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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing this evening?

    my mum isn’t too bad thanks 🙏

    thanks about the EF and cousin etc meal

    it was a kind of torture in some ways lol

    but my stomach is ok right at this moment thanks 👍

    another “fancy” meal tomorrow though

    bye Joan tc xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you this evening?

    im somewhat shattered really 💤

    i managed to be fairly careful with food

    but it was v difficult

    Kids were lovely though

    LA ‘s come back with us

    another “fancy” meal tomorrow 😱

    can’t really say much more atm

    hope you had a nice Sunday

    bye tc xx

  • bosh
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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you this evening?

    im v tired indeed really

    but avoided choc cake evil biccies and spicy dishes 👍

    my stomach is ok atm thanks

    but I just hope that lasts

    glad you liked the floating imp tale lol

    Bill flirted with my cousin’s wife😱

    dodgy old character that bill good job somebody married him (I suppose) 😂

    ill reply properly tomorrow but I agree about fatigue etc but also even tho meds are good these days there’s often not a perfect solution but we all know that of course, I suppose what I mean is that I could’ve said to the doc, “I don’t recall climbing the Everest pre - arthritis lol”, well there was one time I climbed it to escape the crass bill but that was back in 1645, before the bills learned the art of floating around in the ether in order to make stupid remarks, lol.

    bye for now toady good night Tc xx

  • bosh
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    Good night everyone xx

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    I think this one is in America!

    Morning Joan I hope you and Sue had a good weekend. Did you watch Call the Midwife? My ankle is ok just taking it's time to heal up I think as you get older things do take longer to recover don't you? Take care ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady I'm so glad you ahve your energy back! Tosca's potion is very very potent and effective so I hear I haven't tried it yet. It can work my popping some on your pillow at night we used to do that a lot with her anti pain potions. I quite like having brunch and skipping breakfast sometimes. Not sure why🤔 maybe it reminds me of the day after nights out when I was young and didn't get out of bed until all hours??

    Well there you go! 4 🐭 the line will go forwards😊

    I took a wander outside myself yesterday and life is beginning to happen you're right I am quite excited and did a very very short village litter pick on my own. My seed sorting is ready and seed trays are inside ready, but that's as far as I've got. Ok this year shall be the year of the HERB I am more than happy to join in. We will be singing the herb garden songs again possibly even more than usual😉

    The post box 'toppers' (what else can I call them?) are hand-knitted you can find them on Youtube. Incredible aren't they?

    I am not keen on doing the safari supper but feel I will have too just 🙏 for an easy course.

    Paul's apt is tomorrow! Finally☺️

    Well done you Reshmi one down one to go! You did well and I hope today there will be enough choice for you to find something as gentle as possible to eat🤞

    I bet your household is up and about early this morning with LA at home with you. Some fun days ahead😊 how long is he going to stay for?

    I forgot to ask did he like his Granny-saurus book your Mum got for him?

    Take care I will be thinking of you today ((()))

    Right scrambled eggs on toast for Bosh

    and vegan scrambled eggs

  • bosh
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    Hi everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) How are you love to the two Sharon’s (()) have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) How are your leaks I hope you haven’t got a new one. How are you. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) I hope all is well there. Have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that’s good Paul’s app tomorrow good luck to him (()) there is a lot of Val’s cafe ‘s about thank you. Love to your brother (()) and your friend (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours(())

    love to Keef (()) and Lisbeth (())

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you today?

    sorry I’m not answering properly atm just trying to keep my head above water as it were lol

    The baby was wearing normal baby clothes just a funny hat lol

    i did read your post just quite tired - I’ll call it Auntie- brain

    the dog coat sounded funny lol

    i did a walk but little LA was doing the shouting rabbit dance or something like that, so no rest for the virtuous haha

    glad you got some energy back yesterday

    bye tc xx

    ps pic of half term parent maybe lol xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    bill flirted with my cousin’s wife😨

    what an ooky man he is

    gtg get ready for second fancy meal

    hopefully my stomach will stay ok👍

    bfn Toni Tc xx

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    Hi again Toni 🌺

    im not too bad thanks rather tired though

    how are your back and ankle today?

    I got a nasty stiff neck and backache yesterday after all the sitting down at the EF cousin etc “bash”

    We were up early with EF yes but thankfully I was up no earlier than normal

    He loved G - saurus book lol

    meal was ok thanks I ate quite a lot (hungry after walk etc) but avoided dessert and ooky sauces

    LA got Big B to buy some REALLY expensive pick n mix type sweets lol 🍭

    he actually got stingy grandad to open his wallet lol served BB right really 👍

    mum seems ok thanks happy to see LA of course

    I had a nightmare that a cat gave me a killer look because I ate the last biccie I think you’re brainwashing me Toni 😱 lol

    will try to give more detail later bit tired 😴

    thanks for the eggs 🙏

    bfn Toni Tc xx

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    Hi all 👋 what a morning/afternoon 🙄 chased up one workperson by text (shouldn't be necessary) and just as I was congratulating myself that the postman hadn't caught me out today, someone came tapping & it was mr boiler, on the offchance. I'd left him a voicemail already with all the info he wanted - obviously not quite quick sharp enough this morning for his liking 🤨 - and which he hadn't checked before knocking anyway. Grr. I would have left it but I'm in such a non-thinking state by now that I went to the door thinking it would somehow save me having to have him call another time, when he didn't need to come in at all at this point. People 🙄🙄 I am not in benevolent mode now so I'd give me a wide berth in my corner in case I snap, and say 'what are you looking at' 😂.

    So I spoke too soon with the tidying not slipping back frog as I was still caught out, not too badly, but I was in the middle of various things. Anyway I will be my usual sunny self by and by I expect 😉 and all the better for tea in here in the quiet. We aren't having the window cleaners in or anything I do hope. I got out in the garden briefly earlier and swept up a bit, a few pots have fallen victim to the killer frost but that's my fault for not protecting or bringing them in. Nothing vital or I would have. I am getting somewhere with my seeds and have stuck a few little bulbs out that missed their chance and they can hopefully catch their friends up. I want to totally reconstruct my bean canes this year so I may need some more bamboo & I'm not sure what my design is yet 🤔. That is such neat knitting really did look fabulously professional, I suppose very good hand knitters work does. I was poking round e*sy myself looking at something and some of the woodwork was really getting to the point of silliness - 'will have knots splits splinters old nail holes it all adds to the charm', ie I've knocked this up out of oddments now pay me 30 quid for a small box. Rustic is one thing but 🤔 perhaps I'm missing a trick 😂.Not much else going on with me, trying to do a little online shopping and getting in tangles with money off & loyalty point stuff - more fool me for the sake of a £1 or two. Will it still be called pounds & pence I wonder when they do away with actual money and force us all to have crypto nonsense. Have a good evening and v best for how Paul's appt went🤞xx

    Hi joan, my leak is behaving except the chap came round unannounced to check up on it (and me probably) - considering how I grateful I was to be able to get hold of him the other day it's surprising how quickly you can become not pleased to see someone 😂. He will be back at the end of the week maybe probably early the next. Have a good day there was some sun for a while there round 3 & 4, nice to see 🌞😊. Love to you both & the dear dogs :) xx

    Hi bosh, two ef meals down none to go 👍️ good to hear it went as ok as poss and just LA type stuff and shouting rabbit dances to deal with now 😂 I like the sound of that (from a distance 😉). It's been a busy couple of weeks for bill with ladies he will be I agree with the half term parent there especially the people, they are not my fave species today in fact way down Alice's pathway there into the distance would suit me nicely. Thanks for last nights reply too, v funny about bill and 1645 and the ether and Everest 🏔️😄 yes indeed, v blithe of the drs to talk of being able to resume things, silly example but that's drs for you. I expect you have a list of silly things drs have said to me, quite a long list probably a chapter or two. Btw a quiz I was doing yesterday asked if the word poem was called after our friend Poe 😂 well it would be news to Wordsworth et al, let alone Chaucer etc etc. I am not doing much today hoping for a quiet day tomorrow but have someone coming on Weds morning and if Mr boiler is going to spring up every 5 mins like an uninvited white rabbit I probably won't get much peace on other days either 🐰🙄. Oh well no rest as you rightly say so kettle on while I can :) have a good evening xx

    Love to everybody 😘 xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue today?

    im more or less ok thanks just quite tired.

    mum is ok atm thanks

    i hope you both have a good evening

    bye tc xx

  • bosh
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    Hi toady

    thanks for liking Everest etc joke lol

    you’re observing the shouting rabbit dance from a distance- very wise

    ive survived second meal well so far anyway though I may be speaking too soon 😱

    Character- strengthening anyway I suppose, what did Kipling write? ‘if all around you are eating chocolate cakes and you refrain, then you’ll be a (superior alternative to a) man, my friend” lol - well something like that anyway lol

    Poe and poem joke that’s funny

    ill stop there been a bit of an ooky neck pain day - restaurant was freezing 🥶

    far colder than outside very ooky

    hope you get your quiet day tomorrow

    bye toady Tc xx

    ps coffee substitute for bill, it’s got to taste better than his attitude to a certain lady (does he think he’s a gangster rapper or something? Lol, he needs to control his vocabulary) xx

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    There are indeed a few 'Val's' cafe's about Joan, but none as nice as this one I'm sure 😉 I hope you and Sue are doing ok today? Today is Paul's apt but it's a late afternoon one so I'll not be able to give you the news until tomorrow. Take care ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi. I'm doing ok thank you I think I can feel an improvement in my ankle and my back is fine. How about your leg though? Is it ok today and your stomach that was my big worry? It looks as though you did well though 😊 You must be tired after all that. I bet your Mum is too.

    I wonder if BIL flirting ( gross I agree🤢) was a distraction technique? Had your sister warned him what cousin can be like🤔 If so did it work?

    I thought LA would love the Gsaurus book bless him and I am very proud of him getting Big B to open his dusty wallet and buy some pick and mix 😁

    Oh dear I am sorry about Sleek taking the last biscuit sadly that would probably be quite likely! Not really she is very generous.

    there she is polishing the brasses....

    Some eye of newt potion! What a great idea saves looking for your own newts!!

    How long is LA staying for? I am looking forward to hearing about what he gets up to😊

    Morning Toady how are you doing? 🐊 Toady still in the corner after the unsolicited call by the boiler man yesterday?😥

    Dishwasher repair man today here, but I've kept the place tidy so not tooooo worried. So annoying🙄 unsolicited callers very rude I always think. I wouldn't do it. To be fair though as a former social worker I can assure you they will have seen far far worse. I have been to houses where I have stuck to the settee or carpet and where they have sprayed me when I got back to the office I smelt so bad.

    You put something in the ground?! Wow! I am impressed and more panicked now! I have washed up some plant pot bases - what are they called?

    Hopefully they are just covering themselves against lawsuits on Etsy??? Maybe??? I mean a lot of people form other countries like America buy from Etsy. I think your own standard of workwomanship is far better than that though👌

    Paul's apt is last thing today so keep those fingers crossed. I am expecting proper tests; like on a treadmill will be ordered as well as a diet to start with bless him. Will fill you in tomorrow.

    I am doing it too trying to save tiny amounts I have now got the Asda app on my phone! Still every penny as my Mum would have said.

    Have a good and I hope uninterrupted day😊

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    walk + insufficient rest + inferno temp + other factors means bosh is feeling distinctly ooky😱😱

    Hope P’s appointment goes well 👍

    glad about your back

    legs not too bad ty

    my aim is to do instalments today

    depends on the level of ook basically

    bfn Toni Tc xx

  • bosh
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    Greetings toady and Joan xx

    wppl xx

  • toady
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    Hello folks 😀 the cafe was down for maintenance earlier or so it said at one point, I do hope the tea urn hasn't sprung a leak on top of everything else 😱.

    Hope all's well with frog & Paul, whom I wished good luck for yesterday instead of today, no idea why I think I'm still working on Cambodian time, sorry. I wonder if they did indeed go through 'the works'; I hope so as that's what you wanted, also that any tests were conclusive, none of these random 'symptom did not show up on day' things. I have indeed come out of the grumpy corner today but I expect it to be my on & off home for a while yet, someone is here early tomorrow for another job, & boilerman who knows when. Yes I quite understand he will see all sorts in others' homes, & I was about to say it's not about making a good impression or caring - this is true - but that said I can't really define what it is exactly 🤔 something about control probably. The house would never not be fit to be seen, I just want people to see what I want them to - if that's a pile of cardboard boxes and not a tidy lounge with plumped cushions, that's fine by me. Anyway yes I could certainly do with announced people there is never any reason for it really. Something else I find as do a lot of it I expect is that if you're not at work, you're assumed to be at home and entirely available, in person or on the phone, well no 🙄 use your imagination people still have lives. Hope your work chaps have gone never to return, or not for the foreseeable. I did pop in the garden quickly and I legged it up the road for my not quite a mile walk last night, otherwise haven't done a lot. Plant pot bases, do you mean saucers, is all I call them 🤔 I bought bamboo ones first time recently and I was really impressed 😍 chunky and satisfying and really quite pottery-like. I will finish my seed sorting soon if anyone gives me a minute 🙄 don't worry, me potting something that should have been done in Sept doesn't count as getting ahead with things 😂 Have a good evening :) xx

    Hello to joan who I hope has just mislaid a post along the way today 👋 really quite cold I'm still finding it, even with the sun that came out. Bright tomorrow morning too and maybe a degree or 2 improved🤞. xx

    Hi bosh hope you are ok today post-everything, and given all the factors you mention above which are quite enough for anyone. Not doing much myself, but yes it has been quiet, which is what I asked for. I like the Kipling (very appropriate for cake theme!) reference and the amendment to the original 😉 true, very true. Have you seen the Banksy anti-domestic violence valentine piece, ironic for the council to remove the old-freezer element within hours for healthy & safety when as people say, correctly I'm sure, if you ring them to get something taken away you have to ask & ask. Hope you have an ok evening and your neck is better after the chilly restaurant (why so bad? I usually think of restaurants as warm & stuffy if anything. Maybe saving on the elec 😄). Will aim for a little walk again myself later we'll see. Going to have a rest in the meantime so might see you later 👋 I love the little tea ladies by the way, not a hair or a lace ruffle out of place, would be nice to be that presentable for the random callers of life but one can only dream 😂 xx

    A wave to all and tea any time 😘

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    Hi toady

    tiny troublemaker went about an hour ago thanks

    i had one of my delicious ferrous fumigate tablets just now

    so my “ok - ish” stomach may deteriorate later on today but can’t do much about it now

    only 25 tablets left though 👍

    necks fairly normal thanks

    yes odd I agree about restaurant, maybe attempting saving on gas / energy bills who knows?

    glad you had a quiet day

    maybe we should’ve swapped days lol

    i also wear my best lace gowns when receiving guests lol

    I’m feeling a bit better now but I’ll leave it there for now as still a bit tired etc

    hope you have a nice walk if you go out

    bye tc xx

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    Him Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    I know I’m doing a bit of a haphazard posting today but I’m afraid that’s all I can manage on the day that the tiny troublemaker came to stay well one of the days lol

    hes gone home now

    I should tell you this funny true story before it goes from my brain

    LA was a bit grumpy yesterday he gets very grumpy when he’s sleepy poor thing

    I was Talking to my mum in his presence saying about how you watched Peppa Pig of course I was going to add with your grandniece but I forgot sharp -minded little LA was listening and he interrupted me saying “don’t be silly Mima” and gave me such a killer look my goodness I was scared as if he were trying to say, “ Toni is an adulk and adulks don’t like watching Peppa Pig you should know that silly Auntie goddess Mima”, in his young mind “silly” means all manner of evils, so you’ve been warned Toni, your descent into darkness has been noted first you’re watching Peppa Pig unaccompanied second you’re eating his cheese sandwiches I would say LA, Toni is a vegan but that wouldn’t impress him to be honest he’ll say no cheese of any sort no Violife, nothing tasty T, you can be a T-Rex - style vegan, I would think of starting to contradict him but the look in his eyes made me take my own vow of silence, lol.

    I’ll leave it there for now just trying to enjoy a bit of solitude as I have the house to myself for possibly 23 minutes lol

    bye for now Toni

    have a nice evening take care. Xx

  • bosh
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    toady’s looking a bit worse for wear 😂

    good night toady and everyone xx

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    Morning Everyone who calls in 'old' or new😊

    Morning Joan. Did you struggle to get in yesterday morning? The site was down for a good few hours at 'your' usual time too 🙄Hope you and Sue are ok though. Today's Val's café is in Greece!((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi Doing the day by instalments can be a very good 💡 idea! How are you today? Much less oooky I hope. Glad your leg isn't too bad.

    P's apt went fine just got to have a stress test and a rest test or something like that I think that was all and then the cardiologist will know what to do. Thank you for asking.

    You were unsupervised?! OMG no😮I LOVED that picture it's just 👌

    Oh! the tiny tyrant has gone😕I bet you are all missing him. I see, he can get a little grumpy can he when he's tired. Toni loves Pepper Pig (with her Grandniece Daphne - 4) and Violife in her sandwiches. I bet he wouldn't believe that it's actually bearable would he? Honestly tell him it's yum a lot like leerdammer.

    I'm going to be a

    Triceratops still a herbivore and hopefully able to stand up for myself.

    I hope you made the most of that quiet time while your parents took LA home from his holiday. Bless him.

    Morning Toady how are you today? The whole site was poorly yesterday morning a bit frustrating when you got in early. It was ok very early, but I think it stopped Joan from posting.

    You'll be glad to know Paul is having the works! so we know exactly what is going on and maybe why before a decision is made as to what to do about it. Watch this space.

    I had the man repairing the dishwasher yesterday morning (all done and he did the tumble dryer too not that either get used overmuch) and it's an invasion of your privacy. That's what it is. Go AWAY!!! even if I do need you to fix or service something. Well that's how I feel anyway. Our bathroom shower (luckily there is another shower) was leaking and has damaged the subfloor so it's got to be completely redone. I am dreading it and so far have not set a date in fact am avoiding it at all costs.

    Oh yes they take the mick (well so does everyone) if you do not work outside the home. VERY rude!! It's as though we are inferior to those who leave the house from 9-5. Hmmph😠

    I also have some bamboo bottoms (ok saucers!) they are fabulous aren't they? wonderful to know they will biodegrade too isn't it? We need to get something planted - soon!!!

    I did see Kari yesterday she brought my share of our loo rolls they come in vast quantities and are bamboo too I expect you know the make? we were one of the few people who weren't unduly worried when the world was buying loo rolls during the 'real' lockdown🤭

    Right I'll ferme ma bouche for now take care!

    vegan egg bites😋

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    Good morning everyone xx

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) How are you I hope you’re not in too much pain (()). Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) yes I saw we could not get in to the forum yesterday I tried till eleven. I hope everything is going on alright there. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) I hope you are alright and Mr B (()) love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I hope everything went well yesterday for Paul (()) it’s been a worrying time for you both (()) yes I saw the forum was down yesterday. Thank you for all the photos of the cafe (()) Love to your brother (()) and your friend (()) How is the Yorkie (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Keef (()) and Lisbeth (()

    Thank you to the moderators for fixing the problem with the forum ((())

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    Hi all.. why am I in relatively early you may ask? Well now, that would be because I have been up since 7 waiting for a no-show workman. 😠 Again. Just for the sake of quoting for a bit of gutter cleaning and a couple of odd jobs, much less get the jobs done, I have had a less than ideal night's sleep, have moved stuff & done stuff in preparation, got up earlier than I would, and nothing. AND I have had to watch the house over the road have a fleet of vans arrive, on time presumably, and scaffolding to have a whole new roof put on, radio on, cups of tea, sun shining, fun fun fun, I mean come on 🙄 🙄. I was absolutely at the stage we were talking of, frog, the please hurry up and go away stage, so ha ha to that because I didn't anticipate being at the haven't even flipping turned up stage. Talk about being tried, this really is ordeal by tradesperson now. Also can I get on with other jobs and at least progress in another department I'm behind in? No, because etc etc. Grr. Oh well one day I will be locking & barring the door behind them all, please oh please. I'm not selling you on getting your shower sorted am I 😂 oh so sorry that's one of those real ugh jobs, maybe just maybe yours will go well once you've bitten the bullet🤞. Glad things went well for you & Paul and hope next appts are straightforward & convenient. Glad you saw Kari too, I do know the rolls you mean, & a v good idea to do it between you. Thank you for the breakfast there was no chance of me doing any more than making toast like a zombie I would probably have failed at even that 😂 love to all 👋 xx

    Hello joan glad you are back in again after the down time whatever it was, just routine I think 👍️ hope you have got this sunshine, nice to see it even if I would rather be enjoying it than being hopping mad at workmen 🙄😂 oh well it's just going that way lately. Hope you're both well and the dear dogs xx

    Morning bosh (well nearly) yes that is exactly me this morning you are not wrong there the likeness is uncanny 😂 up at 7 o'clock for a nonexistent caller, what else am I going to look like. I did have a last night walk which would have been better if I'd known there was no hurry for me to go to bed early 🙄. Really frosty this morning again, I was not really expecting that. The sun has taken the edge off it now, hope not too bad where you are. Not sure if are not going to Wednesday group or it is as well as Tues not instead of, but I expect your plans have not been normal after the extras and EF so maybe neither hhis week. Anyway hope you've fitted in anything you want walks etc. I love that bat lamp I wonder if you could get an outside equivalent, over the front door would look good along with an Abandon all hope ye who enter here sign, that might deter people from 'tapping, tapping at my chamber door' 😉🦇 Have a good day maybe see you later, I may have calmed down by then after a few cups of tea and maybe a potion or two. :) xx

    Love to everyone ☕️😘 xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni

    how are you this afternoon?

    cousins -wife -flirting - diversion tactic, possible but I think it’s more part of a somewhat unsavoury part of bill unfortunately

    glad P’s appt went well

    i went to group so tired

    need to rest the knee a bit too, but norm sort of pain don’t worry 🙂

    LA said he saw film called Finding “Mimo” about a fish like me - I couldn’t persuade him otherwise

    ok need to rest now

    bfn Toni xx