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 I am very naughty often using the supermarkets as my 'larder' and am fairly sure I am not the only person who does so

Given that our lives are going to be (if they aren't already) seriously restricted due to the COVID-19 virus I thought maybe we could swap ideas to help each other get by...… what sort of items are sensible to have in the house.   How to store foods.   Ideally some easy ideas for meals too maybe?

In our village we have some little flyers being put together to post through doors so those confined to base can request help with things from shopping to putting the bin out.

Shall I start? 

1.  I have been mashing and boiling potatoes and freezing them.  Woman cannot live on chips alone!

2. Cheese can be frozen as can milk 

3. I have bought some powdered milk too


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    I think we will be boosting the tins cupboard with a variety of beans, soups, tinned tomatoes, fish and mushrooms. Another thought is jellies and condensed milk for desserts plus mixed nuts and seeds. We are well-stocked with flour for bread making and have a kilo of rice. We will continue to buy fresh veg as and when we can and play the rest by ear as the situation develops and people begin to calm when they realise that toilet roll will continue to be made (as will pasta etc.) The powdered milk is a good shout! DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Freezer is full, I’ve bulked on chicken pieces and frozen them separately to add to simple dishes, obviously pasta and rice and some frozen veg and fruit again to add to meals to ensure I get some nutrition if I have to stay home. Oh and a couple of bags of porridge and protein powder for brekkie. Also lots of yoghurts have fairly long dates to keep calcium intake up.
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    Bag of strong flour= bread, pizza, crepes, flatbread, bread and butter pud, bread pudding and that’s just for starters.👌

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    I have found these amazing websites that do recipes from store cupboard ingredients

    I love this one

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    I also found the BBC did store cupboard recipes

    It's nice to get inventive with what you can find in the cupboard as long as it's not Mrs Cropley's recipes

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    I have an easy way to make a casserole - mine go in the oven - does that make it a casserole?!?


    3/4 kg Cheap meat, lamb, beef, chicken it matters not, best to get nearly our of date for fresh to get it cheapest or get frozen cuts if finances are tight, there will be more fat but if you cook in advance you can cool and then take of the fat. I'm going for a meal for 4 though it can easily feed 6 with an extra veg on the side.

    1kg bag of frozen casserole veg

    Sachet of casserole sauce (tasty cheap ones in Aldi) OR 2 tins of condensed soup, oxtail, celery, mushroom, chicken to suit OR herbs, stock cube and a little cornflour dissolved in water to thicken.

    If you are frozen veg or meat use less water in the sachet, if on condensed soup I don't add water if I'm using frozen. I usually thaw the meat to cut off any fat, so treat thawed as fresh. I use frozen veg frozen

    Mix all together in a large casserole, add liquids and best effort at a stir

    Cook for 3-4 hours on around 150' C. It will start to smell delicious - give it a stir and adjust timer and if required temp to suit. I started doing these as a teacher with 2 children, I could assemble in the morning and when we got home we had an easy meal. I still do the same portions but now freeze portions, I use old chinese take away plastic boxes, one of the deep rice ones = one person then add veg on the side. The meat is particularly melt in the mouth with the slow cooking. 🙂