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    Hi again toady 🐸

    How are you this evening?

    Regarding Costas I would say they’re all fairly similar, at least in terms of food offered decor that kind of thing the embarrassing thing is some of the young male student types working there currently seem to think I’m younger than them lol, oh well better than the way round I guess lol.

    I agree unless you’re in the hospital anyway it’s not great to hang out in the hospital cafe haha

    not the best “vibes” 😂

    cafe Claudius that’s a great one haha

    there are a lot of coffee shops in Reading, also offices and residential areas (but those aren’t central generally speaking), not much else really, there used to a famous biscuit factory there too, but that was a long time ago, I can’t remember it personally just tales of it and I used to see the old building sometimes, but I don’t think it’s still there, though I may be wrong, basically there’s sugar everywhere I look toady it gives me the ooks 😱

    oh well we can only do our best I suppose 👍

    ive self injected mxt today for second time I think I did it properly this time 👍

    I’ll go for now because I’m feeling tired and ooky 😱

    bye for now toady Tc xx

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    Hi all 😊 just nipping in quickly, I should go for a walk and at least to the postbox so sooner is probably better than it getting even colder ❄️ seemed to me it really dropped again today, not nice at all.

    Hope frog has had a lovely day at Wat Nokor and seeing the sights and the temple, yes good question from joan can you go in, the sort of sensible question I never think to ask. Lots to see anyway 😊 having a good night's sleep now I expect hopefully the sleepy from proper tiredness sort. I still managed to not quite catch you this morning I thought I had but then refreshed and you'd pipped me, maybe tonight/morning! All well here but nothing happening really, just catching up on odds & ends. How long are you on the boat stage, look forward to hearing what next 👍️ xx

    Hello joan, really cold today couldn't really put my mind to anything much. Yes I love the social history side of the postcards it's always hard to remember they were modern times then, nothing out of the ordinary to the people themselves, any more than if someone sends a holiday postcard now. The cards were much nicer though not just a colour snapshot. Hope the weather picks up a bit soon for us all :) xx

    Hi bosh thanks for the interesting as always posts, hope you feel ok after the injection, gingers crossed🤞. I made some banana muffins earlier just to use up the bananas, they were kind of ok 🤨 maybe you could try a little one nothing too bad in them :). Interesting to hear what the Costas are like, yes I guess all chains are similar that's what some people don't like about them. We had one of those places where they stuff in a few bookcases of random books by the yard and try to pass themselves off as interesting & quirky 🙄. Although if the staff were to take me for younger than I am I would probably stop sneering and hang out in there, ooh what a hypocrite 😂. Even younger like the little tots in your pic would be good too, happy days, a little frock and a pair of those sandals we all had 😄. The one on the right could do with your HD to look at that cut I think, it's about as level as one of mine 😂. I was looking up cabbage postcards again quite a hallowe'en thing in the US apparently and one quite well known one crops up a fair bit on nosegay quite pricey!! Hope you have a good night and hope your mum starts having better nights too :) xx

    Love to all 😘 to the postbox I must go. Have a good night everyone xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    interesting about the haircut etc, accompanied by a “statement ribbon” as it would be called these days, I think you’re right there’s a term for everything now, but some of the terms are quite silly really lol

    yes generic cafes etc not always good but sometimes better than nothing

    have a nice walk bye for now tc xx

    Ps look what I found (I edited image for the censors of course) looks like LA’s new go - to (another silly modern word) breakfast, so that’s what he looks like without his makeup on 😱) xx

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    Joan yes we did go in the temple. We had a blessing by a Buddhist monk too. It was quite wonderful. Hope you and Sue are OK. ((())) xxx

    Love that little girl's face Reshmi!!

    Gosh also that I'm telling picture!!! The boys must be getting near that age soo.

    Oh yes my phone is being ginger's! Very rude indeed🤫

    Im glad the lower dose insulin is helping your Mum. Thats good. Did you do your 2nd injection yesterday?

    The neighbour is so stupid! The police probably told him off for wasting their time surely?

    I hope your day is good.

    I am quietly drinking ginger tea while Paul has his shower.

    Toady we are on the boat for 7 days then another hotel I presume in Vietnam before going home.

    There was a quiz last night...oh dear me we came about 4th!

    Odds and ends sounds 👌 hope you hot to the postbox and all wildlife were safe and accounted for.

    I am on deck dri king ginger tea.

    Today is the Chinese New year so we will be having a night tour of Pmom Pen later.

    The boat

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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope it gets a bit warmer soon. Have a good day love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) did you get to the post box on time. We want the warm weather Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you and Mr B (()) have a good day (()) love to your son (()) and Niamh (())) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) do you feel safe there because of Covid. Have a good day. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely friend (()) and your lovely neighbour (())

    Reshmi (()) that’s good your mum is feeling better Diabetic not nice. Neither is Arthritis. Have a good day.

    Keef (()) i hope everything is alright there. Have a good day.

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    thats v True about diabetes and arthritis 🙏

    thanks about my mum I think she’s feeling better in general but little BR is not very well today so we’re hoping he gets better soon

    hope you and Sue I having a nice Saturday afternoon bye and take care xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    thanks about the pic and my mum too

    yes did second injection yesterday

    stomach is slightly ooky as I was forced to have rich food yesterday not related to mxt

    so no walk today

    very nice boat 👍

    glad you’re enjoying 👍

    BR has high temp and rash

    mum ok thanks

    bye for now good night and tc xx

    ps pic of LA in 5 years’ time - who knows? Lol xx I think original pic said e= mc (squared) stands for enjoy my coffee 😂

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    hi toady 🐸

    you how are you today?

    banana muffins sound nice 👍

    thanks but my stomach is a bit ooky today unfortunately but I think it’s enforced rich food eating yesterday not mxt in my opinion 👍

    yes people do love to make things quaintly “quirky” don’t they? When often they’re just pretentious and ooky lol

    theres a cafe my sis and I used to go to in East London when she lived there I think the owners and staff were Eastern European the food was lovely good value and fresh but it’s famous because it’s attached to a recording studio which many famous musicians and so on have used, which is great, but I just liked eating there, not because of the connection with celebrities, I, like you I think, am happy living an anonymous kind of life, I wouldn’t like the extra ooks involved in having to wear dark glasses and false beards just to go unrecognised to the postbox lol.

    sorry it was even colder for you, how was the temperature today?

    BR has high temp and rash unfortunately

    I think my sis is trying to talk to a doc

    im in the cold room wearing my polar bear jumper while tiredly inhaling some ooky cooking smells

    so I’ll leave it there for now bye toady Tc xx

    ps a lovely but smelly onion man, I’ll bring the eyedrops you can supply the tissues please lol xx

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    Good night everyone xx

    toady and Toni I’ve found an antidote to queue jumper lady 👍lol xx

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    Hi all, well I peaked far too soon saying this is the coldest day this is the worst so far etc 😬 .

    Hope everyone not too bad toady in this and of course frog who is currently excused it 👍️ and I hope it jolly well 'gives' a bit before you get back or it will not be a nice homecoming. Stow away and stay put, I should 😉. Well I have got nothing done today, not even odd jobs - threw a bit of breakfast lunch &c together and otherwise pretty much have been just sitting it out til bedtime 😬. A ginger tea would be very nice actually or something along those lines. The boat looks nice 😀 and of course the view! 😍🌴🌞. Have you lived down your quiz night, maybe there will be another and it will play more to your specialist subjects 👨‍🎓. I would be fine if there was no sport history geography science films classical music.. 😂. Have a good night maybe see you later if I am awake 👋 Mrs B sends her love :) xx

    Hello joan, yes warmer weather please I have really had all I can stick of this 😔 I did get to the postbox it was very full! Either they had not collected but also I think maybe someone had stuffed a too big packet in, I just made sure mine got poked down the side. I would not have fancied going out today though! I'm not even looking ahead at the forecast because if it's not this it will be rain, so ignorance is probably bliss 😬. Have a good Sunday :) xx

    Hi bosh, so sorry to hear BR is not well how worrying 😟 really hope he is ok and your sis maybe got to speak to someone. Hope to hear that he's alright. Glad things not too bad with you otherwise and you think any ookiness was excess food related not the mxt. Yes it was even colder again today! gosh do hurry up, it's the fact that not only is it horrid in itself but it's no weather to fancy getting on with anything so things just get put off I hate getting behind. The East London cafe sounds nice 😊 places with a proper genuine atmosphere are definitely better than fakey ones, yes pretentious is the word. I was also reading how much chefs at top rated restaurants etc go through in the way of stupid working conditions & pressure, which I more or less know about, what I can never understand is how anyone enjoys eating food prepared under those circumstances - staff being bullied & overwork & injuring themselves etc. People are v odd 🤔. Anyway going back to what you said about the famous people frequenting the cafe, no I wouldn't want to be recognised everywhere I go definitely not! Also disagree with the opinion of people who think celebrities musicians etc have to pay for fame by being agreeable and make themselves accessible to fans etc. Well I am off to bed with a hot water bottle, hope you can get your temp right with or without polar bear jumper, is it your 'go-to' for the cold 😄 yes that really is wildly overused and I don't care for it anyway but like a lot of things it's crept in from the US I suppose. Have a good Sunday and all the best to EF xx

    Love to Barbara, Kitty, keef, Carol & mig, hope you are all warm & well 😘 xx

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    Joan I am not to worried about covid I think we are safe having just had it I would have been scared before. Masks in public places here. Like today we visit the Palace at Pnohm Phen xxx((())(

    Morning Reshmi great cabbage dress there.

    I am very sorry to hear little BR isn't well😕 I hope he gets better very soon((()))

    Good though that your Mum feels OK on the new insulin dose. Glad your 2nd injection was OK although rich food is not good for you is it😖

    Hopefully today will be a better day.

    Take the Q jumper potion asap snd sneak a little in your Mum's tea to protect her if you can.

    Personally (if you have plenty) I'd sprinkle some on your threshold and around the telephone. All bases covered!

    Have a good day. Today we go to the Palace! Yesterday we went to a school sponsored partly by the travel company.

    No elephants children all on best behaviour too. Adorable.

    Morning Toady

    Its that cold? Oh dear. I'll see if I can still away if I can.....

    I think I wouldn't have done much either if its that cold.

    Ginger tea might have warmed you up a bit. I had two mugs yesterday.

    I do hope all wildlife are warm enough and have somewhere snug to keep cosy. Send my love back to Mrs B😍

    I have missed Sleek though....has she been to see you? Bless her heartthrob girls have sent me photos.

    We had the tour rep on our team snd it was places round the world!!! but the pics were at weird angles the quiz. . ..

    Take care and have a good day keep warm xxx

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    Morning everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) Have a good day the weeks go quick don’t they. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) yes it’s worrying when you put post in a post box when it’s full. I have took it to another box. Have a good day do birds have a winter coat.

    Barbara (()) I hope everything is alright there. Love to Mr B (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) enjoy the palace to day it’s nice to see how other parts of the world live. Have a good day. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) Have a good day Do you feel better after the injection than you did with the other. Love to your mum (())

    Keef (()) I hope everyone is alright there. Have a good day.

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    Hi Toni🌺

    how are you today?

    thanks about cabbage dress haha 👍

    i hope you had a nice visit to the palace

    I am not too bad thank you stomach is okay at the moment though sometimes I feel that talking about it may jinx it lol

    i had some enforced rich eating today mind you it wasn’t as bad as yesterday which involved cheese, then I would’ve actually have eaten if I’d had the choice yesterday but 🤷‍♀️

    what can you do?

    im sitting next to radiator unfortunately

    so can’t talk for long

    BR has been prescribed antibiotics and has eczema related to high temp, has seen doc,

    his temp is slightly lower atm thanks

    mums ok I think thanks

    sorry radiator situation is getting difficult

    thanks for potion usage advice lol

    have a good night Toni bye tc xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    I definitely feel better with injection rather than the tablets thanks 🙏

    Mum seems okay today thank you 👍

    BR is not feeling very well tho, high temp etc

    hope you both have a good Sunday afternoon

    bye Tc xx

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    hi again Toni 🌺

    just a tiny question, only if you have time of course,

    do you think electric blankets can be helpful for arthritis?

    it’s just that my mum thinks they’re dangerous as if they malfunction it could be fatal,

    was just curious about your opinion thanks 🙏

    bye for now tc xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you today?

    im near radiator and Dad is on the brink of volcanic transformation lol

    I’m ok thanks but BR is still not well he did see doc though so that’s good

    LA is busy looking for the biggest biscuit in the tin lol

    i think it’s a crime we’ve all been guilty of at some point 😂

    ill try and send a proper message later on

    bye for now tc xx

    ps a sand frog couldn’t find a toad, so you can pretend you’re in the Sahara lol xx

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    Hi all 😊 still pretty cold but I have not felt as awful as yesterday, so I am calling that a result 😂.

    Hello to frog and I can confirm that Sleek has been here, all fine, we have been painting our 'nails', leafing through fashion magazines and trying sparkly hairslides in our 'hair' 😊😂 she did arrive with custard cream crumbs around her whiskers so I suspect she had been to Kitty's as well 🤔 anyway I have not been feeding her anything naughty (partly because I will need to do another shop before I can feed myself anything much naughty. Tues or Weds should do it). Have done a bit more today and I hear on the grapevine it will warm up on Wednesday, oh please oh please🤞. Ta for the update on your itinerary and I hope the Palace trip was fab 😊 places of the world quiz, oh no use for me 🌍️ whether the pictures were at funny angles or not. Are all photos you take digital now I expect so, and do you print any out later? Have a lovely day tomorrow and a good night, I am determined to be here at the right time to 'see you' for morning tea at least once so maybe this time. Have you any interesting food and dishes to tell us about btw? Mrs B thanks you for thinking of her she 'took breakfast' separately with me again today but still forages in the back garden too so she can't be barred I guess. Love to all :) xx

    Hello joan, and Sue of course. 😊 Apparently when the blackbirds grow their feathers back after they moult in the autumn, they grow some extra downy feathers under the main ones for extra insulation, and help trap air, you see them looking really fluffed up and feathery don't you. Still amazing that they manage, the earth is just solid but tulips are coming up & you think why would you come up in this! It was a tiny bit better today, warmer midweek I think! Have a good Monday :) xx

    Hi bosh, what a lovely mr or mrs sand frog, thank you very much 😀 I am looking at it and thinking very warm thoughts of hot sand 🌞😍. Meanwhile I am keeping the kettle going and won't be late to bed for sure. Sorry you had the hot radiator situation you will not want to be thinking about the Sahara so we'll have to swap and you think about cold drinks & skiiing & snowmen. 🥤⛷️☃️. Don't worry about long posts obvs no-one expects 6 chapters when you are being slowly toasted 😬 I haven't got any news really either. Good to hear that doc has seen BR and checked him over, rashes are scary, glad they say it's eczema but of course sorry he has to have antibiotics and hope he improves really soon 😔. See you next time around, I am going to have the other half of that cup of tea (coffee?) you posted and go and see if LA has left the 2nd biggest biscuit, that will do for me nicely 😄. Hope you have a good night :) xx

    Love to all 😘 xx

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    Hi toady🐸

    thanks I thought it was tea, but could well be coffee lol

    thanks about BR too, bill couldn’t find the meds in the chemists locally though, not even in Slough which is quite near to them so he’ll try in MH chemist tomorrow

    eczema’s a nasty thing I had it since birth, not always serious I know but a kind of agony sometimes

    anyway hopefully things will be better for poor BR tomorrow

    the antics LA is getting up to now can’t be documented at present 😀

    I won’t be surprised if he’s eaten all the biscuits in the tin😂

    so if his stomach feels ooky with a gastric complication

    he is to blame and must also realise that fruit flavoured chewy antacids are not confectionery but effective medication

    Ok I’ll leave it there while drinking my nice cold squash thanks for that toady good night Tc xx

    ps found a sand Gollum as well , hope you have a precious night 😂. xx

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    Morning frog 🌅 I made it 😀 dropped v cold tonight so no prizes for guessing I am well under the duvet typing (Sleek may or may not be under here too for the extra warmth having been bribed into staying over with the promise of cockles 😼). Have a lovely day 👋xx

    And good night again all :) xx

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    Joan yes it's fabulous to see how other people live. We also saw some dreadful stuff yesterday. Where the Kymer Rouge tortured and killed 20,000 people 😕 now we are off to Vietnam 🇻🇳 and we can see where the tunnels they used to defend themselves from the Americans. Hope you and Sue are well? ((())) xxx

    Reshmi what can you do if it's cold you need the heating on😕

    I hope your stomach stays much more stable off the MTX at least and you can cope with rich food from time to time.

    Poor little BR I am glad he has some antibiotics he is a strong little boy and will soon be much better. Hope LA doesn't catch it though ((()))

    If he's still trying to get the biggest biccy so far he's definitely OK. I used to want the ones with 'cream' in them!!

    Thanks I'll have half a cup of tea🤭🤭🤭🤭

    I love all frogs sand ones included - toads too.

    Today we are sailing all day but will have lessons in napkin folding and sprung roll making - optional. Or maybe in my case 📚

    Take care.

    It's Charley and Annie's first wedding anniversary tomorrow! Wow!

    Morning Toady

    How are you today? I hope staying warm at least no leaks in rooves when its cold not wet.

    I'm glad Mrs B is still allowed in the garden it's her home after all. Home wrecking extra wives begone!!!

    I have eaten an awful lot of stir fries very watery(but very tasty) soups and fruit.oh and sticky rice.

    Today I might learn how to make spring rolls! We are sailing all day. Boarder checks into Vietnam take a long time apparently.

    All is well here after today I tjink only tow more nights on the boat when we get ti Saigon.

    They are playing the film the killing fields today but I think I will be too upset and will give it a miss.

    Hope you're OK?

    Sleek Yesterday 💖

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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope it’s a bit warmer there for you today. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) thank you for explaining about Mrs B’s coat I know they eat the berries of the bushes and that’s how people say it’s going to be a bad winter. Have a good day yes we have the sun.

    Barbara (()) I hope everything is alright there. We have the sun I hope it’s got to you has well (()) love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) you are seeing lots of interesting things and places. Congratulations to Charley (()) and Annie (()) on their anniversary (()) Sleeke went with you in the luggage did she. Love to Paul (()) and Lucy (()) (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I hope BR is soon feeling a bit better (()) love to your mum (()) perhaps she is tired (())

    Keef (()) I hope everything is okay there thinking about you (())

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    yes BR is feeling a bit better thanks 👍

    Thanks yes maybe mum was tired

    shes ok atm thanks

    im ok too 👍

    bye for now tc xx