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    I have found it hard to accept but recently I swallowed my pride and went to a chair yoga class. I had preconceptions about it being for people much older than me (nearly 60). Yoga itself teaches acceptance and also I did a technique with a counsellor where I closed my eyes and my body 'spoke' to me. It said - 'I'm not better' and that reminds me that I can still say that to family and friends who continually ask the closed question 'are you better'? Instead of the open question 'how are you'?
    If I can get a prognosis from my consultant rheumatologist then I think that may help as I'm about 6 weeks in to methotrexate treatment and wondering if I have to put up with the side effects for ever. The treatment is working and has massively improved my mobility so trying to stay positive and I know I'm lucky compared to many.

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