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    hi Joan

    i hope everything goes well at the dentist

    I hope you both have a nice day bye tc xx

    greetings Keef

    how are you?

    hi Toni

    how are you today?

    I am okay thank you.

    Mum’s bs is okay but she said that her bicarbonate level is too high in the blood test results, kidney function more or less okay though

    she said that doctor will call her if it’s something very serious though, she’s still anxious though understandably, I think she said bicarbonate level may be related to fatigue, but also other things, but I don’t know what those are the things are at the moment

    LA’s not that bothered about his missed acting opportunity opportunity I’ve heard lol

    I think toady was on the right track he’s busy eating all the choccies and sweets he can find all in the name of the festive season apparently ha ha

    mxt Thursday for me of course, I will be partaking fairly soon🤢

    before I forget here is a little poem I wrote this morning on the subject of LA and his acting role being taken away from him. Thank you

    poem is called Thwarted career as an actor due to unfortunate high-temperature factor

    Poor little LA, no more treading the boards

    no more lady admirers clamouring to see his face in unruly hordes

    All that remains for him is to supply and eat Advent choc treats

    but im afraid he turned his nose up at brownies made of healthy beets

    bye for now Toni Keef Emma and everyone tc xx

  • bosh
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    Greetings to the toady too of course

    i hope you’re well and the postman is not delivering insalubrious R Brek soaked correspondence ?😂

    have a nice afternoon tc xx

    Ps festive matcha latte xx

  • toady
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    Hi all 👋

    Filthy weather, absolutely filthy 🙄 Sleek and I have done nothing except watch tv & eat chocolate, and we don't care who knows it ✌️. There was a little dry window of opportunity for her to set off home in, I hope she made it back in the nick of time. Souwesters are all very well but the frizz, my dears, nobody wants frizzy fur 😄. She was looking forward to helping you sort the xmas decorations box and make tasteful suggestions 🎄. Glad all's well with little Mabel & hope the vaccination situation gets sorted, if either or both are waiting for them. Hope you managed to drop your bro's card off and he's had a good day. Not when I'd choose to have a birthday unless you can go away for it 🏖️. Must start to think about a few xmas type things myself, thinking may be as far as it gets 😬 no cards bought yet. The only thing I've done is buy some raffle tickets I do every xmas for a homeless charity, I never win anything 😕 but at least it's all profit for them rather than buying cards off them, might do that as well if I see any though. No makeup has been bought but Sleek and I did a little browsing, I might not buy much from the shop we were discussing (yes it's their underwear I can't get on with somehow) but I do like their toiletries etc so that may be a good place to start. Yes their stuff seems like they never get it quite right these days style wise, there's a happy medium somewhere between too dated & too far the other way. (I've just glanced at the home page, denim shirt over a polo-neck and dark denim flares, ooh no ta 😱). Selling other brands is irritating too but everyone is, it seems 🙄. Have a good evening sorry Penelope was sprayed by a nasty truck, how very dare they 😣. xx

    Hello joan nice succint post 😄👍️ hope you got on ok at the dentist, what a nasty day for it, nothing to be done I hope. I haven't got far sorting out old makeup, I don't buy much and it's hit & miss online anyway, colours are difficult when you can't see them properly or test them in person. And I have to check every time if brands are cruelty-free at least there are more all the time now 👍️. Have a good evening hope Sue is well :) xx

    Quick hi to bosh will probably see you later 👋 :) xx

    Hi keef, I cross-posted last night about the bunker, hope it goes ok, is it less labour intensive than painting - sorry the other soundproofing may not be salvageable 😕 all forms of damp are a blasted nuisance. Hope everyone ok and there was no migraine🤞xx

    Love to all may well be in for tea later ☕️ xx

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    Hi Reshmi, not too bad thanks for asking although I did slip with the hammer earlier

  • bosh
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    Hi Keef

    sorry to hear that looks painful, take some rest. x

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    Hi Toady, yep walls are running with water. Have to strip back the sound proofing and re-install with an air gap. Bit of a pain but do-able. Also means EVERYTHING out of the bike side, so a good chance for a clean and thorough tidy up. No more, “I’ll just put that there for now…..”

    I am also looking at replacing my blown amp with something more exotic. So it will have a nice clean music bunker to greet it from the shop. I tried the eBay purchase through my Marshall speaker cab and it sounded a little lacking. Think it may have had a hard life. Will be my long term project.

    Hi everyone, your furry friends okay Toni? We had cats when I was young. I can remember being very upset once and Tequila our big ginger tom keeping me company trying to cheer me up. One of those memories I will take to the grave.

  • Skinny Keef
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    Oh yeah almost forgot, it’s absolutely tipping it down here ☹️

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    Hi bosh, ooh I missed you by a mile there, and I refreshed the page, I did! (yes toady, you refreshed the page you were on 🙄🙄😄). Sorry anyway. Good little ode, I did mean to say I hope the demotion from the play wasn't on health grounds 😔 but if it hasn't brought on a career crisis of confidence then jolly good, that's the main thing. How is he? That matcha latte's lovely isn't it, trying not be be too festive here and get dragged into the holly on everything vibe, but there's no getting away from it is there so may as well go with it. Perhaps won't be dressed up as 🎄when the al fresco man next calls though like the ad I saw. Nothing from the postman, R Brek infused or otherwise, today 😂 obviously has better fish to fry 🐠🤨. Have had a very quiet day, I did manage a walk Tues night but it's just too wet since for my liking. Hope your day has been not too bad and mxt behaves itself as much as poss🤞also your mum's blood tests are not a cause for worry, good that her kidney function is pretty much as it should be. Have a good night I hope :) xx

  • bosh
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    Good morning everyone wppl xx

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    Morning Everyone

    Raining again


    Good luck at the dentist Joan I hope all goes well and you don't need any fillings. Everything 🤞 crossed for you. All well here Lucy haircut today so that will be a long one. Take care both of you ((())) xxx

    Morning Keef how are you today? How is that finger? Looks sore as if you don't have enough to cope with🙄 I didn't like to 'like' your photo but want to recognise your extra (hopefully temporary) pain.

    I am sorry to read that the walls are running with water damn rain! I hope it is all doable and as you say a good chance for a thorough clear out. It will be lovely to be all done and know it's clean underneath and tidy.

    Sorry about the amp being tired i do hope it's something you can work on in time though.

    People who don't know cats have no idea how much they are in tune with our emotions and love us and want us to be happy. I am so glad you have that lovely memory ((()))

    Morning Reshmi how are you? Not too MTXy I hope ((()))

    Right I think your Mum might need to drink a little more to help with her bicarbonate levels. Lucy used to have that problem on chemo when she was too sick to drink. The nurses were always nagging her to drink more if I remember rightly. Without her noticing maybe just make and extra cup of tea for her here and there? She'll drink it and not even notice.

    What a thought LA working his way through all the festive sweets and chocolate😂 Toady has probably hit the nail on the head (sorry Keef no reference to your injury).

    Who cares about stupid school plays anyway.

    The poem is great it really is. I think you are right that beetroot brownies would not be for your boy😉I'd happily try them though.

    Keef's cup of 'green tea' is beautiful by the way.

    Take care today rest if you need to ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady

    Another wet day here for me and probably you too. Sleek was dry when she got home and looked as though she'd let you brush her while watching TV? That saved me a job thanks. She hates her hair frizzy bless her.

    Some reason she was less cross about the weather yesterday maybe just resigned to it. Maybe looking forward to 'helping' me with the tree decs.

    Hopefully jab supplies will be in in time for them all. they are all indoor cats so it's a little less necessary, but it is still important 'we' can take germs in to them apparently.

    Got to see bro and take his card Lucy's birthday tomorrow bless her what a time of year🙄

    Some supermarkets are offering makeup recycling!!!!!!!!!!!!! dada! a solution to our problem☺️

    I always give £20 to the sally army for their Christmas campaign it goes to a homeless person or for an elderly person for Christmas lunch. Cards are next to my chair with a pen, but as yet untouched😳 Well done you buying the raffle tickets a great cause I agree. 100%.

    You are so right surely that truck could see that Penelope is a special car?! Was he visually impaired or something??? Really!

    Well you take care and have a lovely day

    ready Eddy is making us ready brek again

    A quick hello and love to Carol and Emma if they get a chance to pop by ((())) xxx

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    Morning all, forgot to say Reshmi, like that poem, out of the ones you’ve posted I think that would be the easiest to set to music. In fact a tune came to mind as I was reading it.

    Very sore today. Not sure I’ll be doing any bunker work. Somehow I’ve pulled my lat muscle on my right side. Pain woke me up. Although it is last dry day here for a few days and although I’m working inside the insulation needs cutting outside. Decided to double up the layers to hopefully cut the condensation down. I’m absolutely sick of trying to sort it out already.

    Hope everyone okay. Wppl with an update.

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day. And a good weekend

    Toady (()) we are going in to town today. It doesn’t seem quite has cold today but I’m still inside so I shall see. Make up is expensive I get embarrassed looking when people are watching. Have a good day and weekend.

    Barbara (()) love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (()) have a good day and weekend.

    Toni (()) Thank you for thinking about me. The Dentist is making an appointment for me to see the Dentist at the hospital because of being on Alendronic Acid. I hope Lucy has a good birthday (()) the lorry driver didn’t care about Penelope they are always in a hurry. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (()).

    Reshmi (()) Have a good day and weekend and your mum (()) I hope her back problems isn’t too bad.

    Keef (()) have a good day sorry about your fingers sore. Have a good day and weekend love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    take care
    joan xx
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    Did a little bit in bunker but gave up and took Hooli to MacD’s

    The bit I managed has cut down the sound escaping so going in the right direction.

  • bosh
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    Hi Keef

    im sorry the pain woke you up

    Thanks that sounds great - the LA poem set to music!

    hope Sucre and your wife are ok today?

    I hope you feel better tomorrow take care x

  • bosh
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    Hi Joan

    how are both doing today?

    im not too bad thanks

    mums blood sugar was ok thanks

    but one of her blood test results is bad but she’s seeing the doc soon, checkup at hospital

    have a nice evening tc xx

  • bosh
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    Hi toady

    how are you?

    actually I’d got it slightly wrong, little LA was actually off sick on the day of the school play but he was actually recovering at that point so almost fully well plus you’re right, He wasn’t too bothered about his acting career disruption anyway haha he’s just enjoying eating as many sweeties and so on as he can, he’s also eating them on behalf of his little brother so that when BR’s little stomach becomes full, he very kindly steps in and eats on his behalf what a considerate aristocrat haha .

    I see so the postman is keeping his feelings to himself lol, but that may be partly as he has to fry a few cheese sandwiches well in advance of his dinnertime because he’s a tired guy and can’t be expected to live on chicken nuggets floating in R Brek or something like that I understand😂

    sorry somewhat cream crackered again

    have a good night toady take care xx

    ps non - festive latte art lol xx

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    Hi all 👋

    Well the curse is come upon me cried the Lady of Shalott, and so on and so forth, the house next door has gone up for sale 😱😱😱 freaked is not the word 😣. Especially as I understood one of the family was having it. Looks like my xmas present (or the looming prospect) is all the noise of new kitchens new windows new bathrooms all going in, with none of the benefit 🙄 how depressed is the property market exactly.. 🤔? Anyway that has thrown me a right loop so excuse short post. Hope Lucy's hair went well frog for her birthday tomorrow and she has a nice day 🎂. Make-up recycling you say, ooh going to look, thank you. Have a good weekend yourself too and will be in tomorrow, if I haven't packed a red spotted hanky and legged it 😬 :) xx

    Hello joan, hope it was dry for you to go into town, did you buy anything nice. Yes I don't like being looked at or watched browsing in shops or being asked if you need any help - the other thing is the assistant always seems to be stocking the shelf you want to look at 🙄. Ooh and people who can't wait and reach across you for something, so rude 😠. As I was telling Toni next door's has gone on the market, oh dear, I did hope it would be New Year at least, get xmas over with 🙄. Sorry you have more dentisting to go yet 😔 will it be soon or not. Have a good weekend love to both :) xx

    Hi bosh, hope things not too bad with you post mtx. No news from me except I will be getting new neighbours at some point, well I knew that in theory but the dreaded sign of doom going up is another matter. If you have any sudden visions of lottery numbers that you don't happen to want then now would be a v good time 😄. Hope your mum is ok as poss and EF too, I see, LA being off for the play was unavoidable. Yes v kind of the mini philanthropist to nobly help BR out with any surplus sweeties 😄. Back tomorrow hopefully, midnight milkman due in a few mere hours, better get to bed early. I don't think he will be leaving me any billets-doux either, a slip of paper to say 'item not available' more likely. Have a good night :) xx

    Sorry keef I was still all out of synch with yesterday's posts. Hope your finger is not too black & blue, or painful, I expect that's your, erm, vital A string holding-down finger 🤔 (shows complete ignorance of guitar playing 😄). Sorry it's been so insistently wet while you are trying to do dry things 🙄 hope it does hold off for you to do the rest of the cutting down (and without pulling anything else 😣), sounds promising so far. Glad you & Hooligan got out for a change of scene 👍️ have a better night :) xx

    Love to all 😘 xx

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    Hi Toni

    how are you today?

    I am okay more or less thank you a bit tired

    mum’s blood sugar is okay thanks

    but she is concerned as the tacrolimus blood test result was high. She has a checkup appointment anyway at the hospital on Tuesday of next week.

    I think my mum said that Tacrolimus is related to the kidneys, so I’m really hoping that the doctor can help her easily by increasing her medicine dosage or something like that

    So basically today has been stressful because understandably she’s not in a good mood. I also hurt my knee a bit today carrying some heavy stuff but I didn’t have a choice. Is it not too bad right now I can still walk on it so it’s nothing to worry about really

    thanks about the information regarding Lucy and the bicarbonate levels and drinking a lot of water. My mum does tend to drink quite a lot of water and I do make her tea or coffee sometimes, well I offer anyway, she doesn’t always accept but I did actually tell her and she said that that’s good advice and to thank you but I’m more worried now that the Tacrolimus wasn’t an after affect of Covid.

    Anyway there’s not much anyone in the family can do right now including my mum and we must just wait for the doctor to see her next week.

    It’s also her birthday on the 11th of December so just before the doctor‘s appointment but obviously I’ll give her a present and a card but we’re not celebrating it until we know what’s happening with her health

    on a lighter note I think LA enjoyed staying at home in many ways and bossed around his daddy lot, he said “daddy it’s not time to empty the dishwasher, it’s time to change my change the television to my programme, that’s not why I called you leave the dishwasher alone!”

    my goodness, that tone of voice reminds me of BB oh dear

    Little BR had his photo taken for the nursery and he looked so sweet, wearing a grown-up jacket, bless him just like a big boy aww

    BR also enjoys dancing as well he dances so fast. He really is like a D**acell bunny its so funny to watch

    my day didn’t start off too badly, I enjoyed the walk, but when I came back mum was in such a terrible mood and dad was goading her as usual. He has no sympathy or compassion

    oh well we can only just hope that tomorrow is better it’s all anyone can do really.

    I also ate some food which the gastric Oracle may disapprove of

    I was trying to avoid too many sweet things have been having too much chocolate recently.

    so had a bit too much roughage like peanuts

    Oh well what happens happens, At least I’ve got nothing important on tomorrow

    mxt h/o is not too bad right now🙏

    but sometimes I feel a bit sick in the night

    how was how was your MXT Day?

    okay I’ll go for now Toni I hope you have a good night and take care xx

    ps pic of toady in the forest on the run from her new neighbours lol xx

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    Still raining here - Serious rain too 🙄

    Morning Joan hope you and Sue are ok today? Good thing to be checked out at the hospital being on Alendronic acid you have an excellent dentist! You are quite right the lorry driver probably did see us but they are always in a hurry! Lucy's birthday today. This is the day Aidan had his heart attack 4 years ago. I will never forget it although he didn't die until the 12th. Sorry that wasn't cheerful was it? Have a nice day ((())) xxx

    Morning Keef

    I got Lucy a Maccie D's too! Yours was in Sudbury though this one was almost opposite her flat. She had her hair done (extensions) for her birthday and Christmas pressie from us. We spend the same on all of them.

    You sounded a bit shattered yesterday, but at least you made some progress in the bunker and you know what you are doing will work. Then you have to go over to Toady's and do hers for her to keep the neighbours' noise down😉

    Morning Reshmi how are you this delightfully rainy day? Not too tired today I hope and perhaps you don't have this rain. It's the 'stair rod' type here🙄Has your knee recovered after yesterday.

    I am so glad your Mum wasn't offended about the advice the nurses used to give to Lucy about drinking. The tacrolimus bloods though I hope can be sorted out when she goes to the hospital next week. She had a kidney transplant didn't she they will know what to do. Fingers crossed. She can have late birthday celebrations this year because I am certain all will be well. She looks after herself so well so it has to be.

    It must be frustrating for her worrying until then but not easy for you to cope with her being in a bad mood. ((())) for you and a vial of patience until she gets some reassurance

    Oh LA! Good for him bossing Daddy around while he was recovering🤭 Most exercise BIL probably ever had!!! What? He was actually going to unload the dishwasher? and LA stopped him! Hopefully he sent him back to complete his household tasks afterwards.

    Awww BR had his photo taken at nursery what a lovey memory to have him all grown up in his suit jacket.❤️ He is a Duracell battery bunny is he when he dances? I can imagine that. I hope those little things made your Mum smile.

    My 'hangover' isn't too bad so far thanks, but i will make sure i am in bed early tonight I think. You have upset teh gastric oracle? Oh no😣 please gastric oracle look after our friend she has a lot of stress to cope with at home just now. Eating iffy items is getting her through. Thank you.

    I love all the pretty 'drink art' you've posted - some people are really clever aren't they?

    Take care ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady it's raining. Why I am even bothering to tell you I do not know 🙄 It's obvious. You already know.

    Yesterday there was a dry spell first thing so I drove through an enormous flood to park near the forest and went foraging. For moss. For the real wreaths I will be making soon you know the commemorative ones P taught me how to make. My back did not enjoy that so today needs to be restful.

    Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. The house is for sale. I have already asked Keef to rush over with his soundproofing kit. All we can do is pray you get good quiet neighbours who might not disturb you or be into too much DIY. I am so sorry. Sleek is looking online at property news trying to find you a hermitage or a way of putting potential buyers off. She's thinking maybe you and she should go outside dressed like this with a staff

    muttering loudly to yourself anytime viewers appear....

    It's my friend's al fresco which has the makeup recycling.

    Take care Toady and watch the blood pressure ((()))

    Hello of course to Carol and Emma if the pop in today ((())) xxx

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    Good morning everyone wppl xx

  • Skinny Keef
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    Morning all. Rough nite with pain again. Up at 3am for pills and again at 6.

    Gonna have croissants for breakfast thanks for the photo Toni. Think I have some home bake ones in freezer and a nice coffee (the coffee is not in the freezer). Seriously considering getting a coffee machine, Doc Martin always using his and we have be watching one episode in the evening and I do love a proper coffee.

  • Skinny Keef
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    Hey Toady, I’m using the acoustic curtain material I told you about to finish off my soundproofing. It is a nice looking material, I am going for black, give it a back stage look, everything is matte black back stage in my experience, as I didn’t spend out with lining the walls I only lined the ceiling so I couldn’t hide the sound proofing. I let you know how it works. Should be 3-5 db which doesn’t sound a lot but 10db is a doubling in sound.

    hope the neighbours house sale doesn’t cause too much noise.

  • dachshund
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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day. Love to your carers (())

    Toady (()) I’m sorry the house next door is for sale. I hope it takes a long time to sell. Is it a posh house one that someone would want straight away. Have a good weekend. A dead mouse was found behind the washing machine when we had the new one fitted.

    Barbara (()) love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Happy birthday to Lucy (()) she has done so well (()) yes I miss Aidan (()) lovely man. I remember the pictures of the cakes he put on the forum. Good luck with Santa tomorrow (()) love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I’m so sorry to hear your mum is worried we are all thinking about her (()) have a good day take care.

    Keef (()) have a good day love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    take care
    joan xx
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    Well I’ve slept most of the day. Absolutely exhausted. Up and about now but bit miserable tbh.

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni Joan toady and Keef

    how are you all doing today?

    hi again Toni

    I am ok thanks just a bit tired

    mum is as ok as she can be thanks, she’s definitely in a better mood than yesterday though which is good 🙏

    bills ultimate workout and domestic task may well be just dishwasher- emptying- good point!👍

    I may try to base a poem on that but first shower battles again

    thanks for being my muse 😂

    let’s hope it doesn’t get so windy that the street is covered with flying half open bags of refuse 😱

    ok bye for now all tc xx

    ps purple yam and cashew soup as far as I remember xx