of COVID love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (()))

    Reshmi (()) I feel sorry for your mum (()) she must feel worn out having a sore arm and having little children running a round. She must be pleased of your help. Have a good weekend

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    Morning all 😊 victory, of a sort ✌️my roof is covered, chap was very good and I have renewed confidence that he is trying his best to muster someone to help, so from here on what will be will be. Thank you frog yes I was having the horrors he could not come today for some reason and I would have to cast round for someone else, on a Saturday 😱 I was up making tea at 3am it was not a barrel of laughs but he's been & gone & it's bright enough now so maybe I can get on with something else. Christmas cards, well perhaps will squeak in one or two rather than have a wet trip to the postbox another day. But apart from that yes, xmas is a bit of a write-off/must do better next year, is it in a nutshell in fact a long-running one - "'Horrible Christmasses I have known', coming soon to a bookshop near you' 😬😂. I hope you can salvage something yourselves. Glad that Paul is being at least philosophical and docile, wrong word but sort of picturing a cat that will let you take it the vet rather than one that's clawing to get away. Speaking of which hope there is some news of missing kitty 😢 how worrying. Hope your day is ok, for myself I intend to do nothing and recoup a bit til later hence calling in early. Oh and points to me for having bricks to hand to help with the tarpaulin-ing, not everyone would have I imagine (preens slightly) and he did want them, yet another good use for my skip finds. No sign of next door yet 👍️ I'll take half a day's peace at this stage. I love today's breakfast 😍 I will have mine now with a nice coffee and will see you all in due course :) xx

    Hello joan, sorry you have no heating 😔 what is your main I assume gas as you didn't say you have no power, hope you have something to be going on with. Lots of people without power here & there I believe Shetland especially. I understand if it's your home but I would be out of there as soon as I could, I couldn't live somewhere with that climate and where they have to come out to you by ferry if there's a problem. Hope you are not waiting too long🤞my roof is covered at least as I was saying to Toni, that's a huge help, thank you for the good wishes. Have a good day keep warm xx

    Hi to bosh who I hope is coping with the infestation of visitors 🤨 and any other ookinesses and trials, thinking of you may see you later :) xx

    Love to Kitty, Barbara & all xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you doing today?

    glad P has cardiology appt 👍

    glad things are calm atm too

    unfortunately short message for the moment

    need to get on with a few things

    i also should get my hair cut but prob not a good time for it

    will use my vast collection of hair - taming clips till festive season is over lol

    lot of stress here right now but will update fairly soon I hope

    bye Toni Tc xx

    hi toady 🐸

    How are you?

    thanks about guests etc

    glad about roof improvement

    will update from Angelou later

    bye tc xx

    hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    thanks yes mums got a lot on her plate no doubt

    bye tc xx

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    Hi everyone

    sorry I’m not in a good mood

    nothing to worry about though

    also have run out of eyedrops and my eyes are bothering me

    so good night all

    hopefully I’ll feel better and reply properly tomorrow

    tc T t and j xx

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    Oh no!!!!!!!!! Joan Aidan will be up there sending claps of lightening down on them if they don't fix your heating it's outrageous! At least it's warming up now. Yes very happy Paul is seeing 'someone' and it's soon really too. Have some 🔥 to keep you warm ((())) xxx

    Morning Kitty if you get time to pop in. I hope you are doing ok with your lovely team of helpers. Doesn't sound like you are on your own for long at all!! ((()))

    Morning Reshmi. I do hope today is turning out better for you I hope just a lot of anxiety in the house due to the imminent arrival of LA today.

    You need a nice calm house and not too much stress. Hopefully he will make you all smile. Wonder which cuddly will come along this time🤔

    Thanks for your kind words about Paul we are both very relieved that he will soon see an expert and be able to sort the issue out.

    Your haircut will most definitely wait until after the festive season yes.

    Take care of yourself ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady how are you today?

    I am so pleased to hear the man has been and your roof should be watertight for now🤞You must trust him you don't have much choice and he does sound genuine. I have bricks too! Aren't we resourceful?! I bet the chap was pleased with your skip stash😉 I have to agree - not a lot of people have them!

    I am so with you this is my worst Christmas ever too. What a nightmare. Neither of us is having a great time. I think the village cards were done in time and I do have some for the family even if they aren't yet written. I think I'll just send mine late I don't expect to be even able to waste time writing mine until Wednesday.

    I did manage my Ocado order though . Yes it come on Wednesday and contains food for 'the big day'. As you know we should be up near my friend's (only 45 mins from home) in the motorhome (which is currently not starting😮) so will take my car too and come back for Sleek and also will actually eat Christmas lunch with Lucy in the afternoon at hers. She will host us. I even got the tree up and lights no decs on it yet.

    I haven't heard about Kitty but am too scared to ask.😔 Sleek was out looking with her heat sensitive goggles on.

    Glad you enjoyed breakfast on the same theme....

    with vegan bacon antlers of course.

    and a very quick wave of the 🖐 to Barbara and Carol in case either manage to drop 👋 ((())) xxx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    thanks for understanding why I didn’t write much yesterday 🙏

    I must admit I often dread Christmas too, something bad always seems to happen

    I know my mums in pain - though the pain is improving she said - but when she takes things out on me it really hurts me

    I've no idea why queue- jumper’s whole clan are coming today - they changed the day - my mum said she’ll mostly stay in the kitchen as the kids especially (who we barely know) could possibly be covid - carriers - as well as the others, this q - j lady is a real bully - poor mum 😔

    you’re welcome about Paul I hope the appointment goes well👍

    yes LA will make us smile that’s true, not sure which cuddly yet - maybe BR’s blue 🧸?

    that would be naughty indeed

    BR is also coming for a couple of hours he’s learned how to say “calm down LA” haha!

    now that’s a useful sentence 👍

    haircut will def wait - hope the hairdresser doesn’t grill me about my haircare routine though when I do go - mind you his boss, she was giving him a bit of a displeased look though, a sort of a “don’t scare away the customers “ look so maybe he’s learned his lesson 😂

    How was your hair cut? Just a trim? New style?

    My sis said LA has got really excited about coming to Reading and making cheese sandwiches with granny and auntie goddess mima , he was cheering lol.

    i walked yesterday but it was a bit slippery and dangerous in places I’m not doing that again for a while.

    I hope you’re having a good morning bye and tc xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day. You are doing so well (()). Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) that’s good your roof is covered. Then the man will be back with someone to fix it. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) have a good day love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) No it’s not long till the end of January it’s good Paul has an appointment. Love to your friend it’s hard for both of you (()) Our heating was going on and off he came last night and said the pipe was frozen we knew that our neighbour came in every morning to break the ice. The man said it’s getting warmer so it will be alright now we shall see. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day I hope your Dad helps your mum (()) today with LA while he’s there.

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you today?

    there’s been a whole load of ookiness going on

    in fact yesterday the ookiness got so great it wasn’t really funny in any way anymore

    queue - jumpers clan is coming today instead

    dad has filled the whole house with junk food

    Ive got rheumo hospital appointment tomorrow in Bracknell so not quite local but not too far away I really wanted to take a taxi but the reaction was so bad the flames almost engulfed me sorry meant to mention that to Toni 🌺too about the hosp app of course

    how much it’ll help I don’t know but we can only try of course 👍

    How are things going with you today?

    ps Van Gogh Starry Night (was featured in one of the Dr Who episodes)

    bye Tc xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today?

    Thanks about my mum she’s feeling a bit better today thanks

    but stressed as a lot of guests are coming today

    Dad is v temperamental but I’ll help as much i can

    hope you’re both having a good Sunday

    bye tc xx

    ps Poinsettia

  • bosh
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    Good night everyone xx

    ps found this pic entitled Tree of Dreams

    to avoid nightmares avoid cheese and methotrexate- joking (ish) xx

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    Hi all, sorry so late.. has been a day of small annoyances, I'm fine 👍 I just never made it in, have read back (my we are all having fun festive seasons so far aren't we 😬) will be in tomorrow.. posting from phone listening to it rain lightly-ish out there, long may it remain light. I look forward to these soaring temps we're meant to be having tomorrow and see you all then 😘👋xx