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    Got to stop my naproxen. It’s probably the cause of my feeling down. Don’t wanna slide back into depression. I actually just went out to bunker to look at all my lovely stuff to try and cheer up a bit. I feel too rough to play but it kind of worked. Anda keeping out of my way so she obviously knows how I am feeling.

    Was supposed to be going to mum’s today for the Christmas light switch on and to see the reindeer but too much pain and cbb.

    Gonna do an early dinner as none of us have yet had lunch. Gives me some purpose for an hour even if I don’t feel like eating.

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    Hi all 👋

    What a cold and tiring day, yes rain of course frog, howling winds an' all 🙄 hope not too bad with you. Wasn't the best day for foraging was it, hope you got all you needed, anyway, and your back is easing off. Thank you yes please do enlist Sleek into the putting-off of house buyers 😄 there will be no need to fake the muttering loudly bit, I shall be doing that anyway I imagine 😣 . Take up the bagpipes for good measure do you think? I would probably end up putting off a quiet person, and encouraging a fellow enthusiast, knowing my luck 🙄. Yes I hope they aren't too mad about the old DIY, an initial burst is only to be expected, I'm mostly just praying for an 'out during the day' person. Hope you had a good day, and Lucy, her hair sounds terrific 👍️😊. I had a look at the make up scheme, my nearest is a brains-berry's apparently, has been going a while it seems, didn't realize. I hoped there might be one at my soup-a-mug, but no. Btw how are your friend's nasty bathroom troubles, any joy getting it sorted? No other news, have done v little - hoping for a minute or two of brightness tomorrow 🤞have a good Sunday :) xx

    Hello joan, oh poor mousie 😥 how sad. I didn't realize your machine was beyond repair. I suppose you will feel better for it being put into a clean space, impossible to really pull things out every 5 mins to keep an eye on what's going on. Hope the new one works well. No the house next door is not posh, who can say if it will sell, some are doing round here not others, depends what someone is looking for. Unfortunately for me they don't have to sell to buy something else so can afford to reduce if they have to 😕. Have a good Sunday will just be glad if the wind quietens down. xx

    Hi bosh, hope you are doing ok today, glad your mum is in a better mood at least even though she doesn't get much encouragement 🙄. Horrid day really, winds really irritating, same with you by the sounds of it. Not doing anything much today, I had a delivery of some vitamins & things like that, I will need them if I am going to have to flee to the starlit woods and live with the bunnies and elves & pixies etc 😄. I think shorter hair than that would be advisable as well, I have chopped a bit off mine today with the aid of my new patent method, which didn't really work so I won't bother describing it to you it will never catch on 😂😂. Needs more off really but I am creeping up on it slowly. Mostly it just needs a radical condition improvement 🤫 don't set the HD onto me 😬. Have a good Sunday if poss, hope to hear good news of your mum this week, & that you can do some birthday things all being well. Have a good night :) xx

    Sorry you've had a not v good day keef, doing the best with your meds is trial & error, trying to get the juggling act right 😕 hope you can get them into as best a happy medium as possible. Bunker sounds good, the matte black will be cool if it's authentic I like the sound of that 👍️ or the less sound I should say. Look forward to hearing how it all turns out. I'm kind of expecting some noise from new people as the place will probably need stuff doing, they can't help that - just don't want someone with loud tv or background noise all the rest of the time, and no kids preferably 🤐 no offence. Have a good as poss Sunday and a better night I hope :) xx

    Love to all 😘 xx

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    Hi Toni

    how are you this evening?

    yes rainy here too, but at least i didn’t get splashed by a car on my walk, once I got splashed twice in one day, though to be fair usually that doesn’t happen.

    mums bs was ok thanks

    she’s also in a bit better mood today

    that’s ok she doesn’t take offence at most things usually, mainly just with me and dad if she’s already a bit angry for some reason lol

    i again avoided full - sugar chocolate by having a few more nuts,

    but I find the problem with peanuts / almonds or whatever is that sometimes my stomach can to tolerate more than a really small amount and sometimes it can’t but I threw away the rest of the very small peanut packet so as to avoid temptation and the risk of the gastric oracles having a tantrum lol.

    on the subject of tantrums Lord A had a very manipulative tantrum recently, I heard, he was in the supermarket with his daddy and wanted a particular toy, daddy dared to say no to him, oh the audacity, so LA had a lying on the “hygienic” supermarket floor - shouting tantrum until daddy conceded defeat and purchased said toy - oh dear 😱

    mummy knows his tricks - he wouldn’t dare try this toy - appropriation method with her, good thing too 😂

    Thanks for the vial of patience, it’s very gratefully received 👍

    yes daddy was temporarily prevented from his only “workout”and domestic task of the month, well most probably the year, let’s be honest lol

    Maybe that’s an early Christmas present to his wife - an annual dishwasher- emptying haha

    he will no doubt be “self - gifting” in style, all the choc bars, golden tickets, gobstoppers and those cream cakes known as trouser button - poppers (well in bosh - land anyway) that he can find, don’t worry he’s got GI Joe on speed dial- or maybe not.

    Yes BR was actually wearing a sort of black denim jacket type thing like an adulk Text male model maybe haha

    yes he dances very fast in a bunny like way

    yes mums still enjoying these things but dad is being so nasty these days

    The gastric oracle is just about ok, I’ve almost become superstitious about it lol, as if writing about it will “jinx” it lol

    but today’s oracle hasn’t seen fit to comment as yet

    there is an early Christmas pub meal that nice M told me about next week with the group people im not sure if I’ll go yet as the whole thing would be very time consuming as it would happen after the group, so the coffee shop session plus the lunch will take a really long time, but the main problem of course would the old stomach issue, poor nice M, she said if my stomach hurt I could have a prawn cocktail, which is something that I would most definitely avoid lol, but she meant well and wasn’t feeling too well, bless her.

    Ok have a good night Toni, hope it’s not too stormy overnight where you are, bye take care xx

  • Skinny Keef
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    Hey Toady, no offence taken, I would not want to live next door to me. Seems to be one of us is constantly shouting at Hooli for some reason. He has been exceedingly difficult lately. My house is very small but being detached is so good.

    spent most if day sleeping and just chilling out. I gave up trying to spend time with Sucré after trying to play a new set of animal dominoes with him and him losing his temper for the second time. They leave tomorrow evening and I can’t wait for the break. Tbh i am absolutely shattered from doing the bunker and hopefully will feel better tomorrow. The sort of tiredness where your eyes are burning when they’re open and you keep nodding off all the time. I did a nice dinner of gammon steaks mash and cauliflower cheese and roasted veg which went down well with them both. Sucré wanted crumble but had to make do with left over choc cake and ice cream.

    just going out to check bunker hasn’t blown away and then it’s off to bed for me.

    night, tc all.

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    Hi Joan

    how are you both doing today?

    im not too bad thanks

    thanks so much about my mum

    she’s in a better mood today

    she seems to be feeling more positive

    have a good night tc xx

    hi Keef

    sorry you’ve had such a difficult day with the pain

    my brother in law has a coffee machine - I don’t really drink coffee but he’s a massive fan of it

    have a good /tolerable night tc x

    Hi toady

    how are you tonight?

    Yes very windy here too at the moment unfortunately

    I see I will keep the HD at bay, I’ll present him with a bottle of psoriasis cream and call it conditioner lol

    knowing my luck he’ll send it to the lab but hopefully not the hospital pathology lab haha

    I forget to say to Toni by the way that I’m sorry I didn’t compose a bill - poem, I’ll give it a go tomorrow depending on volcanic or even seismic activity of course

    thanks about mum

    have a good night toady don’t stay up till the wee hours eating porridge with the gothic postman please lol

    bye for now toady tc xx

    ps however here’s an appropriate spooky porridge if you don’t wish to heed my advice lol xx

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    Morning everyone!

    the road opposite has spring some sort of leak. water i think but in spite of them working on it all afternoon and half the evening it is still not resolved so cones and barriers erected everywhere🙄

    Morning Joan I do miss Aidan he was such a sweet kind man. I am very much thinking of Bill at the moment. He has just taken possession of a new puppy called Archie and his new chap is going to move in. It has been 4 years so I suppose that's fair enough. I know Aidan would have wanted Bill happy. His cakes were legendary 😊 Lucy had a great birthday we went to our favourite Indian restaurant for a lovely meal. A huge table of about 20 men (work do) joined in singing happy birthday to her☺️ Hope you and Sue are ok ((())) xxx

    Morning Keef I hope you are ok and recovered a bit after yesterday which was pretty awful for you. You will be exhausted after so little sleep. I do hope it's not the naproxen making you down because everyone who can take it (stomach issues usually) says it's wonderful including my eldest.

    The soundproofing curtains sound a good idea for Toady. If they are available in black can she get other colours to match her decorating I wonder🤔

    Did you find and eat your croissants? Our old member Aidan who died 4 years ago (on the 12th) used to love them every Saturday he and his husband Bill and Bill's Dad (Bill Snr) used to have a French breakfast together. So sometimes I like us to have them here to remember him.

    Terrible twos with the hooligan I see what a shame. He will grow out of it it's just tough when you are already struggling yourself ((()))

    Morning Reshmi

    Hope you are feeling less tired today. I think maybe we need some comfy beds in the cafe for us to rest in when we need a lie down. You and Keef, me and Toady might need one too if the new neighbours do start building new bathrooms etc. Hopefully they won't fingers 🤞

    I am very glad to hear your Mum was in a better frame of mind yesterday although she might start worrying about Tuesday's appt soon hope not. Do keep the vial of patience and use it as an when necessary.

    Great Idea for a poem. I am happy to come up with the ideas as long as you do the work artistically speaking! No rush at all whenever the creative juices flow is soon enough🙂 His penchant for self gifting must be part of it surely🤭

    Your sister had her Christmas pressie early if he did empty the dishwasher 'for her'. My dad always said that if he did anything round the house. It was for my Mum! We all lived there🙄

    Bless BR in his little jacket like a proper adulk. I can imagine him dancing and I think it is still better than BIL's just don't tell him!

    I would eat purple yam and cashew soup it sounds absolutely lovely. Probably not now though I had a balti last night veggie and saag late for me for lucy's birthday so feeling a bit stuffed unfortunately still. Hope stomach copes....😕 I glugged a large quantity of 'it's a con' extra before bed😁

    Like you nuts can cause problems sometimes other times they don't. Well done avoiding full fat chocolate. I didn't even have my advent chocolate yesterday (vegan of course hotel chocolat) because I was full of Balti. Not worth the risk.

    The wind has dropped here luckily yesterday was bad!

    Hope your day is a good one ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady how are you?

    The wind has dropped and so far there is no rain although it is due here sadly.

    No it wasn't the best day for foraging but better than most lately. I mossed up 11 wreaths yesterday and was wondering why my hands were sore! Silly me🙄 Still it may be close on enough for the village needs. I have sold 4 already so need to crack on one is needed for Wednesday.

    Regarding potential buyers I do see what you mean about putting of potentially quiet buyers....hmmmm...we can all cross everything for some out-all-day types. Maybe some who have a motorhome (ideally parked somewhere away) and enjoy weekends away too? Paws 🤞

    Well done locating a makeup recycling point - you are so right soup-a-mug should do it! Why ever don't they after all they sell enough of the stuff. I couldn't even locate a lipstick yesterday for Lucy's birthday meal out. Honestly I did look inside it not a lippy to be found. Must look in all rucksacks/bags and coat pockets....

    Sleek is on her blankie by the radiator ATM waiting for it to get light. If it doesn't soon she says she'll be on her way. She has bought a backpack to wear to fit Mabel in and bring her over to show you. Not sure when that will happen probably when Kari is out on a walk or something.

    Any sign of any of your wildlife lately? I still don't have a hedgehog BTW in spite of my best efforts, so might just have to get one imported from the rescue.

    I hope you have a good day

    healthy-ish full English. Vegan option available of course.....

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    Good morning everyone wppl xx

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day love to your carers

    Toady (()) I don’t think you would want a family with a dog or cat. Have a good day. It’s fine here at the moment.

    Barbara (()) love to you and Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) have a good day (()) that was lovely everybody singing for Lucy (()) my appointment in December has been changed to January 28. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) How are you feeling today (()) have a good day. Love to your mum (()) I hope her pain has calmed down a bit. I have a few dry roasted nuts every night.

    Keef (()) I hope you have a good day with not too much pain (()) love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    Emma (()) and Julie (())

    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi Toni toady Joan and Keef

    how are you?

    Hi again Toni

    I found a pic of you! Only joking of course

    I wrote a poem but I’m feeling tired already lol

    mums bs is ok 🙏

    will put the bill - related poem on here later

    bye for now tc xx

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    Much better day today with Sucré. Them leaving was difficult. He didn’t want to go which is unusual. He wanted to stay with me and actually had me in tears saying he wanted to stay and look after dad dad.

    i made him apple crumble this afternoon which he sat on my lap on the stairs (we often sit there looking out of the window at the rain) to eat it. Anyway they went and now of course I am miserable.

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    Hi all 👋

    Well it's at it again out there 😒 blowing fairly briskly and some rain chucked in, which wasn't on the cards. Was going to try & get a letter in the post but that's not happening. Expect you got your share earlier on frog, not too much hopefully. It did dry up & brighten for a while, I'll give it that, and I got a small bit of garden tidying up done. Not a lot else though. No nosegay sunday sales & no shopping either, though I did buy a set of saucepans the other day so that's enough excitement in anyone's book surely 🤔. Not a single lippy? Oh dear things are worse than I thought 😉. I've been trying out a few old ones today to remember what I did or didn't like about them, the key point should really be that if they're old, they should go 😳 but at least I'll know if I want a new one the same. I must get on & get xmas cards this week, if you've got yours sitting beside you; unwritten yes but it shows willing 😄 there will be a few late arrivals I think if the post in some areas is as bad as they say (one delivery a week, or pick it up yourself, take it or leave it 🤨). Well done selling your wreaths as quickly as you can make them 😀 but yes 11 at once sounds like throwing yourself into it rather. Hope your hands are recovering. Have a good Monday - Sleek just made a lightning visit, to put in her order for my al fresco shop on Tues, she said she'll bring Mabel after that & pick up her things then 🤭 she'll be lucky, things have been going in and out of stock in my basket like yo-yos, so who knows what I'll get on the day. Wildlife is mostly pigeons at the moment - good luck for a little 11th hour hedgehog, you never know :) Love to all xx ps hope they get your road sorted!

    Hello joan, do I want a cat next door, depends on the cat 🤔 if it's a nice one that wants to come and visit then that would be fine. Dogs, well, that v much depends 🤨 definitely not if it's someone who goes out and leaves it alone all day 😠. It was fine today on and off, very changeable, but there should be a dry few days coming up (oh please). Have a good start to the week :) xx

    Hi bosh, thanks for the spooky porridge 😀👻 very good. I have not been partaking with the postman, no, but you reminded me out of somewhere in the very back of my memory that there used to be a cereal called Post Toasties, a bit like cornflakes, sadly no more. That would have been ideal haha. I have been having those little wheaty parcels with raisins in & hot milk, as it happens. Tricky knowing what to do about the group meal thing, could you turn up at it without going to the first bit or would that not be etiquette or something 🤔 I wouldn't know what to do either, one or the other would be enough for me energy-wise. Nice of nice M to be kindly anyway. Hope things ok with you in general or as as ok as poss :) xx

    Sorry bit of a tricky exit for Sucré today keef 😔 it varies I guess depending on his mood and you did say Loanda says he bounces back quickly, but not easy for you. Hope the rest does you good anyway for the next few days. Yes small but detached is exactly what I could do with here (although I would have to get rid of a fair bit of stuff to get into somewhere smaller..) trouble is I have been spoiled having one quiet older gentleman there for a while, my luck will probably run out all at once now 😬. Hope bunker is still standing this evening too as it has blown up again 🙄 storm whatsit should be on its way now but there's another every 5 mins these days. Hope you have an ok night🤞xx

    Love to all 😘 xx

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    Hi again Toni

    another little poem from me while I remember thanks 🙏

    This poem is called Christmas at Bill’s / time to pop the indigestion pills

    bills Christmas self - gifting

    It’s not exactly spirit - lifting

    For his good lady wife

    It frustrates her, and when she cuts fruitcake, she half- seriously thinks of another use for the knife

    he buys himself, chocolate, golden tickets, and don’t forget gobstoppers

    Cream cake so calorific they’re referred to as button poppers

    Who knows what will end his sweet- buying spree?

    All I know is that he won’t buy even one beetroot - based cookie for his long-suffering family

  • bosh
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    Hi again Toni

    I’m not too bad thanks even though mum’s getting angry

    but I understand

    yes comfy VC beds would be very welcome thanks

    oh yes toady’s neighbour problem, should I move in? I won’t be too noisy I promise I’ll just bring my drum kit lol

    LA and BR will be popping by every morning to sing the scrambled egg song of course, they don’t make too much noise really, well not compared to the great birdbath earthquake of 1646, one year after the biscuit slaughter naturally

    That’s interesting about how your dad used to pretend none of the things he did were for him, my dad is exactly the same, he’s started this really annoying habit of saying the Bengali version of “ is that compulsory”? Like if mum says to cut a salad or whatever, he’ll say, “ are tomatoes compulsory?” and so on, it’s really irritating.

    Are you still feeling stuffed after the Balti?

    Spinach can sometimes have that effect on me too, well too much of it anyway

    yes I’ll keep BR’s dancing secret if you will 🤐

    I had the rare pleasure of seeing BR in a video call yesterday, he said he was making me pancakes for breakfast because he had “pancake power” bless him, he was also eating the pancakes, which looked like strawberry jelly to me, lol, but the sentiment was of course very much appreciated aww

    ok I’ll leave it there for now Toni I hope your stomach settles, my own stomach is perhaps feeling slightly too full, will have to wait for the oracle,

    have a nice night tc xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you both today?

    im not too bad thanks

    mum is getting in a bad mood sometimes as she’s worried about her appointment but i understand

    Her pains are ok at the moment thanks

    that’s interesting about the nuts

    have a nice night tc xx

    Hi Keef

    thats good that you had a nice time with Sucre

    hope you feel better tomorrow

    good night tc x

  • bosh
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    Hi toady

    Post Toasties cereal that’s interesting, I also like the other cereal you mentioned, but my stomach can’t seem to deal with too many raisins these days which is a bit odd but those oracles are whimsical creatures aren’t they?

    sorry you didn’t have Sunday nosegay sales

    yes you’re right the whole meal or coffee plus meal will be very tiring, if I go to the meal I suppose I could turn up at the tail end of the coffee shop session as it were, but controlling food intake in a sensible manner is more difficult when tired and genuinely hungry of course, Toni and I sometimes do “token eating” at social occasions when are stomachs are not ok, like bread and salad / soup or something like that, but basically if I’m starving and weary that’s not going to work, well I’ll guess I’ll decide nearer the time, yes nice of nice M indeed, bless her, she said she’s going to try internet dating, but she’s not fully well and I don’t think it’s a good idea, i I didn’t say that of course, it wouldn’t help her, I just said be careful etc, I really hope no one takes advantage of her online, I know how easily that can happen.

    Anyway on a lighter note I saw one of my (not close) relatives - well relatives’ relatives on FB aka The Book Without Grace, she was boasting because she and her family have gone to Paris on holiday, because no one else has done that before lol

    she also think she’s some kind of “Loco” Chanel as it were, a veritable modern day fashion icon of some sort, but she was wearing some kind of hideous faux fur green coat, it reminded me of one of Miss Piggy’s boas to be honest haha

    ok toady have a good night and tc xx

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    Morning everyone

    Storm Elin has gone phew!

    Morning Joan hope you and Sue are well today all those jabs must be nearly gone now. I see your appt has been moved to January - frustrating😕 Don't we have to be patient these days 🙄 Take care ((())) xxx

    Hi Reshmi How are you? Did the Gastric Oracle save you? I am ok now after so much spinach though I do love it.

    Only today to get through then your Mum will be seeing someone about her kidneys to find out if her results are a problem and what to do about it if so.

    Maybe it's not compulsory to eat spinach but I like it! Your dad is being very naughty tell him it is required. So there! Or even mandatory😠

    I might just go and terrorise the village today🤣 Some of them deserve it! The Christmas Fayre made over £700 towards the loo.

    Love the poem! Bil really does look after himself, (some people do these days don't they), maybe if the gobstoppers keep him quiet your sister might be ok with it.....the dentist's bank balance certainly will!

    warning BIL your future may be above!

    How adorable BR cooking pancakes and being able to see him in a video call.

    I think Toady would love you next door to her especially if the boys sang the scrambled egg song, Gosh I had forgotten about the great bird bath earthquake of 1646 of course I remembered the biscuit slaughter - who could forget that?

    Suggest maybe you take your drum set to Keef's? You two can jam to your hearts' contents. He is soundproofed and detached - well his house is.

    I'll have some of those cookies!

    Have a good day if you can. ((())) xxx

    Morning Keef

    How are you today? I hope feeling a bit less sad about the family leaving for a few days. Little Sucré AKA the Hooligan has been wanting to stay with you and not go to Grannie's quite a bit lately I notice. It's very very sweet.

    No-one is like your Dad especially when he makes apple crumble like you do for him to eat together❤️ The days will fly by.

    Take care ((()))

    Morning Toad how are you? Wind has dropped it's 'safe' to venture out I think. That letter can go in the post box. I have been sorting out money yes real money not card money for postie, bin-persons you know Christmas tips?

    Paul has to go outside and find the furniture cover storm Elin or Fergus pinched it and whipped it off to probably teh Church tower. If so Sleek will have to rescue it🙄My steps won't reach.

    Yup no lippy. and it was the only colour I can stand - i.e it hardly shows and I do not know what it was called😣. What will I do? Agreed most elderly lippies need to go in the bin/recyc if possible really.

    I think cards next to me unwritten is way better than last year at least. I will try I promise maybe a few a day? Imagine collecting your own post!

    Sleek will definitely be over tomorrow she has sussed out when Mable can be borrowed without Kari knowing. You'll see the new kitten carrier then. Let's hope most of 'her' order is available on the day. she'd not one for subs.

    Same here mostly pigeons still. I saw a beautiful bird of prey yesterday though. Hardiest of birds maybe.

    You have a good day too I hope.🤞

    now that should warm us all up!

    Love to Carol and Emma if they pop in today. No pressure to read back if you do just tell us your news! ((())) xxx

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    Good morning everyone wppl xx

    happy birthday to my mum

    she’s 74 today 🎂

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) Thinking of you. Have a good day

    Toady (()) I saw the price of stamps yesterday I feel sorry for people that have a lot of cards to post. We haven’t got any. Our cousins have our email we keep in touch that way. I hope you have a good day. Your neighbour might find it difficult to move in before Christmas.

    Barbara (()) have a good day. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) how is Mabel getting on (()) and Winnie and Tigger (()) sorry you have pain love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day your mum (()) should soon have so answers to problems (()) don’t worry (()) take care

    Keef (()) i hope you have a better day today (()) love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi Joan

    How are you both doing today?

    mums bs is ok today thanks

    im not too bad thanks

    it was mums birthday today but we’re not celebrating properly yet

    thanks yes it’s not long to wait now till her appointment

    have a nice evening

    bye tc xx

    ps blueberry and apple pie xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni

    how are you?

    what a breakfast!

    looks great

    thanks about mum

    her bs was ok 👍

    yes not long to wait now

    her appointment is at 3.15 pm tomorrow at the local hospital

    at least she’s doesn’t have to go to Bracknell or some other hospital location as a sickness - inducing car ride with dad never puts anyone in great mood at the best of times

    glad your stomach is ok, mine is too at the moment, but I feel I’m due for a bout of stomachache soon as it were, must check the stomachache rota 😂

    I gave mum a nice scarf and sort of half - made a card, I did give some of the nice no added sugar chocolate that she likes but that wasn’t especially birthday - related, as of course mum wants positive and favourite gastric oracles herself before tomorrow’s appointment, dad got her some flowers and then told her how much they cost, he’s a real nasty character.

    That’s great about the Christmas Fayre

    yes bill is eating sugar like there’s no tomorrow- I agree very stupid behaviour indeed

    BR danced with some chiffon scarves in the drama club, but he got a bit shy, so big bro LA helped him, how cute

    so Toni I think we have to copy LA’s technique, if you really want something that you’re being denied, lie on the floor and have a tantrum, it may not be the best or most hygienic idea to lie on the floor of the doctors’ surgery demanding a blood test appointment though, possibly ETB and bill with his new false teeth could bite the receptionists instead? Well, it’s a novel approach to things, that’s all I can say diplomatically anyway haha.

    bye for now Toni have a good night tc xx

    ps ETB’s earrings lol xx

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    Hi people 👋

    Just been to the postbox, much more of a prospect this evening, not even all that cold comparatively. Had a bright spell earlier too. If every winter day was no worse than this, it would be such a difference. Where is your furniture cover frog? 🤔 ooh I do hope Sleek did not have to start scaling the church tower ⛪️! Nothing blew off or away here, but it was a mercy when it quietened down, and no more annoying mystery squeaky 'is it a fence is it a branch' tapping noises. Just about finished the grocery shop but it was no fun whatever, I don't think I've ever made a less xmassy shop. The prices! I mean, if that's what they call a clubcard price I'm a monkey's uncle. I think the only festive things in there are Sleek's finest smoked haddock fishcakes (they were a compromise, I thought perhaps not the 'thai inspired' ones..), a few fancy biscuits, oh and something she asked for that may be for you 😉🤫, other than that, tres boring. I love that she is sneaking Mabel round here secretly 😄 she will be scrupulously looked after, you have my word. Now that I've posted the letter I'm just fractionally ahead of my stuff again and I *may* get a card written soon. Christmas tips, ooh yes, that's a thought, and the round table or rotary sleigh be will round in a bit too, that always catches me out. Managed to get in the garden and do a bit more tidying so if we could please have the few dry days that are meant to be due that would be a huge help. No sign of the lippy? bet it was nude something or something nude if it was neutral, every other shade is these days, mind you I have a pencil called nude pink and it's neither 🙄 funny idea of colour, some of these makers. Have a good day tomorrow yourselves :) xx

    Hello joan 😊 I don't send as many cards as I used to, I use up old stamps and buy ones as I see them on ebay, older years christmas ones etc. I don't think I could bring myself to pay face value now 😱 I genuinely still expect a book of 4 to be £1. Yes I wouldn't think the property market would be particularly lively before Christmas so it won't sell before then I doubt (hopefully). I suppose I'll see if people come and view but I might not be in and not know. Have a good evening, not so cold today :) xx

    Hi to bosh and Happy Birthday to your mum 😊🎂 I do hope things worked out ok and she was able to have a nice day (I've just seen your tonight's post and I see you did a part sort of birthday for now, quite understand, til after her appointment, all the best with that for tomorrow). I'm very much looking forward to the scrambled egg song of a morning when you move next door.. I think.. 😂. The novelty would wear off quicker for the littleys than it would for me, especially when LA works out I am not a soft touch for jelly babies and no more moved by tantrums than your sis 😉. Ooh, a Paris trip, how impressive of your relatives several times removed 🗼gosh, just imagine. People do like posting these things don't they once upon a time you had to make do with luring people to your actual house to show them photos that you hadn't even seen yourselves til you got back off holiday and might all have come out badly (that does seem really weird now I must say). Hope you work out what to do about the meal and yes definitely that nice M will be safe online that is rather worrying lots of pitfalls 😔. All quiet here today no birdbath earthquakes 😂 not even a tremor. Still didn't sleep that well though 🙄 hope you have a good night yourself. Oh raisin cereal yes, it was all they had I think because I was avoiding the sugary frosted topped one or whatever. Usually ok with raisins though. I think 🤔. Have a good day tomorrow :) xx

    Hope keef doing ok today and everyone else not in at the moment 😘 xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Keef and Emma

    how are you both today?

    hope the pain isn’t unbearable

    but if it is or even if it isn’t of course no pressure to post anyway

    just hope you’re both ok

    have a good night, or as good as possible bye for now tc. x

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 4,027

    Hi toady

    Glad you don’t have the raisin curse I can eat a certain amount of raisins / sultanas, but if cross that limit the oracles aren’t happy

    it’s not always been that way, but maybe it’s just the oracles having a temporary tantrum lol

    Thanks about mum 👍👍

    I do know what you mean about distant relatives, I sometimes do wish I wasn’t part of culture which seems to involve having to keep in touch with everyone even vaguely related to me, like my great aunt’s postman or whoever lol, when you’re right, all they seem to want to do is show off about something or other.

    yes thanks I’m a bit worried about nice M, I remember in the psych hospital we had no internet access at all and with good reason, but I know that she keeps in touch with her sister a lot, so maybe the sis will guide her and advise against it, I’m really not the right person to get too deeply involved in it of course

    glad you had a nice trip to the postbox

    i understand about the scrambled egg melody, lol

    perhaps it could be your ringtone instead?

    maybe it could be the sound you hear from your alarm clock / microwave/ kettle?

    not remotely annoying at all 😂

    I advise you move house haha

    have you been watching the new dr who?

    I’ve just about started watching the last of the new 3 parter

    have a good night toady tc xx

    ps coffee earrings lol xx

  • frogmorton
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    Morning Joan well it's 4 years ago today that our Aidan left us. I really can't believe it Rest in Peace Aidan we won't forget you. I'm so glad that Bill has a puppy and a lovely new chap now exactly what Aidan would have wanted for him. Mable is just adorable and making Kari very happy indeed bless her into everything. Winnie and Tigger like each other most of the time. Except Winnie swipes Tigger if she herself wants a 'Granny' cuddle from me and Tigger tries to come up too. She gets jealous🤭 Hope you're ok? ((())) xxx

    Morning Keef I do hope you're ok and not too sad.

    Here is a cup of coffee to cheer you up

    You'll see the Hooligan soon and your beloved Anda ((())) take care

    Morning Reshmi I hope you are well but in the meantime wish your Mum a happy birthday

    I was up all night trying to make it safe for people with diabetes😉. So she might need not to have too much at a time as sweeteners can upset the stomach a bit. Well they do me anyway.

    I am thinking of her today seeing someone and hope that they can explain the blood results and tweak any meds if needs be. Shame the appt isn't in the morning, but at least it's today. As you say it's a blessing it's local as who wants to be made travel sick with your Dad's driving. Just like my Dad's was! 🤢

    Maybe after this plans can be made for a family celebration for her.

    Imagine your Dad telling her how much her present cost! What is he like?🙄 I bet she loved what you got her if that chocolate is her favourite she'll be happy and as you said she needs a good stomach for the appt.

    Oh no where am I on the stomach rota? I don't want today either, but can probably fit tomorrow in? Perhaps Toady will take today's shift?

    BR danced at drama club! Oh how adorable and for LA to help your sweet shy boy that is so kind.

    Oh I love ETB's earrings! They are great really spot on for her. I think I prefer the tantrum method to biting to be fair those we bit might have germs we don't want to catch. Bil is welcome to go ahead though

    I am trying the above method.

    Take care and such good luck today for your Mum 🤞((())) xxx

    Morning Toady how are you this delightfully miserable day🙄Well done getting to the post box.

    Yes I saw that sun although from the inside of a Church where I was making coffees for several hours. Not even our Church but one in town where they have one of those Christmas tree festivals. I think days like yesterday would be great quite bearable as would the odd icy very sunny one just not constant rain and darkness. I'll leave you to sort that shall I?

    The furniture cover was very nearby luckily and Paul had replaced it - for now. I agree windy noises in the dark are most disquieting aren't they? Peace is restored for now at least.

    Well done completing your order. My Christmas shopping order (22nd) is not too bad as I am hosting Christmas lunch for whoever comes. Could be 7 could be 10... Doesn't matter whether yours is festive as long as it's food you (and Sleek apparently) like. Something for moi? Oooh! Lovely better than the gifts I got when she was younger. I like the idea of her fishcakes she'll enjoy those.

    The rotary have already been here. Yesterday I was helping the Soroptimists make coffee and tea it's all go isn't it? I'm sure you are on the Good list. Doing some cards will help. I wrote 3 yesterday you know yes 3! Get me!

    You'll love Mabel - just watch your curtains. Sleek will bring some of her toys with her for you. She is such fun and completely litter trained. Apparently Sleek has a collapsible litter too so no worries on that count and Mabel eats anything!

    The lippy is still AWOL I have done coat pockets now and all bags/rucksacks.... It was an Avon that i do remember probably sort of nude well similar my own colouring really. Oh well such is life isn't it?

    Weather ordered for us but no guarantees of course. Have a good day☺️

    Sending love to Carol and Emma if you pop by today pleased don't worry about reading too far back just tell us your news😊

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    We do everything for our bodies. Wash dress and feed it has well has giving it tablets and anything else it needs. All we get back is pain. What would you say.

    Kitty (()) love to you and your carers (())

    Toady (()) I said to someone about using the old stamps they said you have to pay more.have a good day. Have you seen people looking at the house.

    Barbara (()) have a good day love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece and her fiancé (()

    Toni (()) yes the years go past so quick. When you made the tea and coffee did you have one. That’s good Kari (()) and Mabel are happy. Have a good day. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) Happy Birthday to your Mum (()) will your Dad cook her a meal. Have a good day

    Keef (()) I hope you have a good day today (()) love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    take care
    joan xx