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  • bosh
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    Good afternoon everyone wppl xx

    hi Toni toady and joan

    im ok 🙏

    mum’s relatively ok too 👍

    im just a bit tired

    hi joan

    no mum cooked her own meal

    she didn’t let me cook

    and dad didn’t even offer 🙄

    ps earrings for bill lol xx

  • Skinny Keef
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    Hello everyone.

    I thought it was supposed to be a bit warmer today. Freezing here, at least it has stopped raining.

    had a good morning playing some songs. Think I managed 3 in a row at one point before I had to take a break. 😳

    hope everyone is okay.

    who has got the drums is it Reshmi? Kept that quiet. I was only saying to Anda recently I was tempted to get a better drum kit now there is more room in the bunker after the ceiling thing and the enforced tidy. A nice electronic kit from Roland or Yamaha. I don’t think I’d get Hooli off it!!! Good exercise too. I never met many fat drummers.

    Just having a cuppa in between songs.

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 4,027

    Hi again Toni

    thanks for mums lovely birthday cake

    she’s on her way to the appointment right now

    BR told his mummy off in the video message, I think he was trying to say, “we’re not celebrating granny’s birthday right now” he got angry about it bless him lol

    a bit like Keef I’m freezing in this room need to hunt for some thermals etc

    will try to write properly later

    👋 Keef

    How are you this afternoon?

    I was just teasing toady with an imaginary drum kit lol

    no fat drummers, good point there , I’d not thought of that

    ok bye for now Toni and Keef will look for thermals now in the igloo tc xx

  • Skinny Keef
    Skinny Keef Member Posts: 983

    Hey Reshmi, I’ve just changed out of my jeans and put my thermal trackie bottoms on. I don’t generally wear them, I prefer smart jeans or similar but I am so flippin cold had no choice.

    Oh, and there I was imagining you grooving along on your drums.

    There was this one guy who used to fill in for our drummer when he was away. His name was Ivan, he was a lovely black guy, tall and very smart. Had a lovely touch on the drums, could bring the volume right down when needed. Not many do in my experience. Really nice guy. The ladies loved him lol.

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 4,027

    Hi Toni toady Joan and Keef

    i just wanted to say that mum is ok thank G*d

    the doctor said that tacrilimous related blips can happen and the medicine will be adjusted a bit, decreased slightly

    mum is relieved

    Toni I watched the BR video again, he actually said very angrily that he wanted a birthday like granny’s lol

    hi again Keef

    no I was just pretending to be a noisy neighbour to annoy toady really

    i may tell LA that the ladies love the drummers, but then again I doubt anyone will ever sleep at night again

    I’ll go for now as not using iPad stand which is conducive to neck pain

    bye for now everyone tc xx

    ps tea - related necklace for Toni xx

  • toady
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    Hi all 👋

    Not my best day, I did indeed draw the short straw for the stomachache rota well one of my not good nights, so only had a few hours sleep. Typical, had to take in the al fresco shop looking and feeling about 90 in the face of a jaunty cheery shorts-wearing fit as a fiddle looking driver, thank you very much, life 🙄. The only upside would be if this has spared everyone else a grotty day, very noble and self-sacrificial of me if I say so myself 😉.

    Anyway mainly popped in quickly to see how bosh's mum got on, have been thinking of you, v glad to hear the blip was explainable and not serious, what a relief for you all 👍️ do hope she can have a birthday part 2 😊.

    Everyone else will catch up with tomorrow, the only sensible thing is for me to admit defeat get off to bed at a proper time & hope to make a bit of ground back up, see you all then & love to all 😘 xx

  • Turbogran
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    Hi all

    Hope your all as well as can be. The weather here today is rain ☔️ ☔️ ☔️ and more ☔️. I will certainly be glad when Christmas has come and gone I have never been so busy. At least I have all the great grandkids presents now got to wrap them tonight so we can take them with us when we visit on Thursday for a couple of days. Today our ever smiling Graycie is 7 how time flies. Lillie, Graycie and Rubie had a baton twirling competition on Sunday. Rubie’s first competition and she got a medal here are some pictures of them from Sunday.

    for those who are not sure who’s who. 1st photo Lillie. 2nd one in height order Lillie, Graycie and Rubie 3rd one Graycie, 4th one Rubie. And last one Rubie with her medal.

    The weather is really causing me problems with my Asthma and the Arthritis. But on we plod. Can’t do much about it so I just get on with it. Mr T is now having back problems

    I think that’s all for now.

    Stay positive always👍xx
  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 4,027

    Thanks toady

    my stomach is also rather lacking in decorum today as well unfortunately

    good night everyone take care xx

    ps remember not to track the package lol xx

  • Skinny Keef
    Skinny Keef Member Posts: 983

    Tea anyone? Coffee for Toni 😁

    can’t sleep so off to watch the remainder of a scary film I started earlier.

  • frogmorton
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    Hold on to your hats folks it's windy out there!

    Morning Joan how right you are don't we look after our bodies then the poor things give us pain back. Well did I make coffee for me? Yes but l only remembered to make me 1 so had to drink two glasses of my gingers squash when I got home. Are you both ok? ((())) xxx

    Morning Keef thanks for the coffee just what i needed and you put it in my own mug too!

    sorry you haven't got Reshmi on the drums she was being funny threatening to move in next door to Toady and play them loudly.

    No fat drummers though must expel a lot of energy then.

    Hooli would love the drums seriously you cannot deny him the chance to learn.....😁

    I am so glad to hear you were able to play 3 songs without a break that's great.

    I had no idea it was possible to really still play the drums though, with enthusiasm, but quietly! Wow!

    Hope your day is a good one.

    Morning Reshmi I hope you are ok today? That your stomach is settled.

    Fabulous new about your Mum's bloods that will have improved her birthday so much knowing it's easily sorted and actually nothing to worry about😊

    Shame she cooked her own dinner, but she is so independent i would expect nothing else to be honest.

    Aww BR he is just adorable he will have his own super special birthday when it's his turn. Gosh no do not tell LA about drummers and women your poor sister would never forgive you - neither might Maidenhead.

    Love BIL's earrings he can chew on them at times when he can't eat. Business meetings, driving, bathing the children or even loading the dishwasher.....

    Will you have a family get together this weekend now for your Mum?

    Take care and have a good day if you can. It's windy here so good luck getting to the group ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady

    Oh dear me bless you I took a quick look at the rota and yes your name was there - for a double shift no less! Once many years ago I spelt shift wrong in the café I missed the F out. Maybe have been more apt for you yesterday, but least said an' all that.🙄

    Hopefully a good early night has put you right.

    Sorry if Sleek tried to feed you gaviscon, Pepto-Bismol and arrowroot biscuits. She does so try to help....

    At least Al Fresco came even if the driver was just far too hale and healthy for your liking feeling as rough as you were ((()))

    Sometimes you just have to write a day off.

    Hello Carol

    This weather is a bit tricky you are putting a scarf over your mouth when you're out aren't you? I was told to do that for my lungs.

    Sorry to hear Mr T is now starting to suffer with his back that is a shame bless him. Hopefully it's only temporary and nothing too serious fingers crossed.

    The girls all look adorable, so gorgeous, imagine Rubie winning a medal first time! I am pleased for them all.

    Hope you were able to get the pressies all wrapped and if we don't see you before have a safe journey down on Thursday. ((()))

    what shall we have for breakfast I fancy something a bit naughty..

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 4,027

    Good morning everyone wppl xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 4,027

    Hi again Toni

    How are you this morning?

    I like the tantrum pic lol

    I also like the rose cake

    that’s very appropriate as my mum loves flowers

    im off to the group today

    and possibly the meal still waiting for a clear sign from the oracle

    have a nice morning tc xx

    ps daal - I know it’s a bit early but never mind lol xx

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) Have a good day. Love to everyone.

    Toady (()) Sorry you had a bad night (()) the delivery man probably thought you were tired.have a good day.

    Barbara (()) love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Did you see the news last night a lady walked out the shop with the wig from a manikin heat still attached. and another man walked out with a large television. I would be caught straight away. Have a good day (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I’m so pleased your mum (()) alright. Have a nice time at the club (())

    Keef (()) have a good day. I hope you feel better today. Love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    Carol (()) have a good journey love to Mr T (()) sorry about his back pain.

    take care
    joan xx
  • Skinny Keef
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    had to admit defeat today and take a break. I was moving my marshall speaker cab around now that that side of the bunker has changed trying to find the best spot for it and after the fourth move, which put it back to the first spot 🙄 I felt a lot of pain in my back so I’m horizontal for the next hour hoping it was just a twinge. Guitar speakers are very primitive things, unlike hi-fi speakers. They haven’t changed much since the 1950’s when the first guitar amps used radios as amplifiers and the speakers were narrow response and limited frequency range but very beamy. So according to where the speaker is you can be blasted with all the treble they can muster or none at all, which is why at a decent live gig the amps are mic’d up and fed through the PA system with a decent EQ setting and hopefully the front 3 rows don’t get blasted by the on stage amps. A lot of bands have gone ampless now and rely on digital technology to take the guitar signal and process it into what would be coming out of the PA system and there is a massive argument about digital verses analogue. I have both but still prefer the old skool speaker cab, although if the cab is not in exactly, and an inch either way can make a massive difference, the right position it absolutely kills my ears and makes my tinnitus worse, hence trying to find the best spot. Which now seems to be bouncing the sound off my new ceiling so the treble and bass all mix nicely together before hitting my ears. So that’s what i’ve been doing this morning. It’s so cold out too. I’m yet to put the lights back up in that bit so had the door open for a bit of extra daylight and it was freezing.

    oh dear my back really hurts now I hope I haven’t done more damage.

  • Skinny Keef
    Skinny Keef Member Posts: 983

    That rota mishap made me smile Toni.

  • toady
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    Hi all 👋

    Well I sleep much better and it didn't seem to do me a whit of good today, so go figure 🤷‍♀️. Yes I did just write the day off after that point frog, was hoping for a bit better today but doesn't always go like that. Thank Sleek very much for her kindness 😽 I usually just fall back on a swig of rescue remedy and possibly a peppermint indigestion tablet so I was spoiled for choice 😄 and arrowroot bics too, very nice they are actually. Thank you my particular gastric shortcomings don't take an unpleasant turn thankfully, just general indigestion which waked me up til it passes - no doubt things which could be addressed by me watching my eating habits like a hawk, but hey ho. Hope yours was fully settled yesterday after the birthday meal, surprised Sleek had any supplies left to bring me 😬 as you were out on coffee duty yesterday then hopefully yes🤞. Didn't do a good job with the weather, did I, colder again & a bit gloomy 🙄. 3 cards, oh no, I have slipped into 2nd place 😱 I have less to do each year as people pass away but somehow it still seems enough and I'm no more ahead than ever. Declining energy keeping pace perfectly I suppose gah. Also trying not to get a bit swamped by nosegay matters, is Kari managing to not do too much (Etsy &c)? Mabel was adorable, and good as gold 😍 she can come anytime. I hate all my curtains so nothing to worry 😄. Hope everything ok with you all today :) sorry I didn't make it in properly yesterday & mark 4 years since Aidan, thinking of him, & Bill 🌹xx

    Hello joan, yes I'm sure the driver would think I looked tired, I wish people could have a turn knowing what it's like, just for a quick taste - I'm sure most people don't get tiredness at all unless they've had it themselves. You were talking about us doing things to help our bodies and getting no thanks for it, unfortunately I think mine would tell tales on me and say I don't do the right things 😳 true, I am always going to turn over a new leaf but I so resent having to rest & behave etc. I'm not sure why your friend says old stamps mean having to pay more 🤔 some I was looking at yesterday on ebay would work out at around 75p, you just have to look around, and be careful who you buy from of course. Have a good day should be a bit nicer the next few I hope :) xx

    Hi bosh, I'd love scrambled egg song as a ringtone, brilliant idea 🍳😄. Hope things ok with you today so far & family. Yes I know what you meant, about keeping in touch with extended family, or my version of it anyway. I remember once mentioning to someone that I had a lot of people to get in touch with after a family death including distant cousins and friends etc I didn't really know, and would have to look up addresses etc, they seemed surprised I'd take the trouble and thought people wouldn't expect it 🤷‍♀️ probably have any easier time of it if you don't worry about such things I suppose. I haven't got around to the new Doctor Who, lost track that it had even started - thanks I will look into watching some back. I don't know what the companions are this series, they can be a bit make or break for me 🤔. Do hope the oracle was kind to you today for the meal if you went, presume it's been & gone so I can't jinx you by saying it (I think that way too). Will hear about it next time 👋 :) xx btw I have retro-liked the jewellery pics, they're so good! ☕️

    Hello Carol, hope you're keeping warm & keeping the asthma at bay as much as possible. Weather might be a bit less damp & unpleasant soon but the xmas week forecast doesn't look thrilling 🙄. Lovely pics, oh the energy! Just imagine. Glad they can do it though lots of fun for them, that's the main thing :) xx

    Hi keef, hope you have not been doing things to your back wot you shouldn't have 😣. V interesting all about the sound from the amp and the directional effect of what you move where, all good info that I wouldn't know about much, though yes I can imagine there's the digital/analogue argument. No idea what very beamy means, if you can enlighten 🤔. How scary was the scary film on a 1-10 scale, I'm not really cut out for it but also some of it I don't think needs making tbh (Winnie the Pooh: Blood & honey, I mean, no 🙄). Have a good evening :) xx

    Love to everyone 😘 xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni

    how are you today?

    lemon pancakes look good but my stomach is feeling a bit unhappy

    but I’ll talk about that a bit more in a minute

    just wanted to say mums bs is ok today 🙏

    thanks so much about mums kidney checkup

    yes the day after her birthday was indeed great as that’s when the doc gave the good news about easy treatment of the problem

    also the doc and nurses said she did so well when she had covid they were so scared for her as was I

    my mum just gets on with things she deals with mental and physical pain so well, it’s very much inspirational

    yes BR will have lots of lovely birthdays to come, I think he believes the bigger the birthday the larger the cake slice bless him lol

    i just hope that big bro doesn’t practice some advance cake - licking haha

    Yes you’re right there, drum kits should become contraband in MH, a regulation that I’ll get toady to enforce.

    Yes Bills jewellery is indeed multifunctional

    I went to the group meal but it was really filling, nice to see nice M etc though

    I’ve had to relocate etc just now so I’ll just say LA is coming on Sunday and staying overnight and meal out on Monday

    really getting tired now so I’ll leave it there

    good evening Toni tc xx

    hi Joan

    how are you both?

    thanks so much about mum 👍

    hi toady

    Scrambled egg ringtone you may end up regretting giving the go ahead for this project lol

    hi Keef

    Sorry your back is hurting a lot today

    👋 everyone I know a very inadequate post but mum has been stressing about EF and didn’t let me rest

    so have a good evening/ night everyone and take care xx

  • Skinny Keef
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    Hi Toady, it is literally like a torch. Stand in front of the speaker and the treble hits you like a beam of light. Move off to one side and it’s gone. Quite frustrating.

    think I’ve got it sorted now. Position wise.

    sorry i’m boring u all with this. Lol.

  • Skinny Keef
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    film was on Netflix. It was about an 8 I suppose but normal stuff like Zombies and stuff doesn’t scare me. The stuff that gets to me is the real stuff like pandemics and cyber attacks and Russia invading other countries etc.

    when the pandemic started in china i was warning people about what would probably happen here and the only one that believed me was Anda. Anyway it’s the real stuff that really scares me, but not in a hide behind the sofa kind of way. I try to be on the ball but not ott. I got 2 weeks worth of camping meals in when I heard the pandemic was starting, and we were virtually vegetarian at the time and shopped at our High Street veg stall once a week and the supermarket when that ran out. One week the queue for the stall was 50 metres long and people were jostling and shouting at each other during lockdown. We just left them to it and went back home as we had the camping meals. Like I say, keep up to date but not be paranoid.

    oh and my bunker isn’t a survival bunker. It’s not underground it’s just what I call my little studio, and it’s easy for Sucré to say. He struggles with the S sound atm

  • Skinny Keef
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    Love that moon pic Bosh.

  • Skinny Keef
    Skinny Keef Member Posts: 983

    Time for tea, early tonight lol

  • frogmorton
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    Morning All

    A bit chillier out but at least it's not raining.

    Morning Joan I don't believe it! How do some people get away with it the nerve of them😮 I would get caught too and anyway we've been brought up properly so would never try it. Hope you and Sue are both ok. How many jabs has Sue got left? ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi well done managing the meal out. Was it the meal which affected your stomach? I was out last night with the foodbank Christmas meal and also ate too much for my poor stomach.

    Oh stomach oracle please help us.😒

    I am so glad your Mum is well you know she is quite inspirational I agree she just seems to get on with it. You all coped so well with covid. You too after all your meds are immunosuppressants too. Does your Mum take cyclosporin? She will need something to prevent rejection of her kidney won't she? I am very glad her meds can be adjusted easily to sort out the glitch in her bloods.

    Aha the children break up on Friday do they? So you will get LA to stay! Will your parents pick him up maybe or will your sister bring him over? I hope you are recovered enough to enjoy the meal.

    How lovely to see nice M at the meal. Was it good? I'd have preferred the daal you gave us all yesterday please😋

    Drumkits will become contraband in MH I think LA's friends, (the usual suspects of course), will be able to get hold of them though so Toady will need to be very much on the ball. Maybe Sleek can do some spying for her and report back?

    Well you take very good care or yourself and your stomach - I am today for definite.

    Morning Keef I see you were sensible and decided to take a step back from overdoing it. Well done it really is the only way we have to pace ourselves. Erm yes just make sure we do a shift🤭not the other!!

    I also stocked up before covid it was quite easy myself and my sister did it too just tins mostly and jars as well as pasta, rice and flour. We are vegan so can make a lot out of things like that. Our vegan milks are usually UHT so I had plenty of that. Luckily we are also environmentalists so we were already using things like the 'who gives a c**p' loo rolls which come in boxes of 48. I shared a load out and still had plenty for us. I made party hats out of the wrappers too! Camping meals saved the day - well probably a few days for you then that's good😊

    I really liked the title for your 'man-cave' of bunker. I didn't think it was underground I thought it was either a summerhouse or the garage. Can you get to it without going outside though? That was the only thing I couldn't picture.

    Hope teh amps are now where they should be and you are happier with the sound. Rest your back don't overdo it. I can talk I've been busy too making Christmas wreaths it's been a bit much for my back too so i understand how you feel. Takes hours lying down before the pain eases off enough to sleep doesn't it? That's with all the painkillers I can hit it with, my tens and or wheatie🙄

    Ah well. Take care anyway ((()))

    Morning Toad how are you this dry (yes dry so far!) day?

    Please don't tell me my 3 cards slipped you into 2nd place!!!! Really? I bet you did some more last night when I was being force-fed another meal out. The foodbank Christmas meal which was actually rather nice. In tonight so I had better do some more.

    Indigestion eh so Sleek's remedies might have helped? The gaviscon and Pepto bismol maybe?

    Nice shade of Penelope pink don't you think? I do get heartburn which is helped by the lansoprazole mostly and propping up in bed if necessary and swig (10ml really) of gaviscon. Mind when I was pregnant with Charley it really was a swig i had a bottle by the bed, one by my chair and one at work.

    Glad you enjoyed the arrowroots 🙂

    Kari has been super sensible and shut her Etsy shop for Christmad - left that typo deliberately. Sh is also not doing her you tube lives for 2 weeks. She has 5 videos ahead recorded.

    I'm so glad you love Mabel isn't she adorable? I love the way she plays like mad (Sleek is good with her) then collapses on your lap to sleep.😻

    Bill is doing incredibly well bless him. His lovely new partner is helping no end as is his new baby puppy.

    Well better get on I suppose.

    Take care!

    Love to Carol on her way to Margate I expect and to Emma if she calls in. ((())) xxx

  • Skinny Keef
    Skinny Keef Member Posts: 983

    Drum kits as contraband, interesting notion. Think i will stock up on snare drums for the next lockdown, trade them for stuff when the value of cash collapses 🤪🤪😁😁

  • bosh
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    Good morning everyone wppl xx

    gothic breakfast - cake lol xx

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) how are you (()) love to your carers (())

    Toady (()) how are you today. The weather man is still saying we will have snow. Have a good day (())

    Barbara (()) love to you and Mr B (()) and your son (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that was nice you having a meal with the food bank ladies and gents. Sue went up the hospital yesterday no more injections. She has an open plaster on her leg she can take it off when she wants. Mabel sounds a lovely kitten. Have a good day. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) your mum can relax now (()) have a good day all of you.

    Keef (()) I hope you have a good day love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    take care
    joan xx