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Good evening to all of you.

I am posting to let you know that our friend Cris has a nasty week ahead of her this week coming tomorrow starting morning.

I should really post on chit chat, but I am sure you will all forgive me (this not being totally arthritis related), as this is where she normally 'hangs out' these days.

Those of you who have known Cris a while will know taht every 4 months or so (longer if she can get away with it!) Cris has to have a yukky infusion every day for a week as a day patient.

You may notice tomorrow morning a dragging and scraping sound? Listen carefully and you will hear is the sound of the chains dragging along the floor as she prepares to leave for the hospital n045.gif .

Unfortunately first of all she has to have a line inserted and this is not easy as our Cris is a delicate soul and her veins can be somewhat elusive.....this makes a certaint1933.gifnasty
m0407.gif takes this as an insult to her nursing ability :roll:

Finally once wired up Cris can settle down to watch tv b040.gif and sleept2513.gif until the nasty substance starts to make her feel really poorly :sad: t2509.gif

Each day it makes her feel worse and each day it gets harder to go in. All animals still have to be fed and watered as per usual.

I wish we were able to be there 'in real life' to help her, but we do 'our bit' here trying to cheer her along and support her and it really DOES help. My voodoo doll is pretty well finished I just need some hair from the nurse (and pixyandfairies' drawing pins)and Chris7 and Minky have their lump hammers ready s020.gif .

Iris and Wonky and myself will be on hand doing our personal assistant duties letting you all know how she is.

The conseqence of not having this treatment is too serious to be an option.

So.....can we all do our best to support Cris in her hour (five days) of need

No need to ask really it's what we do best.

Thanks guys


toni xx



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    I will be there with you in spirit, skezier, and cheering you on from afar. I know this will be a tough week for you, but the promise of a slightly better time for you is the reason for this malarkey, and hopefully this time will be smoother than the last. I wish I could make it easier for you, I really do. You have the spirit, the determination and the sheer courage that I envy: I have been fashioning a vein-improving draft, a blood-improving mixture and a nasty bit of luck to befall bitch-nurse (BN). Let's hope they work.

    p040.gif this is the vein-improving draft, this is the blood-improving mixture n010.gif , and this is for BN p045.gif . Something should work! DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Thanks Toni
    i will be with Cris all the way for the next 5 days i hope it does give relief and she can enjoy the spring thats just around the corner , i will be in the pocket armed with the gaffer tape and gobstoppers for the evil one if she says one word out of place xx
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
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    Cor crikey, I'm there too.

    This is one brave and tough lady and she deserves all the support we can give.
    Thinking of you big time Cris and wishing I could be there supporting you in the ghastly flesh (mine I mean :eek: )

    Thanks also to Toni and Wonky for all the help and keeping us up to speed with what's happening.

    (((Hugs))) to you all xxx
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    will be on daily pocket duties through the week Cris...
    If nursey starts I'll bop her one on the noggin!

    Best wishes

    n035.gifRa-1996 -2013 RIP...
    Cleo - 1996 to 2011. RIP
  • lindalegs
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    Good luck Cris, be brave, we know you hate it but it has to be faced Flower.

    Lots of love, Legs XX
    Love, Legs x
    'Make a life out of what you have, not what you're missing'
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    Best wishes Chris,

    I do hope it's not as bad as last time.

    Plenty of friends here sending positive vibes to help.

    Take care
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    Toni you are a good friend
    Cris my love you know you can count on me....let me think...I may bring my brandy..if we get the sister of us can lock her in a cupboard...and infuse her with something...see if she likes it.
    Cris you are stronger than you think......we couldnt put up with what you do on the farm,being in pain like you are.
    Sending you all the good vibes you need...
    Lots of love and hugs (((((()))))
  • Poppyg1rl
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    Hi Cris,
    I hope it goes well with no problems, will be thinking of you this week.
    Love and hugs Poppy X
    'grá agus solas'
    'Love and Light' translated from Irish. X
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    i will be in your pocket too chris, ready to join tony in nurse corection duties if she is horrible again. now where did i put my knuckle dusters.......

    thinking of you chris

    coco xxx
  • minky67
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    Hi cris,Im getting ready to jump in your pocket. I have got the lump hammer ready for that horrible sister,lets see her escape from this one

    I will be with you all the way my friend. Be strong & it will soon be over.
    luv n hugs debs
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    I will be thinking of you next week and really hope it all goes well !!!
    I don't post often but I drop in for a nosey most days, I have learned so much from all you lovley people.
    And Cris you are always so kind and supportive to everyone I just want to wish you well and let you know I'm available for pocket duty if you need me. x

    P.s. i can bring biscuits for all but not rich tea's they are specials for Harry my golden retriever.
  • caterina57
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    Good luck Cris
    I will be with you too - that ward is going to be pretty full with all the pockets full and the spirtits of us with you. Mind you, it will mean that we can sort that nurse out in numbers!
    Take care and just remember we are all there with you

  • annie_mial
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    Count me in - I'm already racing down the A30 metaphorically speaking and will be there with brandy, ginger and bananas.

    Lots of love and hugs (((((((((((Cris)))))))))
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    I will be there Cris ~ in soul not in body :!: Wish there was more we could do to help you get through this week ~ please remember at the real bad times that we are all here for you and praying that you wont suffer too much.

    take care my lovely

  • magenta
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    Dear Cris,
    I wish you all the best for the terrible week ahead. I'll be thinking of you,
    Take care,
    Eileen X
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    Dear Cris

    I shall be thinking of you. Unfortunately sometimes things have to get much worse before they get better. Hang on in there, you know deep down, it will be worth it.

    Elna x
    The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.

    If you can lay down at night knowing in your heart that you made someone's day just a little bit better, you know you had a good day.
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    Hi there cris
    I wish you luck my friend and will be thinking of you.
    Sending hugs ((((())))) stay brave.
    Toni thankyou for keeping us informed you are a real friend to cris.
    Take care
    juliepf x
  • whalewatcher
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    Hi Cris
    Good luck for the week ahead, you have the inner strength to get through this. I'll be there with you in spirit my friend.
    Sending you lots of positive thoughts, some toughness, some sunshine & a good vein.
    Val, the girls & the doorstep fox.
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    Hi Cris,

    I will be thinking of you next week and will have a few words for what’s her face. s055.gif
    I know sleep will not be easy tonight but you will get through this flower and we will push, shove and do our very best to keep you going.

    Many hugs as always,
    Lv, Ix
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    Hi Cris
    I am sending you lots of love and hugs and a lend of my veins if that will help!
    I hope the feeling of impending doom is lifted slightly by the wonderful people on here as we are all going to be with you tomorrow and all week , and I am in very assertive mode to counteract the `nasty sister`>
    But seriously Cris, i hope it goes smoothly for you and I will be thinking of you xxxx
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    Hi Cris

    (and thanks Toni for such a succinct summary we tend to forget the newbies don't always know the history of these things and would like to add their support when they do. Hark at me an "old pro" :shock: :lol:

    Anway I digress. Cris I am reporting for pocket duty and am sorry I can't be with you through the day but you know I will be wishing very hard and hoping the first hurdle of the line, is over without us needing the lump hammers! I'm a bit jealous as Minkys' lump hammer is so much better than mine! You go girl, we are both ready if needed. :roll: :lol:

    I am smuggling some of your friends in your pocket so it might get a bit crowded. g045.gif
    g045.gifg045.gif but I think you will appreciate the thought.

    Fingers crossed this will erase the memory of the last one, so do your best to stay strong. We are all wishing you better days. AND shift that cold, I do so hope that doesn't delay things??

    Will leave some overfull hug buckets (((( ))))
    love and positive thoughts
    Chris xx

    p.s. Hi NB nice thought to lend her a vein, she will love that and if only we could eh?
  • Wonkylegs
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    what a load of messages so quickly - I know Cris will really appreciate them :grin::grin:

    I think Cris has dongle issues again :roll: :roll: and also mentioned today that she won't have a laptop with her during the days she is in hospital. Fear not her band of (trusty :?: ) PAs will be keeping her company and trying their hardest to convey the love and support that is in evidence here.

    Please be sure that every message really does count this week, and on behalf of Cris until she does get in here .... thank you!

    hugs to you all

    WOnky xxxxx
  • skezier
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    I am so humbed by this... i don't deserve your support but want every one to know I do truely appriciate both it and the friendship the people here have always extended to me.

    You know I am struggling.... and well I just want this week over cus the drug isd bad enough without the pressure i seem to find myself put under....

    was sat talking to her ladyship g045.gif ... and trying to sneak a bikkie... (she knows how many are in a packet you see....) and we just sat head to head..... We both miss Hopely and well its hard sometimes for her and I ..... winder what they do think? She knows something has changed.....

    I was talking also to a good friend who has taught me 2 sentences which i am really practicing... Wishity was kind enough to let me say it over and over... who needs a mirror when you have a g045.gif:lol::lol::lol:

    Cus I am so stressed the ulcer is hurting and the bones... well they have been in hyper drive for a while now.... Palliative care ain't what its cracked up to be eh?! :lol::lol::lol:

    I have to have it and i know the risks and don't want to sit and be told them over and over cus she kinda makes her 'problem' mine.... well i show her up cus she really can't get a vein.... She then calls in people who just insult me basically...... i know their job description I used to be in their job and hell do they break it!

    be alright cus i borrowing Nearly's :lol::lol: Promise I will keep the sickness and the head pain :lol::lol:

    We ain't giving the sister the brandy... i want it :lol::lol::lol: hey it would dilate the veins :lol::lol:

    that's it I go in smashed :lol::lol:

    certainly going in wrecked...... :oops: and this big with a stone covering me.... she really has got to me but how stupid of me to let her! I am so angry at my self for letting her make me feel this worthless and useless....... As Jan would say (and its really Catherine Tate's but she might not mind)) How very dare she!!!!!

    I promised one of me pa's (bless you) I wouldn't;do what she tells me I will do! Hell would really be pay back for her... bit of a high price though :lol::lol: That's one trade off I am not for :lol::lol:

    The Pa and the circulation have decided to work together and go after the feet..... the drip will stop one of them at least :wink: the ulcer.... i kinda not reminding them... less I have to... when it becomes my get out of the drip clause! Its just something I got up my sleeve......

    Love the lump hammer...... :lol::lol: the witches brew and the doll...... :lol::lol: Got a special pocket for that lot!

    i got a security type bodywarmer... not sure how many pockets its got but there are many :lol::lol:

    Tony need easy access to bop her... Chris and Debs need good access with the lump,hammers... right they could go in the 2 top pockets :lol: The sheep's and the pa's are in the inside pocket and the rest of you ... hell I am so grateful for the support you have again given me...... i really have caved but I think you all know that :oops: :oops:

    Penny you will have to fend off Miss Stampy feet g045.gif cus she will be after Harry's bikkies! Wishity will be roaming about looking for bourbons and yes she does like jammy Dodgers.... cdm... buttons, bourbons, custard creams, in fact there are not too many things she wont try :wink:

    Legs back along hit it on the head..... i can't let you lot down.....

    I will borrow the strength and the fortitude etc cus I run out when I lost Hope.... I am sorry cus I know i let you all down for a bit....

    Toni I really do thank you for the words you have put in your post... Flower I have learnt so hard on you, Iris and Wonky and well I am sorry i have become such a weak pathetic fool..... she is nearly half my age and I know I could get my own vein if they let me! I have let her get to me so badly and that's so stupid... now whats the cure...

    mental imagery of lump hammers, bops on the nose and such like... I like..... :lol::lol:

    If she starts... and maybe this time she wont..... well..... maybe... i shall see you go after her as I curl up inside and wither to a blob of yuck.....

    For that and for the care you lot give me I am so grateful.....

    Love and (((((((((((( )))))))))))) running scared in a field and wishing she wasn't :wink: xxx

    And thank you all so much...... just remembered i got to shoot up country and do something very important :lol::lol: that excuse borrowed from Slipper boy who with Miss L. Legs will also be in the pockets.... heaven help you lot with the menagerie i got there as well :lol::lol::lol:

    Oh I have to say I am unlucky and react badly to this drug but its ok usually and some days its not too bad for me.... Wednesday i go after the pain clinic has done the neck and shoulder so that's going to be the worst day for so many reasons.......

    Help...... I have caved in and I am sorry.....

    Hey special love and (((( ))))'s to my over worked pas xxxxx
  • puffin
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    I imagine from the time you get up tomorrow to the end of the week there will be one or more of us thinking of you, wishing you extra strength along with the acceptance, wondering how you are, what is happening and hoping the time spent seeing to the animals each day, however strenuous, nurtures your spirit.

    Were we to know the name of the hospital, we would send cards wishing you well. With these plastering the wall behind your chair/bed, the staff would know just how special you are and would surely give you nothing but compassion and the highest quality care.

    Just imagine you are in a big sphere, a protective sphere of our concern and care.
    Gentle ((((((()))))))s
  • skezier
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    Hi Puffin,

    Your so right flower... i got this big bubble... I sit in the arm chair stereo blasting and i am safe in there..... just got to get in it eh?! :lol: Seem to have lost that knack for a min.....

    I'm lucky they do me as a day case now.... 7-8 hours of hell 5 days it may be but i get out for the evenings! So much better than the old days where they incarcerated me.... sometimes for 9 days at a time..... Now its juts 7-8 hours a day.... say it quick and its not long eh?

    You have just reminded me i have the bubble.. thanks flower cus i kinda forgot about it.... Its not so good at the mo :lol::lol: It shouldn't be like this should it?

    I understand what she is objecting to but I can't change it.... I wish she could see that and realize she is juts making it so much worse.....

    They were going to draw up a 'special' treatment plan sheet for me..... I am worried at what it actually says..... she may not have done it cus she must know she crossed the line really......

    if I could just get a midline.... they refused on the grounds they closed the place that used to do them... funding issues all over the place this way.....

    The pain consultants is actually a qualified anesthetist.. and a very good one so i am going to grovel to her for either a really good line in or better still trade the botox and steroid for a midline... worth a go maybe?

    least she is nice! Bless her I owe her for the help she has chucked at both the back and neck :grin:

    You take care and leaving you a ((((( ))))) and a hope you get a good tomorrow. Cris xx