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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you doing this evening?

    I forgot to tell you a v funny piece of gossip, which is completely true even though it sounds like one of my flights of fancy lol.

    the owner of nursery BR has just left is a lady I’ll refer to as P

    P wanted to say goodbye to my sis and bill properly so she invited them out for a coffee, she said sorry to my sis but she’s always felt a great connection to the bro in law but not to her so much, she then only really chatted to him and embraced bill alone, oh dear it seems a bit of a “crush” has developed, another important point, P herself is married! My goodness what an ooky situation, well good at least that Bill can still attract the ladies, well two ladies anyway, his wife and the nursery boss, haha, so his charm stays the same it seems, but most definitely not his belly 😂.

    Ok that’s it for this instalment had mxt - injection so feeling slightly ooky 😱

    Bye Tc xx

    ps pic of Don Juan/ bill/ whatever he’s called lol xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    yes I found my eyedrops thanks

    yes J likes all the cheeses lol🧀

    no I haven’t seen new lady recently but I usually go there quite early so it’s poss she’s just been there at a later time

    I have been eating a bit more cheese than usual tbh but sometimes the situation gets v stressful with my dad, oh well, my stomach is a lot less delicate than it used to be thanks to self injecting mxt 👍

    I feel I’m doing well with sat fats generally speaking though

    Have resisted those fiendish pasties for a quite a while

    I suppose it’s one of those things really when people get stressed they deal with it somehow as long as it’s not a permanent way of eating👍

    i definitely don’t like the mouldy cheeses though once my French teacher urged me to try some at school on French culture day or something like that, it took all my determination not to be sick lol

    dont think I would’ve managed it these days

    ok that’s it from me

    hope your back isn’t too bad now?

    bye Toni Tc xx

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    Hi all 😊 today's forecast was tired with a chance of outbreaks of grumpiness, and scattered chores (not that many) 😂. Well not that bad really but did have a fairly horrid night with many dreams, including having strange people in the house and sleeping in the beds, finding that a front door lock escutcheon was missing which might mean the door wasn't secure, nearly falling into some roadworks, and turning up for a singing audition but not knowing what song I had chosen 😱 Freud would have a field day. And I hadn't had cheese for supper.

    At least postie had been today frog thanks but only because I spotted an email that they sent last night around 10pm inviting me to rebook the collection, I'd hoped they would just try again - so I was doing the rebook process at half 11 🙄. V little else going on with me, as I say have just ticked off a couple of little things. I must start walking again myself whether by dawn or by dusk as long as I do some! Yes you must be getting the very on the spot signs of the lighter mornings day by day, jolly good. We may even get in our gardens soon, have you planted anything at all? Not me 😳. I saw the mice again and I think fairly sure original mousie, so that was good - warm enough to stick it out there for 5 mins and watch now, it makes all the difference. Thank you & Paul v much for the roof input, I have read some more of the pros & cons so I feel fairly happy I've got a reasonable grasp & will 'think on'. Brilliant that Kitty is doing so well, so nice to hear there are so many positives for her 😀 and that there is a custard cream with our name on 😄 well done Kitty. Hope you have a quiet weekend or whatever you will be up to, are there any upcoming village 'doings' - have a good day anyway :) xx

    Hello joan yes postie called today after I rebooked, at least I didn't have to see him. No nothing tomorrow but I think the hermes courier will be here instead - at least he is never too early. I had to sign for my shopping yesterday they haven't been doing it til now, apparently some have been taking advantage of it and claiming they haven't had things etc, aren't people dishonest 🙄. Have a good weekend :) xx

    Hi to bosh, hope the mxt ookiness is at the minimum end of the scale and you aren't too tired / got through your 'things to do' ok. I read that your dad will try & ring for the appt, is the 22nd the day he's going to ring (after the other tests) or the day he hopes to be seen? fingers crossed for you all anyway. Hope the lunch did happen and went well for your mum especially. Have not done much today but tried to get a few annoying little things done. Might pop in later if I think of anything new/interesting/funny, have a good rest of evening :) xx

    Love to all and the kettle is on if I can find any cups or teaspoons from turning out kitchen things today ☕️🍴🥄 😘 xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you this evening?

    statement buttons I like that 😂

    don’t worry what the HD doesn’t know can’t hurt him🤐

    as long as you keep my conditioner secret please

    his boss the female salon owner was in on the day of the haircut

    she looked quite different though, I think it’s possible she’s had collagen lip injection, not quite sure but that’s what it looked like - distinctly ooky😱

    at least she wasn’t wearing “killer heels” lol

    i like my Tetchers snow boots but they do hurt my feet a bit more than trainers etc as I can’t put the insoles in, oh well nothings perfect I suppose

    I got a vegan choc cake recently from “Betsy” it was v delicious but also addictive lol

    think I’ll leave those cakes alone for a while 😀

    ok feeling tired now

    bye toady Tc xx

    ps Don Juan ( aka bill) climbing rose, or something similar anyway - am a gardening ignoramus lol xx

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    Morning Joan I hope you and Sue are well today. Don't forget to let us know when you get your apt for your leg. It was nice to hear Kitty's voice ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today?

    Did you do your injection yesterday - ah I see you did.I hope you feel a bit better today? there was a newbie the other day who was struggling with her stomach I suggested she take some medical advice and maybe consider injections.

    I am so pleased that your stomach can cope with cheese from time to time now isn't that good? I only eat a bit of vegan cheese every now and then which seems to be ok. Either the violife slices (like leerdammer) or cathedral city's new cheddar , but not too often. I still imagine it's not good for the waistline. Oh dear strong cheeses are definitely a matter of personal taste and no-one should be forced to try it.

    So it was your Dad's exercise class was it yesterday? Lovely! How did he get on? Did he take your Mum out for lunch I hope so she deserves a treat every now and then.

    Yesterday was a bit busy for me I seemed not to stop all day for some reason, but still failed to pick up my prescription. Must give that priority this morning. I have something wrong with my thumbnail. It's lifting off😣

    Oh my goodness - I bet your sister had a laugh quietly about BIL and his allure to the ladies! P I mean that did not sound pleasant though I expect your sister was very gracious. That's where LA gets it from then his appeal to the lady-babies!

    Let's hope the new lady is getting to group after you have left. 🤞

    Thanks for asking my back is way better than it was I can now walk like a 'normal' person well more or less anyway😀

    Well have a really good day enjoy your walk.

    Morning Toady how are you today? Love your description of the day yesterday it did make me laugh!

    Horrible when you have a not so happy dream-filled night isn't it? Especially if you didn't have the pleasure of 🧀 Let's hope last night was better and you are feeling a bit restored today.

    Yes you must restart walks even if they aren't far. I am loving looking at the days lengthening it really cheers me up no end.

    Erm er...nope I spotted my seed trays I pu ready before the holiday thinking it would be the first job I did when i got back😯 nope nothing done at all yet, but suitcases are empty at least. Next week shall we get started? I will fleece up the veg patch too to start warming it up.

    I still think us humans are meant to live outside so sticking your nose out or going for a short walk is so very very good for our mental health. I do hope that was original Mousie you daw and that she is ok. Won't be long and we'll be out there all day every day!.

    Glad to hear postie turned up but not impressed they don't just come back when it was their mistake🙄

    I think both roof ideas have their merits in the end Paul said it might come down to budget.

    I hope your day is good.

    HELLO to anyone who pops by

    Take care

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    Hi Toni

    how are you?

    I know cheese is bad as are a lot of other things but I don’t want to have huge cheese debate atm if that’s ok

    bfn xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) It must feel so lovely having your bungalow. And so much easier for you (()) love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your dad (())

    Toady (()) now you are ready to go next week. Have a good day today.

    Barbara (()) have a good day today love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that’s good your back is getting better (()) the weather man says we will have snow next week I don’t know if we will. Have a good day (()) Thank you for phoning Kitty. It’s nice to know how she is. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) you’ve done well (()) Did your mum and Dad go out (()) have a good day (())

    Keef (()) Lisbeth (())

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you?

    dad said his blood pressure recording deadline ends just before 22nd, not sure how true that is but never mind, so he’ll phone on the aforementioned date to try and arrange appointment.

    felt min ooky thanks then got close to max ooky tbh

    but ok - ish atm thanks just a bit busy

    bfn toady Tc xx

    ps leola’s hungry - I hope that’s a plastic knife tho 😱

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    im not too bad thanks

    mum and dad did go out to Waitrose but there was kitchen prob so no hot food so mum just had coffee and half a horrible salt beef sandwich and then they came home

    but LA is coming soon so we’ll eat out somewhere nice with him and book in advance 👍

    I hope you’re both having a nice afternoon

    bye tc xx

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    Hello people 😀 bit chillier again today I thought 🤔 that's the trouble with it warming up a degree or 2 for a few days, you get used to it and if it drops that degree or 2 again you remember hang about, we're not out of the woods yet.

    Still haven't been for a walk frog but maybe later 🌙 hope you enjoyed yours today especially as you are a nearly 'normal' person now 😀. I have however carried on with my list of annoying odd jobs so they are slowly ticking down.. you know the sort of thing, bit of mending, sort junk mail, remember what some little mystery screws are off and reunite them with their object, etc. Sounds like your horrible odd job day was yesterday, hope you remembered your prescription. Thumbnail still not good, eh.. 😕 hope you can find something to help, what have you tried? Have you replaced your f*tbit yet btw or have you said. Thanks again about the roof 👍️ I too wondered, as you said, whether mortaring may not be these chaps' forte; if I do go with mortar it would probably be a job for 'original roof man'. I appreciate they use the dry fix on new builds etc so it's a bona fide recommendation not just something they're trying to push, though there may be a touch of that too, will report back when I get to that point. Nothing else to report, apart from a definitive sighting of Mousie, no question, and the little ones too. 😊 I didn't dream as much last night btw but oddly enough the Doctor Who story I listened was about not being sure if you are dreaming or awake, and included a woman who couldn't remember a song 😮 do any of us know if we are dreaming our lives, that's another ongoing question for the philsophers isn't it. Have a good night yourself and a good Sunday love to all :) xx

    Hello joan, eek snow you say, well I can almost believe it it definitely dropped a bit today - but maybe not in my area with any luck. Nothing planned for me for this week, I have some shopping I want to do online but sometimes I just can't get on and make decisions. Posties will be striking again on the 16th by the way must remember to allow for that but it may not matter. Have a good Sunday both :) xx

    Hi bosh, so sorry your parents were let down by the cafe and your mum just had to have a 'horrible sandwich' 🙄 that's just the sort of thing that would have happened to my parents if they made the effort to go out. What a nuisance. Thanks for explaining about tyour Dad's appt I'll ask again nearer the time🤞. I love that little girl cutting the bread and butter 😀 (she probably would have made your mum a nicer sandwich!) yes you wouldn't be allowed a breadknife now in fact you can't even buy one online without proving your age 10 times over which is a bit silly when you can buy similarly 'dangerous' DIY tools. Soon they will be pushing ever onward with 'facial age estimation' tech in shops etc 😱 no thanks! What will it make of those who have had 'procedures' like (possibly) the salon owner at your HD, oh dear some people will really regret having that done, well some do already, it's a pity that trend ever took off. Lovely rose, and beautiful old wall for it to grow up - is bill a 'vigorous climber' I wonder 🤔 possibly not with all the cola he has rather than a nice healthy drink out of the watering can 😂. Have a good evening if poss and a good Sunday :) xx

    Love to Barbara, Kitty and everyone 😘 xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    im not too bad atm thanks

    yes I’m sure sis had a quiet chuckle 😂

    Def feeling better with injections thanks🙏

    Yes it is diff to eat in right way all the time for me plus at times of extra stress it’s much better to indulge than just feel pretending nothings wrong and having no kind of outlet whatsoever - but that’s just me personally I am of course not lecturing or anything remotely approaching that - we all have different problems we all deal with them differently just saying 😀

    ill go for now Toni

    sorry just getting tired

    good night Tc xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    yes a bit of a shame about “Wart - rose” outing though tbh usually their service is usually quite good, what didn’t help is my dad dillying and dallying after his gym class on purpose so that by the time they got there lunchtime was more or less over and hardly any food was left 😡

    i often find their cooked food quite rich anyway - salt beef sandwich that sounds “yucky” to me

    I’ll go for now toady

    hope Tomorrow is a bit warmer for you, good night Tc xx

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    Morning Joan. It was lovely to catch up with Kitty. It can be a worry on here when one of us goes missing remember when we didn't know if Mike was ok and he really wasn't😕I don't know about snow, (hope not) but for definite it's colder today it really is out there Brrrrr! Stay warm you and Sue ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi thanks for asking I am not too bad at all. How are you? I noticed you were tired yesterday. I hope you slept well last night ((())).

    I really feel colder today than yesterday. Oh dear me we will need to wrap up warm this week I think. I hope your Dad will be careful with his window-opening escapades❄️

    I am very pleased to hear the injections are making a good difference and you definitely feel better with them.👍️

    Did your Dad take your Mum out for her lunch in the end? I hope so she deserves a treat we all do don't we? I think (my mum used to say and I agree) a little of what you fancy does you good. Life should have pleasures in it don't you agree?

    Won't be long before LA is with you will it? Life will be full of entertainment then😊bless him. I for one am looking forward to his 'holiday'.

    Morning Toady how are you doing today? All is well here. It's definitely chillier out there though😕 Hope all wildlife will snuggle up cosily and safely glad there was a positive sighting yesterday of the Mousie family🙂

    Oh those annoying jobs! I have dozens of them which need doing. Two pockets to mend two pairs of jeans to take up a little.....shredding etc etc the list feels endless.🙄 Well done you starting them no wonder you've not had time to walk.

    Of course the thumbnail means I can't sew so maybe an advantage?? I have tried salt water, OTC nail preparations (Boots fungal nail). Now I have an antibiotic cream to try.

    Kari has announced to her (arty) followers that she can now post internationally again. One stencil to America was costing £13!!! erm definitely not viable.

    My new fitbit arrived yesterday and is on my wrist all working as I type I love it!!😊 It's nice to know how I am doing with my steps and how well (or badly) I am sleeping. I also use it as my watch and gosh I had missed that as you can imagine. My phone has the time but is small numbers so the specs had to come out too🙄

    Have you managed a walk? I do hope so I think all of us feel better for getting out even if it's cold or wet. Especially when we're back inside hot drink in hand😉

    Are we dreaming our lives? Probably not or I would make things a bit easier I hope🧐 I did dream last night. I was trying to read fairly simple books in French, but the actual print was too faint to read which wasn't helping. I need help!

    Well you have a good day and take care.

    the usual available too toast etc.....

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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) Have a good day it’s nice you have carers (()) love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) there is always jobs to be done you can never be bored at home can you. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you getting on and Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) how is your back. That’s good you have your fit bit. How is your brother doing with his perching (()) I bet Kari (()) is pleased her art work is doing so well. How is your friend (()) Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how are you. That’s good the injection’s are helping you better than the tablets. Did your dad get the thermal vests on line sue tried to get me some they did not have any with sleeves. Love to your mum (()) she will have a good day when little boy comes sorry I get their names mixed up. Have a good day.

    Keef (()) and Lisbeth (()) thinking about you both

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you doing today?

    im ok at the moment thanks 🙏

    Managed to have a nap after walk uninterrupted by dads shouting 😀

    will miracles never cease?

    BR and LA went to some sort of theme park and BR was driving the police van 🚐!

    He was senior policeman bro was deputy and some dolls dressed as WPCs were in back lol

    so I’d better hide the black market cheese sandwiches I’ve bought for LA’s breakfasts 🍳

    oh dear

    i would say after drinking from watering can, lol, Bill will be a social climber as he’s made pals with some prestigious ex business- lecturer of his and he’s told him lots of porky pies, like the “fact” that dad is a person of note in Reading or something like that lol - all that caffeine has gone to his head apparently.

    You’re welcome about the dad explanation 👍

    I’ll go for now hope things are going well or at least ok with you so far

    bye tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    sorry house is sauna at the moment

    so I’m going to have to summarise

    im fine thanks and slept well

    parents didn’t get proper lunch out as there was a kitchen prob

    glad your back is getting better 👍

    mum deserves treats def

    LA coming soon indeed

    LA’s words were featured in school magazine!

    he said “ Octopus Shock- tupus was a nice book when octopus dressed up as Xmas tree it was v funny” bless

    dad kept back door open yesterday 😡😡

    bfn Toni sorry this is short tc xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing?

    im ok thanks

    thanks about mxt injections

    mum is ok today thank you 👍

    it was actually someone from group - RR - who bought the thermals - he bought them from shop (m & s) not online, that’s unfortunate about the sleeves, I got some from A/zon once, but I get sleeveless ones because of my eczema (I find they’re still quite warm though) brand is Heat Holders just mentioning it as it’s useful to know , but of course censors will delete name if it’s against the rules)

    bfn Tc xx

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    good afternoon everyone xx

    just some afternoon Spock humour lol xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,398

    Good night to the nocturnal moonlit walk enthusiast they call toady lol

    and of course to everyone else xx

    ps second pic is a piece of sevres porcelain I stole from bill’s personal collection (allegedly) lol xx

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    Hello all 😀 just a quick wave, I have indeed been out nocturnal walking, partly because it's been a day of tech irritations 😣 so in the end I dragged myself away just to get a break and an antidote to all that, and start over tomorrow. I did go last night too, only 3/4 mile to a mile-ish walks but will try to keep them up now if poss again.

    So with a list of tech niggles I have just as long a list of irritating odd jobs as before, what we need really is a pixie that comes in at night and does this sort of thing or a goblin mender or whatever - I had an email today saying free fairy inside, sadly I knew it would only be some cleaning product or other 😔 I was very sad 😂.

    Love to all bear with me back tomorrow hopefully with some/all of my stuff sorted. First job is having to ring up to get a mobile number de-hibernated, not the first time I've let that happen, and I needed it to receive an OTP, and so on and so on - blah to this sort of thing, said toad.

    See you shortly have a good night all 😘 xx

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    or tea/fruit juices/coconut water etc....

    Morning Joan ☺️. Saw my lovely neighbour yesterday I helped out at Church for their breakfast service making toast etc.... How are you and Sue are you warm enough? Lucy was quite poorly yesterday being sick so she stayed here the night with me just to be sure she's ok. Have a good day ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you today? I am glad to hear you had a good night and were fine yesterday I hope the same applied to last night and today.

    I loved the Spock and Bones joke - brilliant 😄thanks for that.

    Summarising is fine.

    I cannot believe your Dad left the door open all day that's a bit much🙄 I am sorry your parents didn't get their meal out properly as planned maybe (you never know) they will try again this week before LA comes to stay.

    I am very pleased to hear LA's words are in print for all to see. Bless him he is bright that was an excellent use of language - takes after his Auntie Goddess Mima there👏

    I have lucy here ATM as she was being sick yesterday and in the past she has had a seizure afterwards. This time I think it was just an upset stomach. Luckily she isn't in until 12.30 today. One of the littleys at nursery was sick on her on Friday so probably that's it.

    She adores them all though.

    Well I hope your day is good neither a sauna nor arctic if your Dad leaves the door open. Take care ((()))

    Morning Toady how the diddly are you?

    Well done getting out for a walk even if it wasn't a long one. Mine this weekend have been shorter too, but better than nothing I think. Did you go to wide mouthed frog post box? Our postbox is adorned with a knitted 'very hungry caterpillar '🐛 it's lovely.

    Oh yes please! we do need a cleaning fairy or sewing Goblin or something to come while we are asleep and help out with some of our jobs! 'Fairy inside' indeed some stupid cleaning proact which is no better than you already have🙄very disappointing.

    Oh Toady! Your mobile hasn't been used for so long?! That wouldn't be me and Bosh. Don't know about Joan not sure how often she uses hers but suspect she takes it with her when she takes the dogs out in case. I know Kitty uses hers and Barbara as best she can with her eyes.

    Well I hope today is a good one no techie issues and the sun thaws this ice asap!

    I think we need some ready brek for definite today...

  • bosh
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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

    ps octopus possibly featured in LA’s book lol xx

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) Have a good day how are your pains (()) love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) another busy day for you i hope you can get your phone de-hibernated. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) have a good day how is Mr B ((()) i hope things are going on alright with you. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) How are you. Sorry Lucy’s not well I hope she doesn’t have a seizure (()) How is your brother getting on is he perching still (()) Is your friend getting on alright. Yes I use my phone every day my hearing aids are connected to the phone I can turn them up on there. I have an app from the Doctors so I can make an appointment and I can ring to get my tablets. That was nice you saw your lovely neighbours how are they (()) Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) thank you I will look for the vests. That’s wrong of your Dad to leave the back door open How is your mum (())

    Keef (()) and Lisbeth (())

  • toady
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    Morning all, nearly 😊 well I must say I object most strongly to it going as cold as this again 😣 I take it very personally. I have fed the birds and I am going on strike for the rest of the day, odd jobs be dashed. Bright, yes, but just beastly again outdoors everything frozen 🙄.

    Ah well worse things going on in the world 😕. Hope we're all well this morning apart from poor Lucy who I hope will recover v quickly frog. Glad you got to the Church breakfast yesterday, I expect people are very glad of it. I will try & get out again later unless it really gets beyond the pale. Haven't sorted my phone out yet, I will run you through my complicated mobile hierarchy for the lols 😂 old favourite phone that most apps won't work on now but I love & use for texts to 'proper' people; newish phone I use for some apps (no sim); newer phone for other apps & web browsing (no sim); very old non-smartphone for texts to plumbers & whatnot; ditto with a number to give to disposable type people; new v basic phone for banking otps. None used for telephoning unless absolutely forced to😂 😂. I know, I know, even I didn't realize it was 6 til I counted, excessive even for me. But I operate on this sort of level in most things, what can I say it will explain a lot 😉. I don't seem to like having one thing for everything, or having a thing for more than one purpose - I mean I don't want things 'talking to one another' or having other jobs, smart watches etc, I saw somewhere this week you can use your fitbit for contactless payments 🤨, do you go in for any of these newfangled ways?! Glad you like your new one, anyway. I didn't need to go to the wide-mouthed postbox last night I went t'other way - glad for Kari being able to re-start ops for overseas people 😀 hope there is no further disruption, well other than the domestic upcoming strike dates. I also miss the lovely reduced tracked RM rates, at least they are still doing free pickup 👍️. Have a good day I hope and it will warm up soon if we can all hang on :) xx

    Hello joan, I will sort out my mobile now shortly, then I must try not to do it again 🙄 I make notes to remind me about this sort of thing, much good it does 😂. I am not doing much else til it warms up now, -3 tonight apparently but by Friday it will be much better so housework etc can just wait why be miserable for the sake of a couple of days. Have a good day keep warm & well yourselves :) xx

    Hi to bosh, hope your walks and/or naps and morning jobs have gone ok, and definitely no unwanted doors open not in this weather! Ugh, thought we had seen the back of this cold thank goodness it's bright anyway. So bill is something of the social climber 🤨 room at the top & all that, hmm, all fine I guess if you like that sort of thing as long as he doesn't overdo the little (or bigger) white lies & get caught out (I would, for sure!). Is it that 'prestigious man' might be a useful contact or is it impressing for impressing's sake. Hope everyone else well today and the littleys, well done to the literary LA 😀 Times Lit. Supplement here we come 😄. See you later I expect 👍️ I must go and make this phone call to my mobile provider about as much fun as ringing the bank, I'm never prepared for what they will ask and want to know from you & get in a flap 🙄. Kettle on as soon as I get back ☕️ :) xx

    Love to everyone 😘 xx